Blogoversary ButtonThank you so much Octavia for the opportunity to revisit the primordial stages of “Scott Reads It!”, I just might be scarred for life. I’m not going to say that I’m an amazing reviewer right now, but I’m a billion times better than when I first started. When I first started blogging, I sounded like a reluctant 3rd grader trying to write a book report as quick as possible. My reviews were short, insubstantial, and they really didn’t give any indication of my personal thoughts toward a book. I was so embarrassed by these posts that I deleted these posts later on in my blogging career, which is a real shame because I wish I could show how much progress I’ve made as a blogger. 
       Since my original posts have been deleted from the Internet, I will settle for showing you a slightly less terrible post. If you had seen my original post, you probably would have cringed and weeped for humanity and the American public school systems. Anyway, the post I’ve included below is not much better, but one can hope it won’t make your eyes bleed.

WOW. The Ask and the Answer is a follow up to The Knife of Never Letting Go. Patrick Ness’s second installment in the Chaos Walking trilogy is an action packed book that continued where it’s predecessor left off. Todd and Viola have gone back to New Prentisstown and are once again in the evil Mayor Prentiss’s clutches.

The Ask and the Answer is a real page turner that keeps you second guessing yourself. This book delivers more character development than the Knife of Never Letting Go but there is less action. I really hated the President more than anything. The way he treated Davy really pissed me off because Davy only really wanted to be loved by his father. I’m really glad that we got to know more of the characters I loved in Knife of Never Letting Go. Despite not being as action-packed as Knife, I really enjoyed The Ask And The Answer.

I can’t believe how Coyle and President used Todd and Viola it really reminded me of how Coin used Katniss in Mockingjay. One thing that really bothered me about this book was how Todd didn’t [OMITTED Due to Spoiler] I really didn’t see that plot twist coming at the end and that was a spectacular cliffhanger! I really enjoyed this book and I am definitely reading Monsters of Men! I recommend this book if you love  Knife of Never Letting Go or Sci-Fi!

I really can’t believe my old reviews lacked any sort of analysis or any indication that I had actually read the book. This review contains nothing remotely intelligent or anything that would make me want to read The Ask And Answer.  Writing this post and recalling my past reviews was like when Marty McFly had met himself in Back To The Future II, it was a strangely entertaining experience. Happy blogoversary to one of the best bloggers out there, I hope you’re happy with my time traveling experience.

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