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April 15, 2014 Reviews 12

Hey lovelies, as I was sitting here thinking of ARC’s in general and my progress with ARC April an email popped up on my screen from Cuddlebuggery. Apparently the masterminds over there have a “few” books they’ve forgotten to review and Steph went through them all in one post. Now this, mixed with my ARC based thoughts gave me a fabulous idea! I am going to do a post that covers all the ARC’s I’ve requested and have either DNFed or totally lost interest in.  I’ve spent so much time trying to convince and force myself to finish them when the reality is that’s just not going to happen for each and everyone. So without further ado, I give you my first round of ” overdue reviews”.

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By Lauren Jameson
Published May 7th, 2013
Received via NetGalley

Blush was a book I requested hoping to expand my comfort zones. I made it 3 chapters in, put it to the side and just haven’t been able to finish. I’ve  picked it up a few times from the library but every time I do it sort of just sits there. Judging me. Mocking me. Scolding me for taking it from someone who may have loved it. It just felt too…done. Damaged girl meets rich guy blah blah blah. Maybe one day I’ll finish and Jameson will actually blow me away.


By Erin McCarthy
Published May 7th 2013
Received via NetGalley

Yep another “expanding my reading zone” pick! This one I actually made it about 10 pages in and had to quit. I could just tell the MC was going to annoy the hell out of me and the story line was going to piss me off. But hey! At least I (sort of) tried right?! Right!


That Time I Joined the CircusThat Time I Joined The Circus
By J.J. Howard
Published April 1st 2013
Received via NetGalley

This one brings me great embarrassment but…I accidentally requested this one. I clicked it in that darn email trying to see the cover better and next thing I know I was getting the “request submitted” message. Of course I immediately thought “pfft I won’t get approved anyway” but obviously I was wrong. In fact, to be honest, circuses freak me out and we all know that I loathe contemporary novels so…oops! It’s funny because my embarrassment is the reason why it took so long to own up to this mistake. But that’s silly and shit happens so I’m good now.


By Liz Fichera
Published February 1st 2013
Received via NetGalley

I actually made it to about the 30% mark in Hooked before giving up. The writing was cool and the characters were nice enough if not a tad boring for me personally but overall I just wasn’t connecting. It felt like I was reading instead of immersing myself in a story and I gave up. No point in trying to force chemistry right?


Indigo AwakeningIndigo Awakening
By Jordan Dane
Published December 18th 2012
Received via NetGalley

This was the 3rd book I ever requested from NetGalley. Back during a time when I was totally unaware that the titles archived after a while *FACEPALM*. I’ve seen it in B&N but to be honest my interest has dwindled down so much I probably wouldn’t snag this one at the library now a days.

Strands of Bronze and GoldStrands of Bronze and Gold
By Jane Nickerson
Published March 12th, 2013
Received via NetGalley

I do not like historical fiction. Strands of Bronze and Gold helped me realize just how much I don’t like historical fiction. The book itself had a cool idea (Blue Beard HELLO!) but overall it was just so BORING! No matter how hard I hoped it would pick up it just didn’t and I accept that it just wasn’t meant to be.


By Michele Vail
Published November 20th 2012
Received via NetGalley

I have no clue what I was even thinking when I requested this one! “my boyfriend-to-be”?! Yeah that doesn’t scream creepy stalker chick. Anyway I made it about 2 chapters in and just about tossed my laptop out a window. I felt like Vail was trying so hard to sound young and hip there wasn’t really much story. Not only that but the MC was the kind of girl I’d want to punch in the face IRL so yeah. Not for me.


By Elsie Chapman
Published February 26th 2013
Received via NetGalley

Made it about 40% though and just was not into it. The concept was cool, the characters were ok (if just a little annoying at points) but at the end of the day I felt so “meh” towards it I put it down, it archived and I just never felt compelled to grab a copy from B&N or the library. I would say sorry but eh, things happen.


Deliver me from temptationDeliver Me From Temptation
By Tes Hilaire
Published December 4th 2012
Received via NetGalley

This one is another “oops” one guys and I’m terribly sorry I was such a nub when I first started this ARC adventure! Anywho, I read the blurb, got excited, hit request was approved and then realized it’s the 2nd in a series. No big deal though right? Just go snag the 1st book and it’ll be ok. WRONG! I couldn’t even bring myself to finish book one! The shame I feel right now can’t be put into words. 🙁


By Rhiannon Paille
Published October 6th 2012
Received via NetGalley

I really tried with this one! It was the second book I was ever approved for! I wanted to love it and show the entire world that I was worthy of ARC’s but it was so BORING! I mean sweet goodness gracious standing in line at Walmart on black friday was more fun.



The MurmuringsThe Murmurings
By Carly Anne West
Published March 5th 2013
Received via Edelweiss

Here comes the shame. The Murmurings was actually the victim of me not know how to block out all the negative things I heard/saw. I was interested in the book sure but it wasn’t a “I must have this ASAP!” kind of interest; so when I began to see all the negative reviews I freaked out and gave up after only a few chapters. Of course now I realize that ARC’s/review copies should only be the product of that “oh my gosh I NEED it” kind of desire. And who knows, maybe I’ll actually grab this one again one day.

Taking ChancesTaking Chances
By Molly McAdams
Published October 16th 2012
Received via Edelweiss

To be perfectly honest I’m not even sure why I requested this one. It’s contemporary, there’s a GIANT love triangle, and to top it off I can just tell the MC is going to be a spineless twit that picks the guy I’m not rooting for. I’m sorry guys! I blame it on my early blogging stupidity!


The WardThe Ward
By Jordana Frankel
Published April 30th 2013
Received via Edelweiss

I tried so hard with this one guys!! I picked it up on at least 3 different occasions and on all three it was a total bust. I’ve made it about 30% through and it’s just a no go. First, that book is long as hell! Second, as cool as this dystopian world could be it never truly gripped me. So yes, another book to the DNF sharks below.


By Mindee Arnett
Published January 21st 2014
Received via Edelweiss

THIS IS A JUDGE FREE ZONE! I know a lot of you just gave me the evil eye and have officially decided we can’t be friends any more but let me explain! Avalon started out so strong and so good that I was seriously head over heels in love. Even when other people started the nonstop comparisons between it and some show called Firefly (no I haven’t seen it and STOP JUDGING ME!) I didn’t blink twice. I loved this ragtag group so much and in my eyes they could seriously so no harm. But after the 50% mark I noticed something. Avalon had started so strong and so hot that by the middle it had run out of much of it’s juice. Now I know it’s not fair to say the entire book ran out of steam since I didn’t finish but tell me you at least sort of understand where I’m coming from?! I got bored! I put the book down for a weekend and just the thought of picking it back up made me resort to laundry and scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. Maybe I’ll finish it one day. Maybe I won’t. Either way I tried my best and I’m tired of the unwanted pressure of finishing and reviewing every book that touches my hands.

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MJ Dancing1


Of course there are a few more I didn’t include that I truly do want to at least *try* and tackle but these are the ones I’ve tried, failed at and have been avoiding. And it feels so good to get all this off my chest and to come to terms with the fact that everything won’t be review worthy. But maybe if I handle them all properly to begin with they won’t pile up and threaten to eat me in my sleep! If you’ve stayed this long you deserve cookies and if you just wanted to comment on my super kick ass MJ gif then knock yourself out. 😉

12 Responses to “Time To Nut Up or Shut Up…”

  1. Christina @ My Life In Books

    Watch Firefly on Netflix, and if you don’t have Netflix, borrow it from the library, and if, god-forbid, it’s not at the library, DM your address and I will MAIL you my boxset to watch….it’s that imperative that you watch this show.

    It’s the one thing that I push on EVERYONE because it makes my sassy little shipper heart sing with joy.
    Christina @ My Life In Books recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To OwnMy Profile

  2. La La in the LiBrArY

    This was a super great idea. I have come across quite a few books lately that start out strong and then fizzle about the halfway mark. I hate it because I always feel the need to finish them to see how the characters end up; wasting my time for reading other books. Maybe I should go and read the last chapter of these books and be done with them quickly. I steered clear of The Ward because my sister loved it. It is funny, if she reads and doesn’t like a book she recommends it to me. This works out about 75% of the time. Ha!
    La La in the LiBrArY recently posted…I WON My FiRsT RAFFLECOPTER!!!!My Profile

    • Octavia

      I’m a firm believer in DNFing something I’m not liking. Publishers understand, authors understand and at the end of the day you don’t “have” to read anything. I say enjoy the books that are in your hand and be done with the ones you just can’t make it through. 🙂

      *p.s* The Ward wasn’t bad per se it just seemed REALLY long for no reason at all!
      Octavia recently posted…Second Star by Alyssa B. SheinmelMy Profile

  3. Angie


    I actually I DNFed Avalon though, like a third of the way through because it was just boring me. I shouldn’t have let myself fallen for the hype comparing it to Firefly but I did and I was so sad.

    But seriously. Go watch Firefly.
    Angie recently posted…Review: The Coldest Girl in ColdtownMy Profile

  4. Sandra @ Sandra's World of Books

    I have quite a bunch of ARC’s around that I still have to read and review. I don’t know. But I just never get into it sometimes. It’s annoying to read on a screen though. But I get to it eventually. I have awesome ARCs around and some not so awesome ARCs. This is a pretty good idea though!
    Sandra @ Sandra’s World of Books recently posted…Camp Boyfriend – J.K. RockMy Profile

  5. Julie S.

    This post was fun 🙂 Yea I don’t even bother with books I didn’t continue or didn’t even pick up. I just submit my “sorry I didn’t read this” feedback to NG and move on. I went SUPER REQUEST HAPPY when I joined NG and it is just embarrassing to even think about how many books that is.
    Julie S. recently posted…Finding Cinderella ReviewMy Profile

  6. Nikki


    That being said, Avalon disappointed me as well. It started off fun and entertaining but there were a lot of things that ended up falling flat. I don’t blame you for DNF-ing.

    Also this whole “let’s mini-review ALL THE DNF’s” thing is a really good idea. DNFing a book is nothing to feel bad about (which my head really does believe, even though I still suffer from massive guilt!!), so maybe I will need to borrow your multi-review idea next time I have a few DNFs accumulated. It’s good to get your thoughts out there!
    Nikki recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday – WinterspellMy Profile

  7. Incredibrarian

    What a good idea putting all of your DNF arcs in one post. I always feel guilty saying nothing at all about the ones I abandon. So this way, you can at least acknowledge hey, I gave it the ol’ Mission try.
    Incredibrarian recently posted…Weekend Round-Up #6My Profile

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