Shelly’s Blogoversary Celebration: Day Five!

June 5, 2014 Announcements 0

one year blogoversary

Welcome to my blogoversary celebration! For the next ELEVEN days, I’ll be sharing guest posts with a huge giveaway on the last day after a post shared by me. Keep track of all the posts in order to enter the huge giveaway at the end!

I have a special surprise for you all today! Sharing how she started writing, we have Michelle Madow, author of The Secret Diamond Sister series. Her series is seriously entertaining (think Gossip Girl!) and I can’t wait for the next book.

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I was inspired to start writing for the goal of publication in 2008 when I was taking an Intro to Creative Writing class in college, handed in the first chapter of a novel, and got incredible feedback from my classmates and teacher. They said they wanted to read more of the story, and in that moment I decided I would try to turn my love of writing into a career. I finished the first draft of that novel, Remembrance — which I ended up self-publishing — by the end of that year of college. I wrote the first draft of The Secret Diamond Sisters in 2010, the year following college graduation. Two years later (December 13, 2012), I got my first publishing deal! The process takes a long time, but the most important thing to remember is to never give up.

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Yay for getting an awesome publishing deal! I actually have Rememberance on my Kobo which I will be reading soon! Thanks so much for sharing, Michelle!

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