So last night my lovely friends Crystal of Crystal in Bookland  and “Nova” of Musings of a Blodger tweeted me about a tweet I did a few days ago:

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And yes, I am that lazy.

What sparked this post was how these two fabulous people reacted. I’m sure you can tell I’m sort of just like “yeah, sure whatevs”, and then somehow I am being crown the Lazy Fairy Queen! Which, by the way, is an AWESOME job were I do NOTHING and get to wear a crown for it!

Anywho, these tweets really got me thinking about others “ARC hoarding” habits. To me, the purpose of an ARC is to generate buzz. They aren’t meant to last, they aren’t even “complete” technically, and it winds up costing more money than the finished version, which has to suck from a publisher prospective. Which is why I had no second thoughts about offering The Rule of Three to my friend. To me that’s the point of an ARC, and if I truly love it then I should support the author and my habit of re-reading by buying a copy.

This brings me to a few questions for you lovelies! Do you hoard/keep your ARC’s? Do you purchase finished copies of the ones you loved? What about the ones you liked? Do you pass your ARC’s along once you’ve read them? Tell me your habits in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Impromptu Stop & Chat! ~ Are you a hoarder? ~”

  1. Ah, great question! I tend to only share my ARC’s with my family, but I would be willing to send over to a friend, but i feel uncomfortable about sharing what i received online. That’s pretty much why I never (maybe i did once or twice and I can’t remember, so many life happenings in college) share on twitter and stopped doing Showcase Saturday. I don’t like to brag. But I don’t hate it when people talk about books they get, though I do get jealous. In the end, I am a hoarder since I don’t offer my ARC’s except to my sister.
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  2. Great topic! Very relevant, too. I feel like I see this discussed a lot. Right now, I mostly hoard my ARCs. But only because I don’t get many, and the ones I do, I usually win from contests or get in swaps from friends. The ones I win, I won’t give away again because I feel like it’s unfair to the person who put the giveaway together. Like opening a gift during the holidays, telling the person you loved it, but then giving it away to someone else as soon as you don’t need it anymore. It’s like re-gifting. Plus, won ARCs are often signed or personalized. So I won’t pass those along. Ones I get in swaps with friends… Well, so far, I haven’t even gotten to read any of those yet! So if I DO decide to pass them on, I want to read them first. I definitely support the idea of buying a finished copy, though, and I’ve done that for several of the ARCs I have. But as long as I have the ARC, I do want to read the ARC before I buy a finished copy.

    Finally, I feel like.. With ARCs that have already been published.. What DO you do with them? Because, yes, passing them along and spreading the word is great. But then, why pass along an ARC to someone who might otherwise have bought a finished one? And do people even WANT ARCs of a book that’s already published? It’s confusing. I’m still new at this, so I don’t really know what to do with some of them. I know there’s ARCycling and Cuddlebuggery, but still. I HAVE done some giveaways for a couple ARCs.

    Again, great topic! 🙂
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  3. I’m almost always happy to share my ARCs (unless it’s one I’m insanely excited for and what to hold on to). I try to share them with other bloggers whenever any expresses an interest in them. Honestly, I usually only share them with local (which now means a 3 hour drive) bloggers, since I’m too broke to spend a ton on postage (although I would for a multi ARC swap). I have a bit of a horde of ARCs, but nothing too crazy and most of those I’d be willing to give away if someone expressed interest. If I loved a book, I’ll buy a finished copy anyways. And if I didn’t love a book, I’m not sad to see it go. I’ve actually also donated ARCs to thrift stores when I had to move because I didn’t know what else to do with them.

    In fact, I traded ARCs with a blogger friend this afternoon! I don’t see an issue with it. If I love a book, I’ll buy a finished copy, so the author’s not really losing money and get an extra review out of it!
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  4. I guess I’m an ARC hoarder, since I don’t receive many ARC’S. When I get one, it feels so special I want to keep it. It’s just a fun reminder, but if I’m going to keep working with HarperCollins I might do the same 🙂 I think it would be great to share them with the book club I made with some other Dutch book bloggers! Perhaps to swap them or lend them.
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  5. I don’t get that many physical ARCs(I prefer Digital review copies. I know a lot of bloggers don’t, but personally I’d rather get them from NG/EW than physical, just because I have three roommates and my books have to keep themselves confine to my room, so I like to have as many physical copy books only), but I don’t really tend to keep the ones I do. I put quite a few up on YA Book Exchange, put them in my future-giveaway piles, etc. I do keep a few, but that’s because I’m planning on buying the book–at the paperback release. I like having the ARC until then. I prefer paperback to hardback, so once the paperback’s out in the wild, I’ll buy it, and pass the ARC on to someone else.
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  6. This is such a great topic. I’ve always wondered what to do about print ARCs. Not that I get that many of them, but I do have a few I got as part of a book tour and at one point I won a box of arcs and don’t know what to do with them. I’m pretty much a book hoarder though, but with my upcoming move I don’t know if that might change. I did donate some ARcs to a library once to give out to kids, I put some in a Little Free Library, but I don’t always know what to do with them. Of course if they’re signed they’re keepers.
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  7. An excellent question and let me tell you why I hoard mine. My little sister works in PR and works in the music industry where they send out preview tracks to even top secret albums for review purposes to stores, interns, etc. It is a no-no to share what you got because it was sent selectively to the person. So in many ways, I’m of that mindset. Plus the ARCs I receive aren’t ones people usually want. That being said, I have swapped finished copies of books received for review for credit over at paperbackswap.

    I do buy finished copies for the ARCs I have especially if I like the author. For example, I’m a big fan of Chelsea Cain & Charles Finch and as a fan I’m hoarding those ARC copies along with the finished copy.

    You know, if I have an ARC that I’ve reviewed and a fellow blogger expresses interest in it, I wouldn’t mind sharing it.
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  8. I like to do giveaways for the ARCs I know a lot of people want, but if bloggy friends expressed interest for an ARC I would totally send it to them! I have a lot of ARCs on my shelf from other friends who have passed them to me and I’m excited to read them, but if I really like a book I’m definitely buying the hardcover. ARCs just don’t look as pretty on my shelf once they’ve been published 😉
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  9. Yes! This is so me. I enjoy ARC’s and I’m grateful for them, but if I really love them I’ll buy a finished copy. And it looks 12x’s better on my shelf lol. 😀

  10. I tend to giveaway my ARCs to students, teachers or other bloggers/readers. I don’t like keeping them around because I tend to always be running out of space after I you know.. buy books too lol. Plus this past year I am crammed full of ARCs thanks to two different conferences.

    I don’t hoarde books a lot and even am trying to scale back on buying. I just should be banned from book conferences… for serious.
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  11. LOL! I know your pain! I switched from e-books only last year and my living room is slowly being devoured by all the books I’ve been buying. They’re going to take over soon. 😛

  12. Right now it looks like I hoard them, but it’s not really intentional. I don’t have the cash to spend on shipping so I end up keeping them, even though I’d love to share them with others.
    It helps that most of my ARCs are actually e-copies though, so I only have a small stack of ARCs in my room. I do keep some though like if I really love the book or if I have it signed, other than that I don’t really mind sharing.
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  13. Well, the question’s moot because I would never be able to receive ARCs.

    But if I ever do get one, I think I would pretty much be a hoarder. I got one ARC from a giveaway before the post office started hating me, and I didn’t really get that excited over it. Like, my reaction was, “Well, so what’s the big deal?” The thing is, I don’t really go to bookstores much, and so I always spend that time buying new books. I don’t think I would buy the book if I already have an ARC which already serves the same purpose, unless I really loved it.
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