You guys don’t know how I excited I am for this. If possible, I am as equally excited for Octavia’s birthday as she probably is, maybe more. I was so excited I basically told EVERYONE I know in real life (outside of blogging,I mean) which prompted a lot of weird glances at me afterwards but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I imagine you are dancing now because of how excited you are for this

Octavia, you are one of the most awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. You are so kind and super sweet and I LOVE that you take the time to ask me about my day even though yours is probably 10x times more interesting and productive. I am so thankful for your kindness and for your generosity in letting me join your fantabulous blog (yes, fantabulous is a word, too bad). I know you’ve had a rough year and I KNOW that this year will be more awesome in so many ways. I am making it my personal mission to meet you this year (a.k.a hopefully BookCon) so I can give you lots of hugs and many thanks.


And because I’m obviously not the only one excited for your birthday, I have invited two lovely ladies to help me share your awesome day!

First up is Christine (Oh, Chrys!) and she has some lovely words to say (and she is way more poetic than I am):

Through book blogging, I have met a lot of people; however, there are only a couple who can I refer to as a friend, and Octavia is definitely one. I would have never imagined that I would meet someone who gives good advice and cares for my well-being. Whether it is suggestions on blogging issues or even tips on getting a car, Octavia has always been there for me when I needed her. She’s also a tough cookie, and I admire her determination throughout hurdles most would easily succumb to. I am grateful to have met this excessive user of Fresh Prince gifs, and I only wish her the best as another year of her life passes. Today is her special day, and I hope it is filled with all that she loves such as comfort food from her mother, 90s R&B songs that she never knew the racy meaning of until adulthood, a warm comforter that she just dried, and of course, a good book. Continue getting jiggy with it, Octy!

But that’s not all! I also have Nikki (There Were Books Involved) here to share her well wishes as well!

OCTAVIAAAAAAAA. So, a few days ago, I discovered that you’re weird about getting presents on your bday for some reason (who doesn’t want presents?! who puts up a fight when someone asks for your Amazon wishlist?!), but I think I’ve figured out why. It’s because YOU are actually a present yourself — you are a gift to humankind, I am convinced — a gift to everyone who knows you. I don’t say things like this lightly: You are one of the most genuine, positive,ย genuinelyย goodย people I’ve known. You bring happiness and sparkles and sunshine and positivity to everyone you interact with, and that is just so rare. So today on your birthday, I want you to know what an amazing woman you are, and how grateful I and — if I may presume — all your friends are, to have you in our lives! Now stop being weird about accepting presents ’cause I’ve got one for you already:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OCTAVIA!!! Love and hugs, <3 Nikki

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OCTAVIA! I think I speak for all of us when I say we love you and we hope you have an awesome birthday! Don’t forget to wish Octavia a happy birthday in the comments!

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  1. I know I already told you on Twitter, but you’re awesome enough that I want to tell you again! Happy birthday Octavia!!
    You’re a wonderful woman who has made me realize that even though things can be bad you can’t let them bring you down, it’s actually helped me quite a bit this year so thank you. I’m really glad I got to hang out with you in September and I’m sad we never got to go have lunch with each other, but I’m not counting it out! If I have to fly to Ohio and buy you lunch I’ll do it, lol!
    I hope you have an awesome day!
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