How to Organize Your Shelves + Unhaul!

April 20, 2014 Random Ramblings 4

how to organize your shelves


Hey guys, I recently re-organized my shelves and I’m super proud of how it turned out. At the end of the post, I have a video sharing some books that I don’t want anymore and that I’m willing to giveaway/trade/donate.

As you can see, before I organized my bookcase, I had a lot of books scattered in random piles and the bottom of my shelves/the top had random junk. Here are the key things I focused on when organizing my shelves.



Decide which books you want to keep. Before anything else, you have to choose which books you will include on you shelves. First off, take out all your favourites because of course you’ll want to keep those. Also take out all your unread books (I personally read all the books on my shelves BUT you can use the following questions to decide which unread books you don’t want as well). Here are the questions I ask myself when deciding which books I don’t want to keep anymore.

1. Do I see myself reading/re-reading this anytime soon? If I don’t see myself re-reading the book in the next couple of years, I see no reason to keep the book if it will go untouched.

2. Where did I get the book from? If the book is a gift/won from a giveaway, I tend to want to keep it. If I bought the book for myself and did not enjoy it, I’ll just five it away.

Organize the books you want to keep. I usually organize this by author last name but you can organize by colour (rainbow), publisher, title, series, etc.

I also put all of my unread books on two shelves, separating them from the rest of my books.



Place the books in order. If you have some books that do not fit (as I do), make tiny piles for the books or double the shelve space (picture below).

Clean the clutter. Undoubtedly, you will have random bookmarks, clutter, letters, shipping boxes, receipts and other random bookish clutter. Clean out all the things you do not need and store the buttons/bookmarks/author swag in a small box for safe-keeping.

and TA-DA! Those are my tips to organizing your shelves. Below, I have an ‘unhaul’ to share with you guys. If you are interested in any of these books and you live in US/CAN please tweet me @shellysrambles! And please please please excuse my messy hair, I was too lazy to refilm.


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