Well, it’s the last Monday in December. Which means today is the last Read. Sleep. Repeat.’s Tips & Tricks: Organization post. It’s been fun, and I’m happy that I was able to do this with you. We’ve hit all the rough tips & tricks and we’re almost to the finish line, but now we are going to hit the shark/piranha/alligator infested water…..


Freaky Friday screaming

Come on don’t play clueless, we all do this! Bust our asses to make a huge change and then completely fall off the wagon. That giant pile of “diet/exercise” books sitting in your closet tells no lies! And this whole “organizing movement” could suffer the exact same fate. But I’m going to share my secret to not falling off the wagon. To dedicating one weekend a month to getting ahead.

Are you ready….are you sure? Ok I’m going to tell you….


 Your “schedule” should never completely run your life. Your blog should never feel like “work”. And above all fun should always be your focus. The point of organizing your blog is for you to be able to have more time to enjoy stuff! And once you successfully get one month scheduled, believe me it will get easier, and you will appreciate the hard work you’ve put into it. So here are a few “tips” to keep you on track:

  • Utilize your goodreads shelves! I have a shelf on Goodreads titled “Waiting Sucks“, this is where I put potential WoW books!
  • Evernote is FABULOUS! Evernote is my go to when I need to make a rough TTT draft. Instead of making one on WordPress, only coming up with 3 things and then deciding to scratch it.
  • The Official Book Blogger Planner is a GUIDE! You don’t have to use every space if you don’t need them. Trust what works for you and go with that.
  • Schedule at your own pace! I schedule a month in advance sometimes, two weeks other times. Sometimes I don’t schedule at all! And that works for ME!
  • “I don’t have time” is not an excuse. You make time for things you want to do, so please don’t lie to yourself by saying otherwise.

I hope these post have been helpful and may 2014 be the year you get your shit together!

love ya

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9 thoughts on “Organize Your Blog pt. 5!”

  1. Some of this tips have been great, and I will be trying to update my blog better and try to account for book hangovers when scheduling reviews.

    Happy 2014 dear! I’m sure you’ll kick ass and take names this year like nobody’s business! You rock lady! 😉
    Pili recently posted…Mark This Book Monday: ARC Review of Thor: The Viking God of Thunder by Graeme Davies!My Profile

  2. Octavia, this is UNBELIEVABLY useful! I’ve just had a quick nose through these posts and I’ve bookmarked a few of them. 🙂

    Admittedly, I am one of those “I don’t have time for blah blah blah” people & that has GOT to stop! In retrospect, I probably do have time, but I’ve just been putting things off for no reason.

    The scheduling tip is also very useful… coming from a person who never schedules (woops), I’ve realised that I definitely need to schedule now but not to go overboard with it. 😀

    Once again, thank you!
    Ruby recently posted…Blogging Goals for 2014My Profile

  3. I’m happy to help! Organizing is my quirky pleasure! I wish you luck and don’t forget, when you force yourself to do something you have a higher chance of quitting. 😉

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