Happy Saturday!! I hope you’ve enjoyed the guest post from this week in honor of my blogoversary, and I hope you’re ready for a lot more! This week’s Stop & Chat, is one that I could honestly talk about FOREVER!


What Would I Have Done Differently?

Blogging is so much more than I initially thought, and like everyone else I’ve made my fair share of mistakes along the road. If I could go back and tell then Octavia a few things they would be:

  1. NEVER. NEVER EVER EVER, sign up for every single meme you see.

One or two meme’s fine sure, go for it. But when I first started I was doing, Stacking the Shelves, Showcase Sunday, Feature and Follow, Waiting on Wednesday AND Top Ten Tuesday. Needless to say I though that this would lead to high stats, but I soon found that people come around for good and original content. Content! Not a meme that you see on someone else’s blog every single week!

2. Twitter is your best friend. Use it WISELY!

I remember the days I use to say “twitter is so flipping stupid! It’s nothing but ‘I just ate a cookie’ and pointless stuff!” but of course now I’m all like “I LOOOOOVE YOU TWITTER! I NEED YOU! I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!”. Twitter has connected me with authors, bloggers, random funny people, BUZZFEED!, publishers, and some of my best friends. It’s also the go to option when it comes to promoting my blog.

3. Proof read. Sweet goodness gracious Octavia! PROOF READ THOSE DAMN REVIEWS!

I am the Queen of typos. I don’t think this will ever change.

4. Planning and organization are your bread and butter. Stop flipping procrastinating!

Before I started blogging I thought it would be easy peasy lemon squeezey! I’d read all the books, review them post them and have all the bookish folks like me! I forgot that writing reviews takes up time. Reading time. I forgot that even when the review is written, you have to promote the review or else no one will ever see it. Promotion takes up more reading time. I had no clue that I’d want and be able to socialize with other bookish folks. Twitter, takes up the rest of my time. When did I say I was going to actually READ?

5. Followers. Pageviews. Unique visitors. Stats in general DO NOT MATTER at the end of the day.

I say this all the time but, stats aren’t even on my radar. Seriously. Yes, I know that I have to know them for requesting ARC’s, and I do know them for that reason, but my stats no longer drive me to make Read. Sleep. Repeat. better. I genuinely just want people to enjoy whatever time they spend on my blog and have a few laughs within that timeframe. When I first started, I obsessed over my stats. I rolled over in the morning and immediately checked my page views/twitter followers and Facebook likes. I thought of nothing more than how to be as big as some of my bloggy idols.

Nothing too horrific, but if I would have known at least these five things before blogging those first 6 months would have been a lot less hectic. So, down in the comments share a few things you wish you would have known then so you could have done things differently!

13 thoughts on “Stop & Chat Blogoversary Edition! ~ What I Would Have Done Differently ~”

  1. I like this retrospective post!

    1. I am so glad I never got into memes. They do not facilitate much discussion or uniqueness in my opinion, but some people really enjoy them!

    2. I did not use my Twitter much at all the first time I started blogging. I thought Facebook had more exposure and popularity. How wrong was I? I have met great people on Twitter.

    3. Proof-reading is so important when it comes to my blog. I do understand that some bloggers do not speak English as a first language, so if I see their typos I do not get as irked. I tend to still let typos slpi.

    4. BIG PSH. Lol. I am a planner in real life. Blogging is not a priority for me, so I do not believe in spending time outside blogging to plan for it. It is very time-consuming. Ever since I started working, this has been the case much more.

    5. I SO AGREE ON THIS ONE! It is easy to fall into that the stats trap early on, but it is can be so deceiving. It is encouraging that people read my blog, but it is not my primary motivation.

    Great post, Octy! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY. Sorry about not responding to your letter yet btw. *shame face*
    Christine @ Oh, Chrys! recently posted…A Bookish Christmas: ParticipantsMy Profile

  2. AWW I love this post Octavia! A million likes for you getting to where you are now (and being MY bloggy idol, if I do say so myself 😉 When I started, I didn’t really care much for original content either. It was usually just the meme and the occasional review XD But I think that discussion posts are way better– your Stop & Chat posts are my favorites!! HAHA and before I actually used Twitter, I was also pretty skeptical. but it’s SO useful. Damn right it’s my best friend! 😀 In terms of proof reading, I never did not proof read before posting XD My typos can get very embarrassing. I still can’t say that I’ve gotten over the procrastination bit though! It’s kinda hard to juggle blogging and school D: And YAY for not caring so much about stats! It’s a mindset that is life changing actually. It gives you a genuine drive to do better 🙂

    Great points there Octavia! As always 😉
    Jasmine @ Flip That Page recently posted…Review: The Sky Is EverywhereMy Profile

  3. Thank you! This one meant a lot to me, since I know we all have our “why did I do that?!” moments lol. 😀 And me?! A bloggy idol?! I… that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me and I genuinely appreciate that.

  4. You know my biggest blogger lesson but the stats thing is such a great point. I did the same thing–looked first thing when I woke up. Now I check out the stats just when updating NG, EW or requesting books. Love this post!! Wonder what we’ll all learn this second year of blogging?
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Review of After Eden by Helen DouglasMy Profile

  5. Great list 🙂 Twitter has been so awesome! I am still learning it and I only do it on my phone (not those fancy apps you use) but it has got me in touch with so many awesome people – that’s how me and you chat 🙂
    Julie S. recently posted…Foreplay ReviewMy Profile

  6. Love this post! My one big regret is posting a ton about books I “WANT” to read. Naturally, I’m unable to read them all. I’ve since deleted a bunch of posts about that, because I’m a bit neurotic and have to read books if I say I’m going to read it.

    But, I’m glad I experimented with different memes. I’ve whittled it down to … zero or maybe 1 now though. I’m also glad I didn’t get into ARCs – couldn’t handle the pressure, and I knew that from day one.
    Tanya Patrice recently posted…The Sunday Best 70 {Interesting Links to Interesting Things}My Profile

  7. I love this post! I’m still struggling with planning and using Twitter but I’ve gotten so much better at it than when I first started. Using Google Keep (I have an Android phone) to take notes and setting it to remind me at certain times has been so helpful as well as using TweetDeck to see all the lists, mentions, home feeds, etc on one screen. Happy Blogoversary!
    alice-jane recently posted…Things That Annoy MeMy Profile

  8. Great list! If I were to go back, I’d say

    1. Don’t bother with affliate links. You will never earn enough money to cash out.

    2. Start on WordPress and buy the UBB plugin early! I want to add it now, but editing 500 reviews just hurts to think about.

    3. Mood read! Don’t over schedule review books. Mood reading is way more fun and relaxed and you enjoy the books better.
    Sarah recently posted…Differential EquationsMy Profile

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