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Not what you were looking for is it?

I had a post go live at 12:01 last night that was never meant to be seen. I wrote it about yesterday’s events and I was so pissed I just needed to vent. I slept on it, decided not to post just to see that it did anyway (total user error there). It was an “oh shit I better grab some coffee first” kind of moment. Anywho, I stand behind every word I’ve ever said. But that post was not meant for outside eyes. It felt good to vent. It felt good to let all that anger out. And it felt amazing to get it off my chest. But it wasn’t for you lovely folks. It was for me. Now that post saw a lot of unhappy folks, and that’s fine and dandy, I’m not in it for popularity and I damn sure won’t apologize for my words. But it was not meant to be published. I won’t apologize for what I said, but my bad for forgetting to change the settings before I passed out.

Shit Happens House

Happy Sunday.



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    • Octavia

      Ah well I try lol :D. But seriously thank you. You’ve been in my corner since this mess started and I appreciate that support.<3

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