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Stop & Chat is a weekly discussion here at Read. Sleep. Repeat. where I pretty much talk about whatever tickles my fancy.

This week’s topic was actually inspired by a twitter conversation I had of Jessi of Novel Heartbeat! THANKS HUN!!!

I REALLY don’t like Amazon

Now I do want to say that this discussion was a JOINT effort between my co-blogger Shelly and I. Shelly is a valued and appreciated part of Read. Sleep. Repeat. and is my partner. I appreciate any recognition Stop & Chat receives but please remember it’s not the Octavia show. It’s the Shelly and Octavia show. 🙂


For those of you who saw my tweets with Jessi I got a little (aka A LOT) hot under the collar. Jessi was tweeting about how Amazon was raising their Prime membership to $100 and that their reasoning was “Prime has been the same price for 7 years”. I don’t know about you but that pissed me off! Not only are you raising your already high and not (in my opinion) worth it price now you’re going to remind me that it was the same price for 7 years?! Thanks for shoving that in my face Amazon. Thanks a lot.

Dude No

But of course they didn’t stop there! Of course not. They decided to throw salt in the wound by raising the price of shipping too. Now I can see raising shipping prices to increase profit from those who DON’T have a prime membership. It’s like saying “hey shipping is really expensive why not just grab Prime!”. But you’re not going to convince the people who don’t have Prime to get Prime just because you raised shipping. Nope. Those people are going to see that you raised Prime and shipping and tell you to go jump in a lake. Or at least I did.

I’m also a “I love reading but I would never buy a Kindle” kind of person too. Yes I know you’re going to yell at me and tell me how much you love your kindle and all the cool features on your kindle but guess what? I seriously do not care. That thing could fly to the moon and back and I still wouldn’t grab one. Yes this is how deeply my dislike of Amazon runs. So Shelly and I sat down to talk about Amazon and while Shelly was completely neutral I think we found some cool points.



Shelly: like why are they awful? Please explain

Octavia: Amazon is a huge company that has been in the spotlight for good (the are the innovators of online shopping) and bad (umm how many times have they been sued but publishers?!) reasons. But the reason I don’t like them is actually complicated and it all started with the Kindle

Shelly: I need the back story before i form an opinion

Octavia: I love e-readers and I love people who love e-readers, and while I believe the kindle is a GREAT device with amazing features I feel as though Amazon has gotten so big for it’s britches that the Kindle just isn’t enough for me to support Amazon alone.

Octavia: But it’s not just the kindle. Even though they do have you pay more NOT to have adds on your device, which is crazy to me, it’s the Amazon Prime sham too!

Shelly: I know!

Octavia: 80 bucks a year for free 2 day shipping…not bad for some but seriously think about that. If you use Amazon for more than books “maybe” that free 2 day shipping would come in handy around Christmas or birthdays but those are huge events you order for in advance

Octavia:  If you use Amazon just for books I will admit that their prices are cheap and 2 day shipping is fabulous but I would much rather go to my local independent book store and pay 20 bucks for a book and interact with that book store

Shelly: that’s true

Shelly: I also think it’s a little excessive because (at least for us Canadians) shipping becomes free after $25 in a cart for most books and when I buy online I tend to buy a lot so I wouldn’t need prime for myself

Octavia: EXACTLY Shelly! I mean if you can get free shipping for an order over 25 bucks why am I giving you 80 bucks a year?! WHY?!

Shelly: that’s true

Shelly: I tend to buy from Indigo (the B&N of Canada) because their online discounts are phenomenal and it usually takes 3 business days for all my packages to come to my door anyway a

Shelly: amazon seems excessive

Octavia: I had a B&N membership (25 bucks a YEAR) where I get 20-40% off coupons, free 3 day shipping and 10% off in store. And to top it off I get to go to a store, walk around, enjoy the place, grab a cupcake and just relax!

Octavia: And now that Amazon is raising their Prime membership to 100 dollars a year and also increasing their ground shipping price from 3.99 to 5.99 it just seems like it’s all about money

Shelly: WOAH

Shelly: why don’t we have that here?!?! (the B&N thing because I want that)

Octavia: and as a customer I know you want my money but I don’t necessarily want that shoved in my face every time I step in your establishment

Octavia: It’s the best membership EVER!

Shelly: but I am not speaking from experience because shipping is 5.99 here as a flat rate-SHIPPING IS EXPENSIVE for Canadians

Shelly: (unrelated: WE DO HAVE THAT HERE, IT’S a $35 annual fee though, DO I WANT IT?!?!)

Shelly: (I am thinking yes)

Octavia: So yes…I hate Amazon. But not because of their products, or services. I don’t approve nor appreciate their business tactics and for that reason alone I just can’t ever support them fully


So what are your thoughts on Amazon? Share them in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~ Shhh! I hate Amazon ~”

  1. Agree to disagree on the Kindle issue because at the end of the day, however you read, as long as you’re reading, you’re winning. I do think it’s a shame that there is no real competition for Amazon in terms of ebooks. Apple tried to present as a competitor but they went about it in all the wrong ways. I could go into a dissertation about their antitrust lawsuit and everything but I won’t. 🙂

    I had Amazon prime when I was a student and qualified for the $39 per year membership. The free 2-day shipping is fabulous but ultimately, it wasn’t worth the $79 (now $99) renewal fee. I don’t stream video and I buy ebooks, so I was using the shipping for movies and other purchases. I can wait an extra 5 days and keep my money.
    Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews recently posted…Discussion: When Spin-Offs Disappoint YouMy Profile

  2. I can understand why you don’t like Amazon but for someone like me who loves reading in English but that lives in Spain, my only options are Amazon & The Book Depository because most bookstores have either a very limited selection of books in English or none. I do buy a lot from TBD but having them ship from UK means that shipping times will be at the very least one week, and that’s very very annoying when you’re waiting for a highly awaited book. Amazon Prime works for me cause I get books in two days and preordered books on release day, and I love having my eBooks download at midnight to my Kindle app (I do not own a Kindle yet, and though I keep on thinking about it, I’m still on the fence) because eBooks are the easiest way for me to be able to read books in English, and my Kindle app also is the easiest way to get my ARCs from NetGalley.

    For me it’s both a question of convenience and of not having that many options to begin with anyways.
    Pili recently posted…Mark This Book Monday: Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon!My Profile

  3. I’ve never had that big a problem with Amazon. I fought getting a Kindle for years. I technically have two now, but both were gifts from people and weren’t my own picks. I like Amazon for the convenience, but I don’t do much online shopping. My family does have a prime account, but mostly because we have a larger family and are homeschooled. We moved to prime so we didn’t have to pay excess shipping on textbooks and other school supplies. The price racked up pretty high before and prime has been worth it for us for this reason. However, if I were on my own? No. Prime would be totally overkill. Even before the price change. It just doesn’t make much economic sense for me.
    Kelsey recently posted…The So-Called Rules of Book Blogging: Limit Your BookshelfMy Profile

  4. I completely agree about your dislike of Amazon’s business practices. I buy physical books only from my local indie and you (Octavia) know quite well how much thought I put into deciding to buy a Kobo. Unfortunately, that Kobo has become so glitchy that I can’t reliably get through review books on time and Kobo customer support has been absolutely crap D: At least Amazon has always had reliable customer service when I’ve had problems with their products :-/. In short: I really didn’t want to support Amazon, but Kobo hasn’t given me a good alternative D:
    Anya recently posted…Where the Rock Splits the Sky by Philip Webb ARC {4.5 Stars}My Profile

  5. I literally just placed an order on Amazon right before I saw this post in my reader. It was just a new HDMI cable for my new TV, and it was only $2.90 with FREE shipping! I love Amazon, but I am getting frustrated with them raising the prices of everything.

    I’ve never had a Prime Membership, except for my free trial. I don’t order enough physical items to make it worth it, even though I’d get it for $39 instead of $79 thanks to having a Student Account (I wonder how much that discount will be now with the price raise?). When I do order, it was always over $25 so shipping was free anyway. If it wasn’t, I’d ask my mom if she needed anything (she does the same for me when she orders). Now that it’s $35, I order even less, so I can get multiple items at once for that free shipping. But I remember reading that they did that because Holiday shipping is more expensive, but yeah…the holidays are over.

    But I love my Kindle. It is my favorite electronic device after my laptop. I just don’t know what I’d do without it! And I love all of the free and cheap books that can be found on Amazon! I could probably get by without ever ordering from them except for a new Kindle when mine dies, but…I hate shopping, so Amazon works well for me for some things.
    Angie F. recently posted…Review: Darkside Sun by Jocelyn AdamsMy Profile

  6. I’m getting more and more pissed off with them to be honest. I adore my Kindle, so much that when my first one finally died (it lived a very full life) I bought a new one instead of a Nook. The shipping rates were pretty awesome and I could get books cheaper than B&N. (Though if you see me in a brick and mortar B&N I’ll probably be incredibly pissed off because sticker price IS the price). NOW however the shipping has gone up, they’ve raised their $25 free shipping to $35, and state tax is now added on (THANK YOU GEORGIA…). So I’m not longer buying books cheaper than I would if I walked into B&N and gave them $20 for a hardcover. I don’t even order from Amazon unless I have a gift card.

    To top that off they are deleting reviews! Now this wouldn’t only piss me off slightly as it’s not that hard for me to tweak the review to whatever ridiculous requirement they need, but here is why I’m positively irate over. 1) As far as I know, they give no warning…so I’m probably missing hundreds of reviews and I wouldn’t even know unless I looked. 2)I work for a publicity company and it’s our job to help authors get reviews….so Amazon is essentially making things harder. 3) Authors need those reviews, which factor into overall rating, to sell more books…the whole thing is counter productive! 4) They haven’t announced officially they are doing this…I haven’t heard a single freaking word from them before people started realizing their reviews were going missing.

    So yeah, they’re cheap when it comes to item price but that’s about it.
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Review: Viola Doyle, or An Unconventional Gift by Amy Lynn SpitzleyMy Profile

  7. I don’t buy through Amazon because I have that fab Barnes and Noble membership. It just seems like Amazon keeps lowering the perks because they know they can get away with it. Like McDonalds, they don’t have to have the best customer service because they know you’ll be back anyway. Interesting post ladies, (Shelly, I really think you should go for the $35 membership deal, its amazing)! 🙂
    Lindsey recently posted…Bloggin’ Recap: March 16th-22ndMy Profile

  8. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the company. Michelle brings up a lot of the negatives I feel about them, but unfortunately, as a college student without a car and with no local indies book shop other than a used paperback store (and I’ve bought from them before, just the selection isn’t always the best), Amazon tends to be the simplest option. Prime is really only worth it at the student price, to be honest. I just can’t always go to a bookstore whenever I want, nor the library, so while I would love to invest in alternatives, it simply isn’t possible most of the time. The Kindle Daily Deals also happen to be very nice on a student budget.

    If there was a local new books indie store, I would support them. It’s why I spent a lot of money at the store I went to in New Orleans for Dark Days. <3
    Shannon @ Novel Reflection recently posted…The Way of Kings Read Along: Week SevenMy Profile

  9. What are these ads you speak of on the kindle? I’ve never dealt with ads, but maybe it is because I have an older gen kindle that is really just usable as an eReader (as opposed to a tablet). Other than ebooks, I don’t really purchase from Amazon unless it is Christmas time and the books I want to gift aren’t available in store (which has happened a lot at our B&N). For my regular reading, I would shop at local indie bookstores more, but I mostly support free library books. 🙂

    I can see why you’d be Amazon adverse though, it’s certainly not a cozy little online store. It’s the Wal-Mart of the internet (I simply refuse to shop at Wal-Mart).
    Anne @ Lovely Literature recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Bucket ListMy Profile

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