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The good, the bad, the obsessive checking!

I am completely and irrevocably addicted to twitter. I check it before I go to sleep at night, before I hop out the bed in the morning, while I’m cooking, cleaning, shopping, eating, reading! I’m a complete and total twitter whore, and I’m totally ok with that. Sort of. But Chrys thought it would be a good idea to shine one of those industrial strength flash lights on it, so you can see every angle. Starting with the good stuff!

Author Chatting!

(This can be a double edged sword but I’m going to focus on the good stuff…for now)

One of my most squeal worthy blogging moments was when Shannon Messenger, A.G. Howard and Leigh Bardugo replied to a few tweets I sent out right after I had read their books. I knew twitter was a great marketing tool, and a cool way to meet new people but I NEVER would have thought an author who I may have been a tad obsessed with would see a tweet from little ol’ me, and then REPLY! Author chatting is one of the coolest things about twitter because it takes down those barriers and pedestals. On twitter, we’re all book lovers. Nothing more nothing less!

New friends!

Like I said above, on twitter there are no barriers or pedestals, and that goes for other bloggers as well as authors! When I first joined twitter (for blogging) I was immediately intimidated by all the followers the bigger blogs had. I found myself thinking that they’d never notice my tiny tweets and it was better to just stalk their timeline in silence than to engage in conversation with them. Now, you all know how I am on twitter, so luckily this mindset didn’t last very long! And look at the outcome! I’ve made some fantastic friends and now have confidence to make new blogger friends! I learned that the point of twitter was to ENGAGE in conversation, and that jumping into a twitter convo was not only accepted but encouraged by most! There are some ridiculously sweet and hilarious people on twitter and they were all friendly enough to show me that twitter isn’t a scary monster. Speaking of which, all you book bloggers without twitter, BAD LIFE DECISION! I know it can seem like a bit much but trust me. Friends and author chatting aside it is probably the #1 way of promoting your blog. So, there.


I’ve already covered this, but I want to pound it into your heads! Everything form McDonalds to publishing houses, to authors, to fictional characters has a twitter and it’s not because that little bird is so cute. It’s, because its fast, easy, and spreads your thoughts like wild fire! Do you know how it feels to have someone you have never interacted with retweet your opinions to their of followers?? It feels flipping awesome! Not to mention the audience has a stronger presence, therefore making your tweets seen by more people, pretty much instantly! I’m sure there’s some statistic out there about how twitter reaches more people, but I’m not going to look it up, because I check my stats and the proof is in my pudding.

Let’s move on to the bad!


home alone scream

No use in running and screaming. Your going to hear this even if you don’t want to, because let’s be honest. Twitter is a magnet for drama.

I don’t know how a site that only allows you to use 140 characters or less can effectively start and promote so much drama! You’ve seen the constant back and forth, the cursing, the angst, the pity parties! But we can’t blame twitter for that. We took down the barriers and pedestals, and with that comes the realization that what you put onto twitter has the potential to be criticized, knocked down, and flat out trampled on. Which can be said for everything in life. No one is happy all the time, and no one can please everyone.

OVER promotion

Remember how I said twitter is a great promotional tool? Yeah we’ll sometimes people want to remind you of that…all day….every hour on the hour. I’m not saying they’re jerks, I’ve scheduled one too many promotional tweets too, but sometimes you have to look at it from your followers view point. If you just tweeted about your review of Pride & Prejudice at 1, is it really necessary to tweet about it again at 1:30? This is probably the biggest nuisance I find within twitter. I get that not everyone went to school for marketing but darn it common sense goes a long way!

Author Chatting!

Yeah, there is a downside to author chatting. Actually there a few. Sometimes, not often, authors may not like your criticism and twitter can and has become a place for them to voice that dislike. Personal thoughts are EVERYWHERE. I’ve seen people unfollow and block authors because their morals conflicted. I’ve also seen people bug an author to the brink of harassment for a RT or reply. It can get pretty ugly out there.

What are some of your favorite (or not so favorite) things about twitter? Share them in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~ Twitter…the good, the bad and the obsessive checking! ~”

  1. I have my moments where I can’t stay off of twitter and others where I avoid it until absolutely necessary. I really love the easy interact and conversations, but at the same time I loath social stuff so I tend to have to recharge after a while.

    The first time an author tweeted back to me I nearly had a panic attack, I’m pretty sure there was some dancing involved too. The worst thing is definitely drama. Holy crap, drama can blow up on twitter like no other. It’s ridiculous how quickly things get started and then that crap can go on for days…and since it’s all instant replying the fire just builds until people are vowing never to buy books and authors are ruined (at least in the blogger community).
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Saturday Issue Review: New Avengers Vol.2 – SentryMy Profile

  2. I love Twitter. I don’t use it as much as I one day hope to, but little by little I’ve been sticking my toes in more and more, and connecting and chatting with other people. I like what you said about how it puts everybody on an even plane, because I really think that’s true. I don’t feel weird about tweeting people, and it’s awesome when somebody cool responds to you! I don’t use it as a promotional tool too much, but I’ve heard so many bloggers talk about how much of their traffic comes from Twitter, so I hope to do more with that in the future.
    Miranda @ Tempest Books recently posted…Most Anticipated Books of 2014 (Part II)My Profile

  3. Twitter is awesomesauce! It use to intimidate me so much that I almost shut down my account. 🙁 But it really isn’t the big bad monster I made it out to be. And the marketing, not just for post but for giveaways too is unparalleled to anything else I’ve used. Keep easing your feet in ma’am and I hope it proves as useful to you as it has to me. 🙂
    Octavia recently posted…Top Ten Books on My Winter TBRMy Profile

  4. I love twitter!! It was been fantastic to interact with people from all over the place, with fellow book bloggers that understand my flails and recommend books to me, and we find even more things in common, like other fandoms… Drama can be there, but I try to stay away from it as much as possible and I don’t think it has spoiled my enjoyment of twitter at all.

    And interacting with authors… WOW! I won my first physical ARC on a twitter contest! And having authors reply to you and talk to you on such a friendly basis, simply fantastic!

    Like anything in life and in the internet, twitter have its ups and downs but I’m quite happy to say I’m very much looking at the positives!
    Pili recently posted…2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge!!My Profile

  5. People forget that twitter is a social media and some are abusing its purpose.

    I love twitter, it’s done so much for me, but I don’t like seeing drama, my friends get hurt or other…icky stuff.

    Plus, saying “I’m addicted to twitter” in my school gets me eye rolls because everyone knows I’m crazy about it.

  6. This is a great Stop & Chat! I, for one, am obsessed with TWITTER. I’m constantly checking in to see what people are tweeting about. There are times when I’m tweet non-stop and there are times when I just favorite, RT or just observe. I get an account because of books or blogging; dare I say, I’m obsessed with celebrities?? haha But, by far, my favorite part about having my account is discovering book bloggers like you! 🙂 I have had so much fun talking books, movies, and TV with you all! I swear my fingers have been itching to start a book blog… but I just don’t know where or how to begin… ::SIGH:: THANKS for the great post, Octavia!! : )

  7. Aww shucks! THANK YOU! Twitter is such an amazing way to meet people in general but this year I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some AH-MAZING folks (you included if course!)!

    If you ever decide to jump off the bridge and start a blog shoot me a email. I’m no expert but I have no problem with sharing all my epic fails if it means you can avoid those headaches. 😉
    Octavia recently posted…Top Ten Books on My Winter TBRMy Profile

  8. My favorite things are definitely the friends & author chatting!! I like most my twitter friends better than my real life ones lol I get completely excited when an author replies to me too!!

    Not so faves: the promotional DMs when someone follows you & you follow back then you get their little copy & paste message with a link to go check out this or that….they seem so rude & impersonal, I immediately unfollow. Also when all someone uses their account for is promotion or RT others….I’m on twitter for socialization with other book lovers mainly….I don’t want all that in my feed….so again I unfollow! As for the drama…..I’ve been able to stay clear of any so far, & honestly most I’ve seen tend to stem from the same few ppl & I think they enjoy it. *sigh*

    Anyways, great post Chrys! Lovely Stop & Chat Octavia! <3 you ladies!

  9. I like my twitter friends more too! But you already knew that didn’t you? *insert smirky face here*

    People who immediately DM me promotional stuff is the main reason I stopped automatically following back! I want to follow people I actually interact with. Not just someone who wants to use my blog to promote their stuff.
    Octavia recently posted…Top Ten Books on My Winter TBRMy Profile

  10. I check twitter several times a day too, especially my bookish people list. I mean how else will I be sure not to miss any of the gold you post? lol. I’ve made some awesome friends and I don’t think I would have gotten to know these people through blogging alone. I LOVE it when authors reply to tweets! It is seriously the coolest thing ever!! Luckily I haven’t experienced any of the drama and I stay out if it if I see it.

  11. Yey new friends 😀 *hugs* I didn’t use Twitter for the first year and a half that I was blogging and I see now that I was kind of wasting my time if I wanted to get my blog out there since I wasn’t using such a valuable resource!
    Anya recently posted…ARC Giveaway: Prophecy and Warrior by Ellen OhMy Profile

  12. I still love my Facebook account. I don’t like having to go to a separate place to view and comment on pics, and having in depth discussions is next to impossible with Twitter’s character limits. It is a fun little distraction (like I need more of those), but I am afraid that will continue to be all it is for me because I refuse to sign up for instagram and Tumbler, when all that type of content is all together under one roof on FB, and so much more convienent. 🙂

  13. YES! I love twitter for those same reasons and hate it for the same reasons. I don’t mind people complaining on twitter because I’m guilty of doing the same, but the drama…well, you definitely know about that, ha. (No subtweeting dammit! Don’t do it!!! ;D)
    But for me the good definitely outweighs the bad. I love being able to interact with authors and have made tons of friends through twitter! Plus I love random conversations with bookish people 🙂
    Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat recently posted…Heartbeat Weekly (7)My Profile

  14. Thanks for discussing my topic! I didn’t think Twitter was important at all when I first started blogging. I thought Facebook grasped people more – not so!

    You are so right about there being no barriers on Twitter in regards to being insecure about “interrupting” convos, and tweeting bloggers you admire. I love interacting on Twitter. I find that you can really connect with people with on it. Its promotional power is also great, and I find it’s the best social media tool for that.

    In regards to the ugly, mer. Twitter has caused me many a headache, but now, I really don’t care. I say what I want, and when I want. I also cannot stand when people are harassing authors for ARCs! So uncool.
    Christine @ Oh, Chrys! recently posted…10 Quirky Non-book Gifts for Book LoversMy Profile

  15. Harassment on either side is so uncool! Or the desperate “I’ll do anything if you let me review your book” tweets. I mean yeah, I’d sale my right arm for some books but I have enough pride not to broadcast that to the entire world lol! 😀

    Thanks for the topic ma’am! It was way too much fun doing this!
    Octavia recently posted…Top Ten Books on My Winter TBRMy Profile

  16. “I learned that the point of twitter was to ENGAGE in conversation, and that jumping into a twitter convo was not only accepted but encouraged by most!”

    This took me a while to learn as well. It’s tough, as a shy person, though it’s easier through the computer screen than it is in person.

    The other thing I love about Twitter is that there are lots of people I follow on Twitter, even though their blog, for whatever reason, just isn’t for me… but I’ll love connecting with them on Twitter. Sometimes you just click better as people than as fellow bloggers.
    Charleen recently posted…Goodreads vs LibraryThing vs BookLikesMy Profile

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