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Alright, so today’s Stop & Chat wasn’t really inspired by anything specific. I staring at a book and things started bothering me! So I figured no one in my house will listen to my pet peeves but you guys will! So, umm today’s topic is:

Bookish Pet Peeves!

You have them, I have them, EVERYONE has them! Those things, instances, words, actions, etc. that just grinds your gears when it comes to books! I have a very lengthy list but I’ll try to only list my top 5 here.

  • “Woe is Me” Syndrome”

You guys know what I’m talking about. When a character is throwing the worlds biggest pity party and some how you are trapped there. Strapped to a chair that’s front and center to the “it’s all my fault!/Why couldn’t it have been me?!/How could I have let this happen?!/My parents NEVER care!/It’s MY fault he left me!” action. This is probably the #2 reason I DNF a book.

  • “Inner Monologue Disorder”

Gah! There are few things I hate more than a person that has Inner Monologue Disorder! The one’s that especially rub me the wrong way are of the “love interest” variety. The “I wonder if he likes me likes me?/Does he love me too?/Did he kiss me by accident?/We had sex! Will it be awkward now?/Does he regret last night?” and on and on and on! You would swear that these weren’t able-bodied ADULTS! How is it that none of these characters has the sense or BALLS to just sit down with said love interest and talk this out?

  • “Poor World Building Disability”

This is pretty self-explanatory right? We have a book that has little to NO world building but a store that’s jackhammering away The Selection anyone?. What I don’t understand about Poor World Building Disability is how a book can suffer from it, but then have the gall to go and have a sequel, or two, or four! You barely knew who you were in book one, why would I pick up your off spring?!

  • “Spineless Heroine Condition”

By Webster definition a heroine is

a : a mythological or legendary woman having the qualities of a hero.

b : a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities

How in the world do you take a freaking dictionary definition and say “uhm nah! I want her to be a spineless twit!”. And I’m not just talking about the “heroines” who can’t fight a lick I’m talking about the ones that won’t stand up for themselves too! And yes, I know that a heroine can also be referred to as “a character in a literary ” but isn’t that first definition what you were taught as a kid?! Yeah me too.

  • “Deranged Cliff Hanger Impulse”

I honestly don’t mind a GOOD cliff hanger every so often. The kind of cliff hanger that wraps up the book adequately but leaves you scratching for the next in the series. Not the kind that go “and then a car came speeding at me…” or “I faced these foes with nothing but a stick, and the first one pounced! The End.” I mean what is that mess?! That’s not a cliff hanger that’s just pissing me off!

As I said there are A LOT more bookish pet peeves just itching to make its way into this post but I want to hear from you guys! Make up a post stating your top 5 bookish pet peeves and link them below!

6 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~ Bookish Pet Peeves ~”

  1. The cliffhanger, sigh. Very fine line between making me want to read the next book and making me want to throw your book and every sequel out the window. If its a plot device just to sell the book, it totally annoys me. It shows no respect for the intelligence of your readers.
    My other pet hate is love triangles and indecisive MC’s. Just pick one and be done.
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  2. The “Woe is Me” syndrome KILLS me! I can’t stand it in a book. I want to grab the character, shake them, and just shout, “Listen! Life is hard. Grow the F*%& up and get over it. Change it. Do something but I am sick to death of your whining!” Since I can’t do that I usually just slam the cover shut and grab another book.

  3. Oh. gosh. Some of these things really annoy me!! While it might not make me DNF a book, it will still bring down my thoughts on it….A LOT. The worse one is the endless pity party because -though I don’t think I encounter it to much- it makes me hate the character, which usually means I can’t stand the book….
    Great post!!

    Rita xx
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