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Stop & Chat Saturday


Stop & Chat is a weekly discussion post here at Read. Sleep. Repeat. where we talk about what ever tickles my fancy!

Alright my pretties this week I want to talk about robots gaining control and taking over the world!….sort of…ok not really but hey, that was a good opener right?! Anywho, this week I want to talk about the good, the bad, the ugly and the stressful when it comes to social media!

Social Media….When is too much?

This will probably be the post that get’s me the stink eye from most of you, but I’m going to go there. So recently I joined the “glorious” world of Tumblr. I’m still way too new to tell you if I love it or will keep it but I joined tumblr because I’ve been seeing more and more blogs and authors that I love on there. But I also question what the hell tumblr was anyway. Yeah Google says it’s a blogging platform (and that turned me off) but it wasn’t until I read an articled on Literary, etc. that I truly understood. But before rushing to sign up I looked at all the other social stuff just sitting with Read. Sleep. Repeat. slathered all over it.

I have a FaceBook page I rarely use. A twitter that I continually overload. A instagram, that has pictures of the most random things. My YouTube Channel for the few occasions I do vlogs. A Pinterest, that I’ve used all of 6 times. My Goodreads profile, that I use more than Google. And now a tumblr to manage! I know that all of these sites attract various audiences, and we have to promote our blogs for “reasons”. But when do we look at that extra 10 hours of work and say “umm yeah, you gotta go.”?

Regardless of how many social media outlets you use, you know it takes time and work. Scheduling tweets, managing additional tumblr post, keeping goodreads updated and so on, while occasionally fun, is really a lot of work. And don’t start with the “blogging IS work!” screams. I know blogging is work and I enjoying doing that work for my blog, but when does blogging come second to social media promotion? If I’m spending hours upon hours scheduling tweets, updating Facebook, trolling goodreads and tumblr, then when am I reading? When am I reviewing? Are we slowly allowing social media to become our “filler post”? Will twitter one day take over the world and enslave the human race? Will tumblr get so big that all our computers will spontaneously combust? Should I stop writing post when jacked up on caffeine?!!

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42 responses to “Stop & Chat ~ Social Media…When is too much? ~

  1. Ugh yes! Granted I have more time than the average blogger to do the stuff but it really does suck up a ton of time. I have quite a few social outlets. The one way I ‘cheat’ is the link them. Like WordPress is linked to my twitter and my facebook, as well as bloglovin and Networked. Then my instagram is linked to my twitter and instagram. So I handle all of it at once. But still even with all of that you still have to be ‘social’ and I don’t have the time for all of them.
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Mini-Read Review: Limerick by Kimberly Spencer & Virginia Day Zero by Sean CreganMy Profile

    • Right! I love that it links to all our outlets for our post, but then you have to scramble around to each of those outlets to respond to all the comments and likes and favorites and retweets! I love that people are interested but I notice how much time, effort and work really goes into showing my gratitude.
      Octavia recently posted…The Marriage Merger by Jennifer ProbstMy Profile

  2. I’m very selective. I use tumblr and pinterest for personal use, because I love collecting pictures. I use twitter sometimes, but I think it’s so easy that I can connect Goodreads to my account. Goodreads is THE website I spend most of my time on besides blogging, but I don’t think you can go without an account there. I don’t have a blog facebook and I don’t want one either. You got to decide which platform is most useful for your blog and you should keep it that way πŸ™‚
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  3. I don’t think any one person needs to use ALL the social media sites. Eventually doing that they will get more exposure than they had hoped for, and if the blog’s content is good, more and more followers. So what happens then? You start getting so many followers you can’t keep up with comments anymore? That doesn’t seem like a very reasonable goal to have, since the book blogging community is all about *community* and interaction. So yeah, I would stick with just a few of them and let your fan base slowly grow (that’s what I’m doing anyway) so that when you do get comments you can still maintain genuine interaction with them, and build relationships with those commenters. My blog is still very new (about 5 weeks old) so I’m super happy with the handful of regular visitors I have. Now and again a new one will pop up that I start back-and-forth with, and that makes me happy as well. It’s just great to know that when I do see a comment on my blog right now, I will likely recognize who it’s from and be able to have a great mini-conversation with them in the comments boxes. I also know when I click over to their blogs I will find something entertaining or informative. It works for me. πŸ™‚

    I have my blog set up to tweet posts as they go live, am active on Twitter, and very active on Goodreads. I really don’t even want to consider making a Facebook page for the blog or a tumblr because while they’d be good promotion, I don’t want to spend time on those sites socializing with people and building relationships. It’s too much work to manage building a network for what is a hobby. An every-day, consuming lots of free time already hobby. I love it, but still… I want it to be fun. I’m not trying to network a business here.

    So basically I typed out all that nonsense to say – if you don’t want to deal with tumblr, don’t! If you don’t want to make a Facebook page, don’t! You don’t need them all if you already have one or two forms of blog promotion. I found you through a mutual friend (yay for Shannon!), and I find new bloggers that way ALL the time. Others will find your blog the same way, because you have awesome friends that love your awesome personality and will be promoting you. Whenever I see interesting conversations going on in Twitter, I admit I’ll poke around in them a bit and get a feel for people I don’t know. Then I’ll go visit their blogs. If I like even a little of what I see I’ll start following and then all of a sudden I have a new friend! πŸ™‚
    Leanne @ Literary Excursion recently posted…Book Haul for {7.28.13 to 8.3.13}My Profile

    • Have I ever told you that you’re wise beyond your “blogging” years?! Not only do you have an amazing system but you know what’s important to you! I love my blogging friends and I adore those who genuinely follow me, but I would have never met them if it wasn’t for my venturing out into twitter. Or Goodreads. I know it’s a lot of work but if I can bring 1 more person over to Read. Sleep. Repeat for a good laugh or a motivating post then I want to make sure I bust ass to do that for them. But I do think I’ll cut back on some of the social media stuff. I just can’t keep up! πŸ™
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      • Why thank you ma’am! Twitter and Goodreads really are the best areas for promotion and interaction for book bloggers, I think. Facebook gets so bogged down in senseless things too easily and then you have people on your friends list messaging you all the time because they see you’re online. Hassle! Tumblr has never felt “serious” enough for me to use it for anything important. There isn’t a whole lot of original content on there that I’ve seen, mostly just people using it to repost things they like onto a giant Pinterest board. If you think one of them will work for you then by all means do it! I just don’t think you should feel you HAVE to, in order to get more followers. People always find the good stuff, and you’ve got plenty of it.
        Leanne @ Literary Excursion recently posted…Book Haul for {7.28.13 to 8.3.13}My Profile

  4. I think it’s tempting to try and use them all, and that sometimes it feels like you have to, but no way! It’s impossible! I think you make a great point that our focus should be our blogs, because that is our main platform. Sometimes I think people get carried away with everything else. It’s great if your Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Whatever attracts an audience to your blog, but what if they get to your blog and there’s nothing there because you’re too busy doing all that other stuff? I think most people are right in that you only need to do a couple, but even then knowing which ones are right can be difficult. You choose one, and then it seems like a different one is popular. The only one I believe is really helpful is Twitter, or it has been for me. But I have yet to try FB, Tumblr, or any other platform. Not sure if I ever will! I have no time for all that πŸ˜‰
    Asti (A Bookish Heart) recently posted…The Bookish Games: Let Day Two Begin!My Profile

    • I LOVE twitter! I think that because it’s in realtime and it has a more constant presence, it’s the most effective. But you’re absolutely right! We (occasionally) feel this need to participate in all of them and in trying to keep up with it we really just drown.
      Octavia recently posted…The Marriage Merger by Jennifer ProbstMy Profile

  5. I personally don’t try to get too involved in many social media sites, simply because it does add to the work πŸ™‚ I think it’s good in moderation– if you’re able to keep up with all of your profiles on all of those sites, then I don’t think it’s too much at all! Since you get to reach out to the different audiences these sites cater to, it’s a great way of promotion. However, I tend to stick to the essentials, since there are sites that I feel serve a general purpose, so I avoid joining them. I don’t think I’d be able to survive without bloglovin’ (at least since I discovered how convenient it was HAHA), since many of my readers prefer it, and I don’t exactly know how to maneuver any of the feed things XD I use twitter to connect to other people, even on topics not necessarily related to books, so its a great way to make friends and chat πŸ™‚ That’s it for me though– I have goodreads, but don’t use it too often (since the TBR pile is riddikulus), and I just don’t think I have enough time for either Facebook or Pinterest. So that’s it for me! As long as you can keep up though, all is well πŸ™‚
    Jasmine @ Flip That Page recently posted…Review: The 5th WaveMy Profile

  6. I still don’t understand Tumblr and probably will never get on there. I actually have all sorts of things set up to post on Twitter, my goodreads updates and blog posts as they post.. so Twitter I am usually on for fun or to chat with friends, not to promote. Goodreads I simply love and update as soon as I finish a book usually. Pinterest I am using for more teaching/librarian things than anything else and even that I use infrequently. We have a facebook page, but we can’t have an RSS feed anymore, so I rarely update there *so bad*. We at one point even tried a Goodreads group for our blog and it flopped!

    I spend the most time on social media during the summer when I have spare time. My feedly gets looked at daily, I comment, I repost on twitter when giveaway entries are low.. but beyond that I’m not planning on going any further. I still have yet to try instagram, which seems just too much work to even download and try.

    So, I think you do what you enjoy and if something doesn’t work, you drop it. Goodreads is probably my most up to date and fun social media, and Twitter falls into second. If I get to both in a day, I am happy. πŸ™‚
    Kristen recently posted…Summer Book GiveawayMy Profile

  7. Oh, I love Tumblr. It’s a time sucker, even more than Pinterest is, but I love it. I don’t post original posts on Tumblr though, only like/repost other’s content. I used to have a facebook page, but then got rid of it. Didn’t see any use of it. Twitter is so much better as a promotional tool as well as for chatting. Aside from Twitter, the only social network I actually use is Goodreads. I love Twitter, but am addicted Goodreads. Can’t live without GR πŸ™‚
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  8. There are so many social media outlets that it does get to be too much. If you’re on tumblr already, it doesn’t take more than a second to reblog or post an image that is original there versus having to make the effort and go. Like I stated in my post, it’s an extension to the blog with links to the content, but I don’t want to overwhelm my subscribers with images, etc. It’s the same with Facebook-I use it to auto-post a blog entry, but I announce winners there to auto-post to Twitter. I do share author news that they’ve posted on FB that auto-tweets it. The reason I do this is because with Twitter, it can get lost in the sea of constant feeds coming in. Versus FB, they can check the page and there’s content there that they might have missed on Twitter. Now, I do have a pinterest account for the blog (separate from my personal) and again, I view it as an extension. I have a board for bookish recipes where I’ll add recipes that I come across from blogs and book covers I salivate over. I do post reviews there along with cover reveals, etc.

    I believe the problem lies with not knowing what to do with these outlets. There’s tribber now, booklikes, etc. It’s important for a blogger to pick and chose what works for them. At the same time, you have to be present in those outlets for it work for you. Just auto-updating your posts to tumblr isn’t going to get you noticed. You need to find creative ways to reach out to people who aren’t on Twitter or FB, etc and there are ways of doing it without overextending yourself. Once a month, I carve out an hour to focus on pinterest. I’m on tumblr every 3 or days or so, so I take care of that aspect. No blogger can be everywhere and that’s where the misunderstandings occur.

    I don’t do a weekly round-up of what I received in the mail or for review, etc. I do a monthly wrap up, but I do post images of books received in the post on twitter and tumblr. Tumblr does have a growing book community and the best thing about it, is you aren’t overwhelmed with responding to comments, etc. I’ve toyed with the idea of instagram, but then again I’m not on there. I know there’s a big book community on instagram and I know a few bloggers who post images of their blog posts on there and it seems like too much work for me.

    I’m a believer in that, if someone wants to find you, they will. If someone wants to follow you, they will no matter what. The first thing all bloggers need to do is stop thinking you’ll gain followers if you join x, y, z. You’re not. I use Networked Blogs because wordpress stopped auto-posting on FB for me. I like that feature. So, basically you find what works for you. Don’t like FB, etc? Don’t use it. People who want to follow you for your blog posts will do so and subscribe. Twitter, FB, Networked Blogs, Bloglovin, Booklikes, Tumblr, Tribber, etc are just extensions to your blog. I like to think of a blog as a tree and the rest of the social media outlets as branches. Some will have more branches than others, but the trunk of the tree will be the strongest.
    Jess @ Literary, etc recently posted…Blog Tour: Review-Katharine Ashe’s How to Marry a HighlanderMy Profile

  9. If you want to get super popular you probably need to use them all, or at least pick a few and become very active. I don’t have the time or energy for that so for blogging I only use Twitter (occasionally), Bloglovin’ and Goodreads. I use BL and GR mainly for organization for myself. Any blog promotion/interaction is secondary. People only come to my blog through memes and blog hops and I’m okay with that. If no one came ever, I would probably decide get more involved. I am thinking of starting a Tumblr for it but I haven’t decided yet.

    The Tumblr and Pinterest I do have are are rarely-used personal sites completely separate from blogging. I also have a separate Twitter where I’m more active than I am on my blogging one. My Facebook is for games only.
    Jenna recently posted…Read-a-thon: Bout of BooksMy Profile

  10. I tend to go with the platforms that fit my needs rather than what I think everyone else is doing. Twitter is great because it’s short and sweet and I can quickly promote my blog posts there. I only use Goodreads for keeping track of my TBR list, and Pinterest is used for archiving visual images that inspire/motivate my writing. I think you’d drive yourself crazy trying to do everything.
    Adrianne recently posted…ARC August is HereMy Profile

    • Ohhh don’t give up! If nothing else, make use of twitter and goodreads! Those two are such amazing ways to not only promote yourself but to meet some amazing people! I may have gone a bit overboard with Pinterest,Facebook and Tumblr but I firmly believe that everyone in the book loving community needs a goodreads and a twitter. πŸ™‚
      Octavia recently posted…ARC August Update #1!My Profile

  11. Great, thoughtful post about the prevalence of social media in our lives! As bloggers, especially, I think it’s easy to succumb to the pressure to be on top of the next best thing in social media and market your blog that way. I took a hiatus from all social media (except my blog b/c I like reading and writing about what I read too much) almost two years ago. I was going through some personal stuff that I really didn’t want broadcast all over the internet, and you know what? I didn’t miss it at all. I was happier and more productive without having to check Facebook every ten minutes. I spent more quality time with friends and family in person and got to experience big life changes and announcements face to face instead of finding out on Facebook. My blog was, and still is, mostly a personal space. I blog for me and very few if any of my friends and family know about it and read it, which is freeing in a way. I moved to WordPress at the beginning of this summer and with that move I created a Twitter account. I had tried Twitter before and didn’t love it, but now, I think it’s the simplest way to promote my blog and interact with authors and book-bloggers across the country – which is all I use it for. That’s it! I say pick the few sites that work for you and drop the rest. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with the social media rat race!
    Kristin recently posted…Book TimeoutsMy Profile

  12. Topic=totally true. Twitter alone takes me hours to read through, not to mention Pinterest who sucks me in, holding me captive for four hours. And then I finally get to writing my post…and the day is over! I’ve had to pick and choose my media platforms. I don’t have a Facebook page for my blogs, because that is not a platform I personally use for blogging and promoting other blogs. I might now have some readers follow me because I don’t have a Facebook page, but I’m already losing 6 hours to other media sites..adding more is just not worth my time!
    alyssaz recently posted…Summer Roadtrip Giveaway HopMy Profile

  13. *hangs head in shame* I’m going to admit that my social media presence is craptastic. Can I say that in the comments? I hope so πŸ˜›

    But still. I am baaaad at being active on either of my blog-related pages. Except Twitter and Goodreads. Though I have to say, I fully respect those bloggers that manage to be really active on Goodreads. You know, the ones doing more than just updating their book shelves. I would really love it to be one of those people. Sadly, I’m not. I know using all the social media options possible make your blog easier to be noticed and it attracts visitors and possible fans (?) but I feel like I’m actually pimping my blog. I know, it sounds bad. But I have fun blogging. Advertising not so much. It takes the fun out of it, so to speak. Maybe that’s why I’m bad at it.

    Now Twitter lets me ramble, but not too much. Which I think is cool. I love to ramble (in case this was still a mystery to you and anyone πŸ˜› )
    Ruby recently posted…Wednesday Chatter #2: Characters Not Showing Their AgeMy Profile

    • What sane person doesn’t love a good ramble?! πŸ˜‰

      And I know what you mean. Sometimes all this “marketing and advertising” is just a lot of work that out weights the fun!

      *And my blog is censor free! Express yourself! :P)

  14. Love this post!! I totally agree. I think there are so many social media sites out there that are pointless (to me). Why do I need to have an Instagram account if I can post my pictures on Twitter and/or Facebook where they go into an album? And same with Pinterest? I don’t want to post my pictures in like 4 different places just so I can be active on all these sites…

    And Tumblr.. what the hell is that? I mean, I know what it is, but I can’t imagine why I would EVER use it. If I want to blog, I’d do it on my WordPress blog. If I just wanted to share random pictures/quotes, then I’d still do it on a WordPress blog (but maybe a separate one) just because WP has so much more freedom and control.

    The world is kind of drowning in social media sites O_O
    Ashley recently posted…Tips for Creating Book Blogger Business CardsMy Profile

    • YES!! And the world doesn’t even know how badly it’s drowning. It’s such a headache working through all these platforms, but other media outlets are trying to keep up to! I remember a time before there was a hastag on the bottom of my TV when I watched The Simpsons! And why in the world would I follow a news paper’s twitter account? If I read your paper I read your paper! Stop it!
      Octavia recently posted…Torn by K.A. RobinsonMy Profile

  15. I love this post!

    Really I only have four main forms of social media: My blog,Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook. I do have an Instagram that seems to be filled with pictures of my cats and pictures of books. That’s pretty much it. I do have a Pinterest but I haven’t been on there in MONTHS. I couldn’t even tell you what a Tumblr is.

    Marketing the blog is hard work. Sometimes I spend all day just doing marketing and nothing else. It’s exhausting. However, I don’t regret it. Not one little bit.
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