Hey guys! I hope January has been fabulous for you and if not at least it’s almost over. For the month of January I didn’t get much reading done (which is OK!) but I did manage to finish one book for my series challenge…..



That’s right! I finally finished Divergent and I’m not telling what I think until I’ve finished the whole series!



Hopefully I get to finish a few more books in February but for now I’m counting this as a small victory!

Link up your progress below and I’ll stop by when I have a chance!

21 thoughts on “Series Challenge ~ January’s Progress ~”

  1. I read Allegiant, which let’s me cross of an entire series! I also managed to read Asunder, Everbound, Scarlet, The Indigo Spell and Siege and Storm. I think I’m done with the Bloodlines series though, so The Indigo Spell won’t be counting towards my progress unfortunately. Reviews for them all are scheduled for the next couple months!
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  2. Loved Divergent – did not like the complete trilogy. I think Roth just really couldn’t top that first, kickass book. Anyway, question; I haven’t actually finished a series yet, but I have read like 1 book from a series I’m aiming to finish. What do I do then? Not link up ’til I’m done? ‘Cause I don’t have a blog so I can’t make a post like everyone else, I just link up reviews on Goodreads o.o

  3. Yay, Divergent! Hope you liked the book. I managed to read all three books from Under the Never Sky series and two books from Infernal Devices on January.
    By the way, may I suggest something, Octavia? Why don’t you provide a linky to link up all of the panticipants’ progress of the month? The linky can be put inside a progress post like this, so we know where to store our reviews, comments, or such. Just a suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚
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