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November 19, 2013 Challenges 28

Series Challenge Button take2Hey guys! In case you missed it I am hosting a Series Challenge for 2014! I am notorious for starting a series and NEVER finishing it. Our buying the first 3 books in a series and then letting them just sit on my shelf and judge me. So I decided to host this challenge.

*Note. Clicking on an image below will take you to that series goodreads page.*

The series I have my eyes on are:

Divergent Trilogy The Nightwatchers

Black City Trilogy

Everneath Trilogy

The Lunar Chronicles

Legend Trilogy

Shatter Me Trilogy

Goddess Test Trilogy

Abandon Trilogy

Across the Universe Trilogy Angelfire Trilogy Immortal City Trilogy Paranormalcy Trilogy Sweet Evil Trilogy The Elemental Series Unearthly Trilogy

The Immortal Instruments Series

Ashfall Trilogy Graceling Realm Series House of Comarré Infernal Devices TrilogyThe Fallen SeriesMercy Thompson Series

That’s a lot of books yes? Do I think I’m going to make it through all of these? Heck no. But I read based on my mood and it’s something here for every mood I can possibly be in!

I’m aiming to finish 8 series (yes I’m crazy) so that would get me this shiny badge:

Gold Badge

Each month I’ll do a post covering what series I’ve completed, so make sure to drop by again in February to check my progress!

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28 Responses to “Series Challenge Goals!”

  1. Reanna

    Wow! That’s quite the list you’ve got there. I’m a moody reader, too. You’re right – it’s good to have options!

    The Charley Davidson and Mercy Thompson series are two of my favorites. I gave up on Sookie a couple books ago, and I haven’t gotten around to finishing the Fever series by KMM.

    Good luck with this 🙂
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    • Octavia

      I’m so fickle and temperamental if I didn’t have all these options I know I would fail!

      I read the first book in the Charley Davidson series and LOVED it! So much sarcasm!! I’ve also read the first 2 books in the Mercy Thompson series and I own the firs 4 so, I am so trying to knock these two out. I really like them both so far. 😀
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  2. Pili

    Well lady, now I feel better about me wanting to read and/or finish 10 series myself! Some of those I can’t wait for the final book to come out next year so I didn’t add them to my list. Others I might even try after I hear what you think about them!
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  3. Danielle @ Consuming Worlds

    I wish you luck! There are a few series on there that I started and never finished too. A few that I have no plan on finishing, but a few that I really want to finish. Might be a kick I need to finish them. We’ll see. Might join if I can find the time!

    Good luck with all the books! 😀
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  4. Crystal @ Crystal in Bookland

    You have a lot of the same ones I want to read or finish! I’m curious to see what you think about TMI….I feel like you won’t like it LOL Dont ask me why, but read it for sure because Im curious! But even if you don’t you have to swear to still give TID a try because it’s WONDERFUL!!!!! Me & Meredith are getting a January challenge together for the Cinder series since Cress will be coming out if you want to get in on that to read it with us 😉
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  5. Leanne @ Literary Excursion

    Dang Octavia, you have a lot of series on your list! I can’t really talk though, cause I was adding my series to FictFact last night and I have a ton too. o_o A lot of them I haven’t even started yet, and I have the first book in ARC format… so I think my participation in Rachel & Reanna’s Review Pile Reading Challenge will go along nicely with yours! 🙂

    I hope you love Cinder & the rest of the Lunar Chronicles. I really didn’t think I would like them, but they surpised me! You may want to start with the Glitches short story (free on and read The Queen’s Army (also free on after reading Cinder. They greatly enhance the experience.

    I loved the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs! I haven’t read any of her books in a few years, though, so I’m pretty far behind on those.

    I’ve also read the first few of the Jeaniene Frost series (enjoyed, ESPECIALLY Vlad when he shows up), the first three Iron Fey (loved!) and the first ten (I think?) of Sookie Stackhouse. Those books are meh for me but I keep reading them anyway because MOAR ERIC.

    The rest of these I haven’t touched!

    Hmmmm yes, I think I’ll have to join up on your other post. ^_^
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    • Octavia

      Yes! Another Eric fan!!!!! I thought I was the only one that loved Eric! 😀

      Thanks for the Lunar Chronicles tips! I’m honestly really nervous, because I don’t want to be the black sheep but I really do want to see what the fuss is about. And have you read Once Burned yet?! It’s Vlad’s story and oh my gosh YES!!!
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    • Octavia

      Thanks for signing up! I’m hoping I can finish at least 6 series. Fingers crossed? Who knows! I will have fun though seeing the various thoughts on so many amazing books.

  6. Darlene lozada

    I want to join challenge have to go through all the ones I want to finish and read how do I join

  7. Alexandra

    That’s a huge list! I also have a ton of series I want to finish! The first on my list is the Divergent series. I just need to get Allegiant and read it. 😀

    • Octavia

      I know! I was feeling extra ambitious when I made this list lol! It seems we’re not the only ones planning on tackling Divergent either! It’ll be fun to hear everyones take on it. 🙂

  8. Alicia the Awesome

    I signed up for this a while ago, but looking at your post again, I just want to say that Graceling is one of my 6 favorite books of all time (shameless post promotion:, as are Fire and Bitterblue. You will not regret reading those! They are so amazing. I can’t wait to see what you think when you finish reading (:
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  9. Amy @ Pages of Starlight

    I’ve got a question about this challenge and I cannot seem to find where to post on the main page of the series challenge. Hope you don’t mind me posting it here. Anyway, I was wondering if it would be okay to post a kind of series review instead of individual reviews on each of the books in one series. If not, could I just post a few lines on my thoughts of the book at Goodreads and then link it on my blog? I just don’t think that I could come up with enough to say about the individual books to warrant a full review for each one. I’m really enjoying this challenge – it is totally helping me clear out some old series and (unfortunately) making me start several new ones.
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