Happy Sunday lovelies! Today I’m brining you a special and fantastical surprise! And no, it is not. I repeat! It is NOT a unicorn.


I'm Sorry


Yes, I’m sure I just broke your heart a little, but unicorns are slippery little devil’s and I’m too out of shape for all that mess. But! What I am bringing you today is still pretty awesome.

So I’m sure you have all heard about the Goodreads debacle. I’m not going to get into that, because I can just sense the trolls. Just know:

  1. I think Goodreads have lost their damn minds
  2. I DO NOT support their new TOS
  3. I think it is utter B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!

Now that we have those facts out of the way, I’m here to show you a few “alternatives” to Goodreads!

100% Just Like Goodreads Alternatives!

I’ve seen many of you yearning and itching for something that is JUST like Goodreads but not them for obvious reasons. I’ve watched you google. I’ve heard your cries of outrage, and today I am going to help you with your 100%, just like Goodreads alternative! Are you ready? Are you sure?? Ok, here it is….


Ut oh! Somebody has a frowny face! Look, I know how you feel. You want something that is as easy to use as Goodreads, has a community as large as Goodreads and of course has the vast library that Goodreads has, but that isn’t Goodreads since they’re douchebags. But sweetheart IT DOES NOT EXIST! In fact, when looking for an “alternative”, try using that term loosely. Otherwise you’re just going to be super disappointed and I’m going to have to dig into my stash of Despicable Me gifs.

On to the “alternatives”!


Cool Communities!

If your favorite and most coveted thing about Goodreads was the community, then there are a few different bookish sites out there that may help you in that department!

Library Thing

Like all the sites in this post LibraryThing has it’s pros and cons.


  • The community is HUGE! I browsed a few of the threads, groups and various tags and I can definitely see that there is a large LibraryThing fan base.
  • It lets you organize and edit down to the very last detail.
  • Starting a new thread/group is just as easy as Goodreads


  • It is U-G-L-Y. Yes this has nothing to do with the community, BUT! I like pretty things, so there.
  • All the customizing/organizing is a bit overwhelming and intimidating.
  • There is a 100 book limit! Or unlimited books for a one time lifetime fee of 25 bucks. O_O





  • Since the debacle the community has grown…A LOT!
  • Thanks to the tumblr-ish reblog feature you’re introduced to even more awesome bookish people.
  • Everyone seems to be pretty mellow, which is always a plus in any community!


  • There are no “groups” for you to join
  • It is still growing, which means there isn’t as much content to interact with at this point.


Easy to Navigate!

When I first joined that other site, I was blown away by how easy it was to use! How clean it looked! And those are things I thought of with this search.




  • It’s PRETTY!! Oh my gosh it’s pretty!
  • All the details you could want, go on ONE page comfortably! It’s never an overwhelming experience.
  • Navigating around the site is very common sense based. Just scroll through the page and tada!
  • There are list! And samples!


  • Bookish is geared more towards helping you find your next great read, so there isn’t much of a community.
  • For them to be so focused on recommending books they aren’t that good at it.
  • The list and samples aren’t mind blowing, but they are still relatively good list.
  • Any review you post goes “under moderation” before being posted. Poop to that!


Riffle books


  • They changed that stupid “sign in with twitter or Facebook” ONLY mess
  • It has a very clean design, making navigating so easy!
  • There are list! Made by MEMBERS! Yay for coming together!
  • You can take and send bookish notes! It’s like middle school! Only with the internet…and BOOKS!


  • The community is so small, I don’t think we can really call it a community.
  • Even though I like the “clean” design, aesthetically it is pretty boring to look at. Sorry, I like pretty stuff.



the reading room



  • It gets no simpler than The Reading Room. Seriously. You want to browse? Hit BROWSE. Want to check out book clubs? Hit BOOK CLUBS. E-A-S-Y.
  • No matter what page you’re own you can easily get to the next one with a simple click.
  • Lots of free e-books, and e-ARC’s for the picking


  • It has A LOT of stuff on one page. Three columns worth of stuff.
  • A lot of the ARC’s are indie, which I’m not against, but I’ve never heard of most of them. So problem? Yes.
  • For them to claim they’re “home of the best book reviews” I’m not impressed. I’ve read enough of the reviews to have my face permanently stuck like this:

Craig Face

And I’m not saying I write the best reviews ever. I’ve even crowned myself “Typo Queen” but THERE IS A LINE!

Moving on!


The thing I love most about Goodreads is it’s vast and AH-MAZING collection of books! I can search for something 20 years old and find it just as easy as the books scheduled to be released in a week! And the same can be said for books being released months (and sometimes even a year!) in advance. Sadly no other bookish site has a library as extensive and thorough as Goodreads but these two aren’t half bad.


Library Thing           Shelfari



  • If it’s on Amazon (and what isn’t?) then it’s on these two


  • They are BOTH owned (LT partially) by Amazon. Now that pro makes sense huh?
  • They are way to complicated to be “alternatives” in my opinion.
  • Shelfari automatically uses your Amazon log in stuff. I tried a different way but it kept picking up that log in info!
  • I had to google how to leave a review, on both of these.
  • It is a business. And it feels like a business every time I search and explore.


Community. Navigation. Books. These were the main things that came to my mind when I tried to break down why people adore goodreads so much. But I didn’t spend a week worth of research and browsing on just these aspects. Oh no I didn’t!


Supports Gifs:


Library Thing


Has a limit to how long a review can be:

Riffle books


Cost Money:

Library Thing


Has “import” books button:

booklikes (can take days to import but is totally worth it)


the reading room (imports quickly but ONLY imports star rating and book title. Not shelves OR reviews)

One’s that I couldn’t exit fast enough:



book glutton


Even though I urge you to try a few sites on your own, may I please suggest staying the hell away from these?? Book Glutton has less than 800 books on the whole site, and not one is YA/NA/PNR/UF. BookRabbit made me think of grown up “toys” thanks to it’s name. AND it’s library was total crap!

So now the question I’m sure you scrolled all the way to the bottom for:

Which One is Right for Me?

Ah this is such a sucky and tricky question. If I push all goodreads comparisons out of my head, and focus solely on what I want in a bookish site, I think I’d say it’s a even draw between……drum roll…….

booklikes            Bookish


They both have issues. Booklikes has a tumblr feel that I’m just not ready for. I like that you can see more people with all the “re-blogging” and what nots, but I have a blog. I have a Facebook. I have a twitter. I have a YouTube. I even have a Tumblr. I really don’t feel like trying to keep up with another “thingy”. At the same time, it’s pretty, it’s easy and I’ve already imported all my shelves and stuff. They also have a very efficient team! We complained about it moving too slow and they added an additional server the same day! The CEO (VP? I can’t remember, opps) tweeted me about how if I needed help with this post not to hesitate with my questions. And best of all, they will only get better with time! They really are a fabulous site with a lot of amazing features, bells and whistles.

Then Bookish is all super shiny. BUT. There is no import button, there is no community really, and the main thing they’re about (recommending books) is NOT their strong point.


Which One Will I be USING?

A mix between BookLikes and NOTHING! That’s right. Look, I like keeping up with what you guys are reading and vice versa but I really just can’t support Goodreads anymore, and until I find something that’s perfect for me I’ll just focus on Read. Sleep. Repeat. Pretty anti-climatic right? Well guess how I feel after 6 days of research! I spent 3-4 hours playing around with 14 bookish sites! That’s book reading time! I’ll probably take my reviews off of Goodreads and turn the profile to private until I find another way to search books by release months.

Oh and here’s a little gift for all you lovelies that didn’t read a single word but still want an answer:


GoodreadsAlternatives title=

27 thoughts on “So you’re leaving Goodreads”

  1. I am using Shelfari and BookLikes. I’ve been using Shelfari almost as along as I’ve used Goodreads so I’m used to it, but I definitely like BookLikes more. It’s really relaxed there. Though at the same time I don’t really feel the need to stay on that site for a very long time.

    I’m not leaving Goodreads though. I don’t like the way they’ve chosen to handle things but I’ve invested a ton of time into it (almost every book I’ve ever read listed)and since there really isn’t any other place like it in terms of detail and library I won’t jump ship. When another comes a long then maybe, lol.

    Great post!
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Sunday Post (73)My Profile

  2. Damn girl, you really did your homework here! And that last image deserves an award.
    I had visited them all and created an account with BookLikes and Bookish. You only left out idreambooks.com and randombuzzers 🙂

    Sooo since I’m very happy with GR I’m sticking with it. I can always let people know about weird authors on my blog, plus I’ve never been one too discuss authors on GR.
    lectus recently posted…The Cutting Season by Attica LockeMy Profile

  3. Wow. Thank you for going through all those sites and doing this!
    It’s a big confusing world out there in cyberspace, and this really helped.

    I really like the way Booklikes looks, and so I’ve made an account over there.
    I am not leaving GR just yet, but I can understand why many people are wanting to stray away. The new TOS are crap, for lack of better word.
    mzvanessa recently posted…Book Review: A Clash Of KingsMy Profile

  4. Wow, Octavia! Thanks for putting so much effort into this post! I love the infographic! I am not leaving Goodreads until I find something that is comparable to it. I am on BookLikes, and I am liking the progress it has endured. I am keeping my eyes out for BookBridgr (http://www.bookbridgr.com/) and LitLush, which I think will be made by book bloggers!
    Christine @ Oh, Chrys! recently posted…Why I Continue Reading Books I Do Not Like MuchMy Profile

  5. I just want to say that wow you did so much research and good for you for being so awesome! The infographic you made is really cool too. I like all the easy to follow facts and pros/cons of each site. I’ll be the bad person who still shops at Walmart and still uses Goodreads because of convenience and stuff, but I will refer to this for possible slow changes and moving to a new system once it feels less like a chore to me 🙂
    Julie S. recently posted…Losing Hope ReviewMy Profile

  6. Love this post! I knew when you showed me the info graphic that this was going to be a good one. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought and effort into this and I’m sure it’s going to help A LOT of people out. I personally have no intention of leaving Goodreads (which isn’t saying much because I hardly use it anyway) but I do want to check out some of these other communities you’ve mentioned. I’ve been a Riffle user for a while and I just don’t care much for it but booklikes sounds pretty interesting!
    Shannon @ Twilight Sleep recently posted…ARC Review: The Wrong Girl by C. J. ArcherMy Profile

  7. Damn Octavia, you got my hopes up about the unicorns. See that pile over there? That’s my heart in itty bitty broken pieces 🙁 LOL

    First of all, THANK YOU for doing all the hardwork (I saw your tweets!) investigating these alternatives. Also your infograph is amazing!

    Second, I totally agree that there isn’t a 100% Goodreads alternatives. Not yet anyway. I’m still holding out hope for http://www.bookbridgr.com/ and http://www.litlush.com/ *crosses fingers*

    I’m warming up to BookLikes after exploring it a bit and getting some help from Kara (Great Imaginations). Plus, they seem very open to suggestions and growing their website. I do think there is an opportunity to see more of the community and interact because of the reblogs and stuff.

    As for where I am at with the whole GR debacle and moving: 1) I completely disagree with their new TOS but… I’m also giving it some time to see what will happen with BookLikes, and other websites. I don’t want to throw myself into another website when another one might be coming along. Also, I’m not completely clear on BL’s policies, and would like to hear clarifications about how they will handle comments about an author’s behaviour on reviews. In the meantime, I AM changing how I use Goodreads. For now my future reviews are just a snippet and then a link to the blog. I’m going to try and move away and most likely just use it as an information source.
    Rachelia (Bookish Comforts) recently posted…{Required Reading} Bookish bucket lists, ARC confusion, HP proposal & more!My Profile

  8. So probably not as well known, and more of a catalog site is http://libib.com. However, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Beautiful UI, easy to use, and let’s me store my library easily. Just though I’d put that out there as well!

  9. I actually found libib too but didn’t think it was a true alternative to goodreads based on what GR is mostly used for. However I do have a post planned for libib soon! 🙂

  10. I don’t think I will ever stop using Goodreads. I know about the controversy, but as a person who does not get involved in such insanity, I figure it will never affect my own shelves. Since there is nothing even close to Goodreads out there I don’t find myself even considering making a break from it. I will have to check out these sites however based on wanting to see what is new. I’ve used LibraryThing and have checked out a couple of these briefly. Thanks for the post, it really made a great breakdown of what is good and bad about the sites.
    Kristen recently posted…Manga Review: Gate 7 Volume 1My Profile

  11. Geez, Octavia! Thank you for putting so much work into researching this so people will have a place to begin! I’m going to stick to GR for now even though they’re dbags, just because it has all my organizational things on it and I’m lazy. I keep trying to get into BookLikes but I just CAN’T because it’s Tumblr for books. I like some of the features it has and it looks nice… but it kinda pisses me off that people can re-blog my reviews or any of my other own intellectual content I share there. It’s why I never really liked Tumblr either. Nothing is original and it’s all just reblogging from 439572084 people ago.

    Sigh. If only I were rich and code savvy, I would just build us a fantastic book site. And I’d have enough money to fund technology so I’d never have to sleep, and could stay awake 24/7 to personally kick trolls in the butt.
    Leanne @ Literary Excursion recently posted…September 2013 Reading RecapMy Profile

  12. This is really helpful! I’m not leaving Goodreads for now but I already tried out Riffle books, BookLikes and Bookish when they first came out and yes, there is not Goodreads alternative. It’s a scary world out there. So I really appreciate reading all the pros and cons. I don’t like the reblog thing on BookLikes but I really hope that they work on the website to make it more useful. Also, whenever Read More button is clicked for a book’s blurb it redirects to Amazon so it’s possible that BookLikes is owned partially by Amazon, too. No idea though.
    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile recently posted…Say Hello to Horror OctoberMy Profile

  13. I know it was years ago. I just want to ask Have you try libib.com? Not only they let you catalogs books, but also movies, music, and video games. Libib app so much better goodreads app. I will totally recommend this site to any book, movies, music, and video games lovers.

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