What make me keep it up? ~ A guest post by Judith of Paper Riot! ~

November 25, 2013 Features & Spotlights 3

Blogoversary ButtonWhen I tell people I know in real life that I have a blog, they are always surprised. Not because they don’t think it’s something I would do, but more because they don’t understand why I would put that much time and effort into “something like this”. And I understand. With the many hours I spend reading and writing posts and keeping up with the blogosphere, blogging is a very time-consuming hobby. Sometimes I barely have the time to get my posts up in time to stick to my self-created schedule. Sometimes it stresses me out. Why still keep it up? Well… firstly, and most importantly, I just really love it.

Starting a book blog was a very impulsive decision for me. I don’t remember how exactly I ended up on a book blog and I don’t remember which blog it was, but I do remember that I immediately knew that I wanted to do this. I have been reading since I knew how to and I had been blogging for about five years and somehow I never thought to combine the two until August 2012. And, cliche as it may sound, it was perfect for me. I mean, fangirling about books? Discovering new things to read? Meeting people to discuss stories with? More fangirling over books? Of course I wanted that! I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew that I wanted to write about books. So I did.

The reason I still blog is mostly the same. Talking about books is still my favorite thing to do, as are reading and writing. Whenever I manage to write everything I wanted to say about a book in a coherent and thoughtful review, I feel so accomplished and proud. The same goes for making graphics, which I love a lot. Another reason I keep it up is because I love the community and I’m not done here just yet. I have met so many awesome people and so many people like me. I have made friends that I have gotten really close to and that mean so much to me now. Blogging is a way to keep interacting with them and that’s why I don’t want to give up.

But then there is also the part of me that is just too stubborn to simply give up, even on days where all I want to do is read and not immediately have to write a review after. Or on days I just have too much to do for university and really can’t be bothered to even read. On days like that I just remind myself that I put all this time and effort in creating a blog that I love and that other people apparently love and that I can’t just give up because I don’t feel like it. I am really strict about this, because yes – it is a hobby, but it is one I take seriously and want to go for. (Plus, I PAY MONEY for my blog now. It’s serious business, yo.)

So I won’t deny there are days that I don’t feel like doing anything for my blog and would rather lie on the couch watching Friends re-runs all day. On those days, I’m not making myself blog, because if I would, I would no longer enjoy it. But in the 1+ year I have been blogging now, quitting has never even crossed my mind. I just love shoving my thoughts on books in people’s faces too much, I guess.


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  1. Anya

    “too stubborn to simply give up” Yes this! There are times when I think about my future and realize that it would be insane to continue book blogging for years to come, but I have put so much into it already that I just don’t want to give up yet! I also love the rush of finishing books and reviewing them, etc, etc, so I have plenty of reasons to stay. However, staying just seems so illogical at times and that’s when my stubbornness is like F THAT! I’m sticking it out 😀
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