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October 26, 2013 Features & Spotlights 13


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This week’s Stop & Chat top was submitted by Tyhada Reads! Thank you for the topic ma’am.

You want how much?! But it’s a e-book!

How many of you have said these exact same words while perusing Amazon/Barnes & Noble/iBooks/Kobo/etc? If you won’t admit it, I’ll admit it for you. Every single time you come across an ebook that’s the same amount as the physical book you say this. Every time you see that price of 10 bucks or higher you say it. And guess what? That isn’t going to change. Which pisses me off and makes me sad all at once.

But I know some people don’t mind paying the same amount for a e-book as a paperback. I know a lot of people are reading this post and saying:

“But Octavia! You get it instantly! You can carry them around easier, and you save money on shipping!”

And while all of this stuff is true (somewhat) it’s not enough! When Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke, first came out I scrambled to iBooks (whom I had a $10 gift card for) to buy it. And do you know what I saw? This!

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.15.40 PM

10.99?! Have you lost your damn mind?!

What is this shit

So of course I cursed up a storm and just grabbed the HARDBACK copy from B&N for…wait for it…

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.21.30 PM

13.81!!! 13 flipping 81! And guess what? I got that price IN STORE (yay coupons), so it was in my hands IMMEDIATELY.

Um hm. Sorry about my outburst there, I just hate this! Renae of Respiring Thoughts recommended The River of No Return by Bee Ridgeway, and I legitimately wanted to give it a shot. Until I saw this bit of craziness:

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.18.51 PM

Maybe I’m the only one that has a failed attempt at a money tree in her backyard, but I just can’t afford this. I know some people prefer ebooks because it’s a space saver, but for me if I’m going to spend 12 bucks on a e copy, I may as well spend the extra 2 bucks and stroke the cover while I fall asleep. Because I rather have my physical books take over my house inch by inch than to spend a fortune in ebooks, that I can’t pet, gawk at, lend out (I know some can but not all) or read when I’ve forgotten the damn e-reader charger at home when I’m 700 miles away!

So what are your thoughts? Do you think these e-book prices are getting a bit extreme or are you neutral because at least you get the book? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

13 Responses to “Stop & Chat ~ Ebooks have lost their minds! ~”

  1. Ashley @ The Book Addict's Ramblings

    I was going to purchase Allegiant as an ebook until I saw the price of $13.99! So I ended up just going to the store that day and buying it instead. And I have seen some new and best sellers for as much as $18.99. You have got to be kidding me with those prices! When I first got my e-reader I was all excited and thought Yeah! The books will be cheaper! But no they are just as much as paper books. So now my ebooks are pretty much solely from the library.

    On the other hand I have got some really great reads that were only in ebook format for less than $2.00.
    Ashley @ The Book Addict’s Ramblings recently posted…Review: Will in Scarlet by Matthew CodyMy Profile

  2. Rose Causey

    I think e books should be cheaper… my biggest issue with e-books is, if I purchase it, I should be able to lend it out… I hate that most books do not allow for that. I have that issue with my audiobooks from I cannot lend it out and those books are expensive! This is awful. But I do like that you can get the book immediately, not trip to a big bookstore isn’t really a plus, though, is it????? and it does save space but still… you can’t go to an author signing with just the ebook!

  3. Anya

    I have literally only bought one eBook ever and it was $.99. I absolutely refuse to pay that much for pixels, especially since I have enough eARCs on my eReader to last a freaking year D: I love the way books look on my shelf and I’m 100% with you: I’d rather be buried alive in physical books than pay basically the same amount for pixels that I have so very little control over!
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  4. Crystal @ Crystal in Bookland

    Take for example….The Fiery Heart releasing in November….you can get the Kindle edition for $9.78 OR the beautiful hardcover for $11.39……now why would I not shell out less than $2 more for the HARDCOVER copy?!

    I mainly only buy cheap ebooks, $2.99 or less now. I just try to pre-order my books if I want them instantly or take my butt to the bookstore to grab them instantly! I don’t understand why ebooks are so expensive, you would think they would be cheaper since they cut out costs of printing the books…..convince fee maybe?! I don’t know but I’m on board when you say it’s craziness!!!
    Crystal @ Crystal in Bookland recently posted…The Prophecy by Erin Albert Cover RevealMy Profile

  5. Vanessa

    Octavia, you have hit the nail on the head. Again.
    I’ve thought this multiple times. Recently I searched for Allegiant. Kobo wants $13.99 for the E-book. I got a hardcover at Costco for $11.97. I paid less for a hardcover, original BOOK than they wanted for an e-copy. Something isn’t right here.
    Vanessa recently posted…Ups & DownsMy Profile

  6. Katrina @ Bookish Things

    I’m right there with you. I’ve gotten to where I only look at the daily deals. And if it’s something I really want, and the ebook is $10, then I just go buy the print book. I’d rather have it sitting pretty on the shelves for that price. A lot of the ebooks my mom reads are 14-15 a piece. I’m like woman, just go buy the damn thing. So yes I feel your pain, especially with my more limited budget now that the holidays are around the corner.
    Katrina @ Bookish Things recently posted…Stacking the Shelves 10/26/13My Profile

  7. Kelley (Another Novel Read)

    I am totally with you, Octavia. No way in hell am I spending that much on an ebook when I can buy a physical copy instead. I basically only acquire ebooks if they are free (as in just free, or galleys), or if they are under $3. I mean, perhaps if the book was ONLY available as an ebook, I bought think about it a bit more, but… in general? No. Plus, when the apocalypse happens and all the electricity is gone, your ereader won’t be doing you any good, so you better have a bunch of physical books you can pick up and read! 😛
    Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…Things I Think About – Part IV: Signed BooksMy Profile

  8. Julie S.

    I so agree! I won’t spend more than about 7 bucks on an ebook. If the ebook costs as much as the print, I’ll get the print. Because then I can do so much more with it. An it doesn’t feel like I just got ripped off.
    Julie S. recently posted…Breathing Underwater ReviewMy Profile

  9. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    I completely agree. I understand authors want to get paid, hell I’d probably be the same way if my book was out there but if the ebook is only a few dollars less (in some rare cases more) than the actual copy there is no way I’m buying it.
    It’s bad enough that I have watched the prices for YA hardbacks climb from $14 to $18 in like five years. (And every other genre skyrocket from $18 to $25) Ebooks are not so convenient that I’d prefer to spend the same amount of what amounts to literally nothing but data.
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Review: The Madman’s Daughter by Megan ShepardMy Profile

  10. Read Books and Blog

    I’ve ranted about this too. It is worse if you are an international buyer. Not only are you limited by the vendors you can buy from, but the prices of titles also varies depending on country or region. Basically you tend to pay more…which is ridiculous for an ebook because you are not paying shipping! I’ve been wanting to get The River of No Return too and currently the price at Kobo is $20+ ….which is ridiculous for an ebook. The hardback probably costs a few dollars more at Book Depository.

    Read Books and Blog | Addicted to Films
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  11. Jess Mahler

    Mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, the economics of the situation for a trad publisher is that the cost of producing an ebook and the cost of producing a paperback are almost identical. After the author, the cover artist, the editor, the publisher, and the store get paid, the cost to actual print and ship a paper back to book stores is negligible. That said, there is NO reason for an ebook to be priced as high as or higher than a hard cover. That is pure price gouging.

    For a self published author, who can’t take advantage of economies of scale in costs of printing, a paperback is a lot more expensive to produce and I think that should be reflected in the price. Even for trad publishes I do think that ebooks should be priced less than paperbacks, because price needs to consider the consumer as well as the production costs, and ebooks are a lot less consumer-friendly than paperbacks, so I expect to see ebooks priced a couple dollars below the paperback. But people who say that they won’t touch ebooks priced over .99 or 2.99 really aren’t taking into account the very real costs of producing an ebook, IMO.
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