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I know it’s late, but HAPPY SATURDAY peeps! Today has been a complete mess but I”m here now and I really want to talk to you about something that’s been driving me nuts!

Common sense. Let me tell you a super quick story.

There once was a girl who knew that if a tv show was inappropriate she should change the channel, if the stove was hot not to touch it, and if there was a person she didn’t like or get along with to forget about them and move on. The end.

You see, I’ve been increasingly agitated by how quickly the rules of common sense are disappearing within our lovely society lately. I’m constantly being shocked and amazed by the size of the balls on some people and I think it’s time some people got fixed. Only nowhere near as humanely as Fido would be.

Think about it! Pan Am. A show that I never watched but liked the idea of was pretty much ripped off the air after a petition was signed, by an organization” that believed it objectified women. Which I find hilarious, since the Bachelorette is still on (so you’ll find all the happiness in the world between some man’s legs you’ve known for a month? Yeah ok.). Then there’s The Playboy Club. A show I’ve seen once (and actually was more “meh” towards”) that was ripped off the air because it was “inappropriate for children”. Forget the fact that the show came on at like 10pm (way past my kid’s bedtime.). How many times have people attempted to tackle The Simpson’s or Family Guy off the air? Forgetting the fact that you could CHANGE THE FLIPPING CHANNEL! But it’s not just in tv, that I’m seeing this lack of common sense, I’m now starting to see it within the blogging world, and that’s something that I won’t take.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to read a post containing a petition to get Goodreads, to band early reviews. Now lady’s and gent’s I’m sure Goodreads isn’t blinking twice at this obvious case of stupidity. But it really got my blood boiling! Who are you to take away my right as a goodreads user?! When I get an ARC I read it and immediately fill in the star rating of said book, no matter how close or far away it is to being published. And that’s my damn right! I may not post a full review but I do want people to start hearing the buzz about said book because that’s why I got the ARC! To generate buzz! Regardless of if it’s good OR bad, that publisher spent money on making that ARC and trusting me with it to generate BUZZ!

I know that not everyone is honest about the books they read (remember Cuddlebuggery’s latest run in?) but how dare you take it upon yourself to damn those of us doing the right thing? And you know what? If it would have been a fake 5 stars review, there would be no petition! There would be no indie authors up in arms (whom I shall NEVER support) about it! An eye wouldn’t even have blinked! But since your poor baby got a 1 star review a month before publication the whole world must bow down to you?

Hell to the nizzo



I don’t care how “noble” you think your intentions are it is not your place, to tell me what I can or can not watch, read, review, or flipping do. My brain works just fine thank you very much, and it’s been making decisions for me a lot longer than you think. But’s it’s not just this goodreads petition that pisses me off! Oh no, that would be too easy! After some digging I found that there is another goodreads petition to make it so gif’s are banned because “they serve no point in a review”!

Excuse Me


See what I did right there? I took the facial expression I can’t show you and put it into my post. Sort of like what I do with my reviews, you judgmental dumbass! I don’t use gif’s because I want to take your attention away from the review. No. I use gifs to share my personality, to help show you the words I can’t find, to make you laugh after I’ve said a book you’ve been anticipating is super shitty and should not be picked up with a 10ft poll! But that’s besides the point! If you don’t like reviews with gifs in them KEEP SCROLLING! We all have the ability to scroll past those “tasteless and meaningless” gifs on goodreads. But, common sense ain’t so common right?

I’m seeing too many people on goodreads, blogs, and even twitter spewing hate and judgment. “You read my book wrong!” or “Why would you review this if you knew you would hate it?!” and “You review horribly, please disappear”. While personally I’d just pull out the “go fuck yourself” gifs, I understand that a lot of my fellow bloggers are a bit too shocked to do the same. And I get that! What do you say when a person approaches your personal opinion as if you have actually cut out their tongue and served it to their dog?

And this is what really bothers me. When did we become a society that is above tolerance? When did your opinion become more important than mine? And when did freedom of speech and the ability to make your own decisions become a right to only a few? I don’t usually get involved with stuff like this because to me it’s all very simple. If I don’t like a review I keep it moving, if I think an author is wrong I make a PERSONAL note to avoid their “work”, if a blogger pisses me off I cut them off. It’s not my place now and it never will be my place to say “let’s ban x-y-z!” or “this offends me, so it should go away!”. I find it amazingly ironic that the same people who will band together in the event of a book burning or book banning can look someone else in the face and say “you’re offending me, you must go away  forever now”.  And with that thought planted into you’re brains I say:

Peace out bitches

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    I find it absolutely ludicrous that authors want to ban early reviews and control the whole situation just because people aren’t liking their books. One early review isn’t going to affect their entire career if they don’t let it affect them. Goodreads is a place for everyone to review however they want with whatever opinion they have. You can’t take that away from us, you don’t have any control over reviewers. Stop trying to. Everyone is free to make decision for themselves but no one has the right to make decisions for everyone like that. The most ridiculous thing I’ve read all week.
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  2. YES! My thoughts exactly! You can’t control us! We are not wind-up dolls meant to do your biding! We are people with opinions and the ability to CHOOSE what we do! It actually aggravates and scares me that “authors” believe they have the right to control us since we are reading their work. If that’s how they fell they’ll never survive in this industry.

  3. I completely agree with this!! All of it. People these days are way too overly sensitive about every stinkin thing! And yes a lot believe their opinions are just so much better than others. It is beyond the point of ridiculous!! I saw things about the GR petition this week, while the whole time reading thinking, well that’s ludicrous. I think anyone should be able to post a review at anytime that they like. Most people that use GR for that purpose won’t let one early review or any review for that matter effect whether they read a book or not. Kudos to you for bringing the subject to light!
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  4. YES! What happened to the time when people knew how to simply walk away? People are so quick to burn things it’s pathetic. I get that opinions will vary and I accept and promote that but don’t try and shove your opinions down my throat. That will get you you cut down to size quickly.

    Thanks for supporting me and expressing your opinions!

  5. THIS.

    Oh, Octy. I admire your bluntness and balls. Like really. This is a highly controversial post, and trolls will flock to it like it’s crack.

    That specific petition also left me boiling as well – especially when my respectful opposition was censored. I mean, who would not want an end to fake reviews/ratings, whether early or not? However, I don’t agree with that specific indie author incident being a justifiable basis for Goodreads to do anything. I also know that stopping them is virtually impossible, unless Goodreads opens a school where we are tested on books? What about post-publication reviews that are seemingly fake? Should there be a petition to end post-publication reviews too?

    I find it so unfair how the early review was beaten to the ground. There are more pros to them, which I will not explain since they should be obvious, but I won’t get into any more detail about those restrictive, holier-than-thou petitions. The bottom-line is that Goodreads embraces both ARCs (and their reviews) and GIFs. They actually like the two! 

    (PS. I am being specific above since I know you won’t delete or ignore my opinion’)

    Sigh. It all boils down to everyone having the right to an opinion. It can be illogical, invalid, or whatever to others. Just as we see in these specific petitions. But we also have a right to express ourselves, a right to decide what the fuck we want to do (ie. using GIFs in reviews). I don’t blog to satisfy the preferences of other bloggers. What kind of stupid shit is that? How dare people think that they can impose (or rather force) their own rules on me!
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  6. You know I’d never delete your comment! Regardless of you agree or not. And I think that says a lot about a blog that would rather a post look like EVERYONE is agreeing with her than to see that they have a audience of varying opinions.But we’ve already discussed her utter stupidity so I shall not dwell on that any longer. And you’re right, everyone has their own opinions of X-Y-Z, and for anyone to try and force their opinions on someone else is ridiculous! What’s worse is that when, she starts loosing followers and people begin to discredit her, it’ll be “bullying”. And to that I say, “you’re offending me! go away!”.

  7. I know there’s a petition for authors to have the ability to control their reviews on Goodreads. I read the post you link and honestly, have to question it. If it had been a fake 5 star review would they be making a big deal about it? How about the fake 5 star ratings that are out there?

    I understand the frustration with early reviews. I’ve seen books rated with a 5 and a “squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! best book ever!” despite it not being released yet. The thing is, if they want to question early reviews, how about post publication reviews? I’ve seen some people leave 1’s because the book ended on a cliffhanger, despite “really liking it” and “looking forward to reading the next in the series.” Those leave me scratching my head. How about the people that leave a 1 because suddenly the series is extended beyond the initial trilogy planned and people get upset ONLY because of that? What’s the difference between an early review getting a low rating and a post pub one? Again, why can critics give early reviews low ratings, but WE can’t?

    You know, no one tells authors and people to use Goodreads. They CHOSE to do so. There’s LibraryThing, Shelfari, Booklikes, Bookish, Anobii, BookGlutton, and the Reading Room. If you hate the way Goodreads handles ratings, etc go somewhere else.

    In the end, who the fuck cares how someone reads a book or writes a review? What’s next? Focus on your own stuff and if I decide to read that book upside down while ironing and eating cake, that’s my choice.
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  8. EXACTLY! There are plenty of fake 5 stars and fake 1-5star review post publication out there! What will they do with those?! And better yet, what happens when they see a one start that they don’t like? Will they erase them so only 5 stars are left? I don’t think these “authors” understand that when they put that work out there they are giving up a lot of rights. People will love it and people will hate it, but as a author you’re reason for existing should not be those reviews that ruin your day but the fact that you wrote a piece that is pleasing to you and appealed to some.

  9. A round of applause for you, Octavia.

    It’s quite stupid to ban reviews entirely from a book that’s yet to be published. There are those who abuse the system, but the system is there, and many people use it. Publishers and authors send out ARCs to bloggers who would rate it, and if they write a review or not, that’s their choice. They have a right to choose not to.

    And they’re complaining about the use of GIFs? Seriously? It’s a person’s right to use them. If you don’t like them, no one’s forcing you to keep reading.

    What I really agree with is how people are so eager to start petitions for stuff instead of actually just trying to avoid them. It’s like, “Hey, I don’t like this. THE ONE IN CHRAGE, CHANGE THIS BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE IT!” Not everyone’s going to like the same thing, so please, stop wasting trying to change something people might enjoy.
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  10. That’s how I feel! I get it that people aren’t going to agree with me about everything but who am I to try and ban it for their sake?! And that’s exactly what they are doing, and it’s so narrow-minded and hypocritical! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and supporting this post! 🙂

  11. HOT DAMN. This post = WIN.

    The banning thing is definitely one of the most stupid things I’ve heard in a while. Why the hell would publishers give out ARCs if they didn’t want the hype and publicity?! It’s stupid to ban something just because it’s abused by a very very small minority of Goodreads users. And, yeah, I don’t want to generalise, but it’s mostly indie authors/titles…

    And banning gifs?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That’s ridiculous…
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  12. You’re not generalizing you’re pointing out a truth! Every single person “supporting” that non-sense is either a indie author or author in the making. It just goes to show you how they truly aren’t ready for the real world of publishing. People will rate your book one star! Sometimes less! The point is to see the people who enjoyed it and say “yeah that’s why I write”. But you know, not everyone has the sense of a 4 year old so what can you do?

    Thanks for enjoying the post, and sharing your thoughts. This post means a lot to me and I seriously appreciate it. 🙂

  13. YES.

    Octavia you really nailed it with this post. The anticipation waiting to read it was justified. 😀

    I mean there really aren’t that many ways to say that you can’t put a ban on something just because you and a small handful of other loud people don’t like it. They’re being so close-minded, only seeing the negatives, rather than enforcing their rights as grownups and free human beings to just MOVE ON. Some people are incapable of moving on and forgetting about something they wrongly perceive as an injustice to the entire human race. Clearly, if they ignore an “inappropriate” TV show or the fact that a few people in BILLIONS are going to abuse a feature on a public website, THE WORLD IS GOING TO FLIPPING END. They are only trying to prevent the Apocalypse coming about by being so stuffy, demanding, critical, and narrow-minded. Clearly we are incapable of making our own decisions in regards to how we live our lives or accept media into them, so they’re only trying to help us poor morons. Maybe next they can teach us how to read picture books. Right?!
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  14. Ha! I’m happy I all that build up paid off!I shall be at the front of the line on the day they start offering lessons on reading picture books!

    (as always your sarcasm and rants are loved)

  15. Why would people want to ban early reviews??? What they should be banning are the people who write a review without even reading a book — or rating a book before it’s released, before they’ve read it, based on their ASSUMPTIONS of how the book will be. That drives me nuts!

    Common sense has gone out the window, it seems. We can only teach our children how to use it again!!! Then they won’t become one of those silly people.
    Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) recently posted…Sunday Reads (45)My Profile

  16. I wholeheartedly agree with the full post.

    Unless someone is attacking you, anything you can find offensive in the telly, internet or a book, you can just switch it off one way or another.

    Just because something is not up to your personal taste, it should not be banned! And the whole Goodreads thing is just simply “what?” for me… no one gets to tell me what I can or can’t do with my opinions. You know what I do when I find a review that I don’t agree with or think it’s stupid? I stop reading it and read something else!

    Perspective, people, perspective! That and a bit more of the not-so-common-anymore common sense!
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  17. Okay, this is just the highest form of ridiculousness that I’ve heard since I started blogging! Authors want to control reviews? Seriously?! Then what exactly is the point of ARCs then? If people don’t think they can handle bad review, they shouldn’t write books. Not everyone is going to like them and be nice, so they should get themselves prepared. Wanting control over early reviews/ratings is just silly.

    And banning gifs?! That’s even more ridiculous!! So many people use gifs to properly show what they’re feeling and how excited they are over a book. And, obviously, they’re used for negative reviews, too, because how else are we supposed to show properly how much we hated said book?! Again, authors who demand things like this are just… I don’t know, delusional? I’m so glad Goodreads is ignoring them.

    Anyway… I think this came on a little harsher than I intended. Great post! And I love how you used the “excuse me” gif! Kind of like rubbing it in their faces in a “bloggers will never stop doing this” way. ;D
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  18. What happens though if the book hasn’t even been finished and people are leaving reviews for it? Surely that’s unfair? I’ve seen examples of where the author hasn’t even finished proofing and reviewers haven’t been sent out ARC’s and yet there are still negative reviews for it?
    I’m all for free speech and people having their own opinion. But think how you’d feel if you’d spent ages working solidly on a book to have someone knock it and criticise it before anyone had had the chance to read it.
    I think it’s important that people have the chance to share their opinions on blogs and if people want to run a petition then that should be allowed. Just as you are allowed to disagree. I don’t like how in the book community people are starting to gang up on groups of each other. We are supposed to work together and in harmony and for some reason people keep picking at others which is far from fair. Please consider fellow reviewers opinions in future.

  19. I never said the petition should be banned and I agree that a wrong is being done when a person submits a false review. But I don’t think the masses who use the system correctly should have to suffer because of a few bad eggs. Authors should know going in that every day won’t be sunshine and rainbows. Some people will lie, some people will rant, but the point is to look at your work and the people who love it and say, I did this for you!

    And how exactly are we “working together” when the blogger in question openly and publicly attacked the person who posted the false review? A private message could have easily done the job. So before you judge me for throwing my thoughts out there remember that all parties can be guilty.
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  20. I’m not judging you, I am merely giving my opinion.
    And if you had read it correctly, the petition is not to shut down goodreads or to dramatically change their policies. It is to stop fake reviews being posted.
    Also, after reading your reply to the person below, I don’t see how you can have an ARC 6 months in advance. The majority of popular authors have contracts which require them to write one book a year so the turnaround if often quite tight and the ARC’s may not be sent out until a month before the release date. Never in my time as a reviewer have I received a book 6 months in advance.
    Plus, if you had common sense you would wait until closer to the release date to blog about it and review it. What’s the point in reviewing it six months in advance? People will have forgotten about it by the release date. That’s why the majority of bloggers only publish reviews a week or so in advance. Anyone who doesn’t do this is not really thinking logically about what they are doing.
    By all means, people can hate books and want to write a bad review but you shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion and write a review until you’ve read the book. Simple.

  21. These Broken Stars…a book releasing in December that I received at the end of June… Dear Killer, a book releasing in April 2014 but has ARCs circulating already. The ginormous pile of BEA ARCs that people received in May but aren’t releasing until the end if this year or spring if next year. It is not impossible to receive a ARC many months in advance nor is it hard when your blog shows it can be useful for promotional purposes.

    Personally I put my ARC reviews up 1 week in advance of the book. BUT I fill in the goodreads star rating as soon as I have finished it and then type “full review to come closer to release”. I agree that a review should not be written until the book is read though so point to you there. But how exactly do you propose Goodreads stop false reviews? If YOU read the post correctly you would see that the suggested route would be to give authors the ability to control when a review goes live on their book. Which defeats the purpose of giving out ARC’s. And presents the question of where that powers ends. Will they have the power to delete ALL negative reviews? Once that door of power is opened when will it shut?

  22. I’m not responding to the rest of your comment only the part of ARCs not being given 6 months before publication. Which is not true! I have an ARC of Ariel Lawhon’s The Wife, The Maid, and the Mistress that doesn’t come out until January 2014 and I received it June 4th. Yes, they are typically available 6 months before publication because they do go out to authors, celebs, critics, etc for a quote that might appear on the cover or to generate more buzz. Take a look at BEA or ALA where a lot of books are given up to a year to generate buzz among those in the industry. Sherry Thomas’s The Burning Sky was available as an ARC as of March and the book will be released in September so that’s 6 months early there.

    And as for the turnaround being a year for an author to write a book and for its release? Not true! Darynda Jones writes all her books within a 2-4 week time frame then it’s off to the publisher where then she’ll work on copy edits, etc. So typically a book is finished within one to three months (this is AFTER the author has submitted the manuscript which can vary by author. Look at GRR Martin who takes years to write) and then it’s off to get formatted, etc and the publisher then looks to see when a book can be released. Deborah Harkness finished Shadow of Night in early January 2012 and it was published 6 months later, ARCs were ready as of March 2012. So yes, it is very possible to get a book published under 6 months (her publisher pushed aside other projects to get this published ASAP). It’s all up to the publisher and what their release calendar looks like as well as what the marketing plan will be (and sometimes what jobs the printer has). Authors under contract for a series typically publish one a year in that series because not only do they have proofs to work on, but because they have book tours to do and those cut into writing time. The holdup really is in marketing and scheduling a book for a release date (which they use booksellers and other accounts to see when they would buy the book, etc). Haven’t you ever anticipated a book’s release date only for it be pushed up to year? It’s not because the author is working on copy edits, etc it’s because the publisher decided to push back. Keep in mind, a book scheduled for a November/December release date was already set in stone probably in March/April of the year it’s being released because most stores and libraries already made their buying choices for the holiday season and part of their budget is allocated for that. It has nothing to do with an author taking 6 months to write, etc.

    While an author in a series may publish once a year, know that they don’t stop writing that series once the book has been submitted. If it’s a historical fiction, authors are busy researching or writing their outline while the book they just submitted is going through edits, etc. Or they are working on other books. One author I know who writes mysteries had their book published in February and quickly got to work on the second which was submitted to the publisher in May and it’s scheduled for an October release date (I got the ARC in July). She’s writing the third as we speak with a January 2014 release date.

    And as for waiting to write a book review of that ARC? I try to wait a month before its release to even posting it on release date. In some cases though, you have to write and publish a review a few months before publication. When I got Night Film in May, I was under contract to get a review published as soon as possible. My review went up in June and that’s the closest I could get it the August 20th release date. So in some cases, a publisher wants reviews published months in advance before publication to generate buzz and to see what part of their marketing plan needs to be tweaked.
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  23. Sorry, but I’ve never seen that before. Do you have proof? Anyway, I once DNF’d and reviewed an ARC (which is kinda the same as reviewing an ARC of a book that isn’t finished) and gave it 0.5 stars. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong wth that. Fake reviews and ratings on Goodreads is obviously wrong, but when it’s a genuine rating of any part of the book, even if you haven’t finished it, then I think there’s nothing wrong at all.

    Yes, authors do spend ages working on a book, but what if it’s crap? Crap in certain people’s opinions of course, but they should be allowed to share their opinion about that book.

    Octavia never said that the petition shouldn’t be allowed. No one is ganging up on anyone. People just agree with Octavia’s opinion, me being one of them. Yes, we are supposed to be working together in harmony, and I don’t see how we aren’t right now.

    Please consider other people’s opinions before commenting on a post. 🙂
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  24. YES! The proof was the one used in the petition. Miranda Dickinson’s book hadn’t been sent out to anyone and was given a one star review.
    Also, I think that’s harsh. If a book is ‘crap’ then you don’t call it ‘crap’. You give the author constructive criticism and explain why you don’t like the book. If you are calling books crap then I am quite appalled. The magical thing about books is that they mean different things to different people and for sure, you aren’t going to love every book you read, but there is a way of showing your dislike for a book instead of being rude and disrespectful to the author.
    It would be like me saying to you…
    Your blog is crap, no one should read it. Waste of time.
    And you wouldn’t be happy about that would you?
    Instead, if I did actually dislike your blog, I would write…
    I find your blog a little different to my tastes. I like the kind of books you review but sometimes feel you need to go into a little more detail etc etc.
    See? There is a big difference between being truthful and being nasty.
    I don’t want to continue this conversation because people are becoming upset and I am becoming frustrated. I respect both of your opinions and happy reading.

  25. Haha, oh my! Well of course I don’t call teh books I disliked ‘crap’ in my reviews. I just used it there because honestly I’m a bit annoyed that you want to dis Octavia’s opinion. I give constructive criticism and I think my reviews are mainly positive. But instead of attacking me and my blog, and changing the subject, lets get back to the main thing here. Obviously fake revies are wrong, but there always gonna be there! If we give authors the ability to control what reviews go up, or if we don’t let there be any ratings or reviews before a book is released then where is then how is someone surfing through goodreads supposed to know whether they should preorder that book or not. Just because there are fake reviews doesn’t mean real reviews should go down with them. I mean, come on. It’s pretty obvious that GR will never even consider doing this.

    I respect your opinion too, but next time please try not to steer the conversation to me personally, that has nothing to do with the post above or the subject. Please respect other people.
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  26. But if you write an opinion then surely it is there for people to disagree with? I’m not ‘dissing’ Octavia I am merely stating that I don’t agree with her. I don’t have anything against her, I just don’t agree with her opinion. And how have I attacked your blog? I just used it to illustrate a point. I love your blog so I would never say a nasty word about it and I am quite hurt that you would suggest I was attacking you.
    And I agree, any kind of review should be allowed. But goodreads should be like Amazon where you cannot post a review until the release date. It’s not about authors deleting 1 star reviews or only allowing 5 star reviews. It’s simply about preventing people from posting reviews until the book is actually published.

  27. What’s utterly moronic about this entire post is the fact the person you are referring too, DIDN’T want to stop bad reviews, everyone has the right to do that. If you are mean enough to be nasty in a review that’s your choice.
    What the person in question ACTUALLY wanted to achieve, was stopping FAKE reviews of books NOT EVEN OUT YET! Pretending to ARC’s when they haven’t even been given out!

    And then linking the said post in question allowing people to send abuse to the girl, shame on you. It show the sort of person you are.

  28. Hats off to you for noticing that I’m an honest person! I linked her post to show people both sides of the story, since I”m fair like that. But of course your quick wit and sharp mind already noticed that didn’t you?

    And it’s not about what she was TRYING to achieve it”s bout the way it’s going about. By giving anyone that kind of power within goodreads we are opening a door that can lead to some pretty nasty places. If they can control our early ratings who’s to say they can’t control all one star reviews? Make them all disappear? A false review is never ok in my book, but as a person who gets ARC’s 6 months in advance of it’s release dat, I love having the ability to generate buzz for the book. Especially since thats why I received the ARC.

    *p.s that poor “girl” of which you speak was getting backlash way before this post, she just won’t let you see the opposing comments left. So before you judge me, know the person your protecting better. 😉
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  29. Wow, how hypocritical of you.
    Jack recently posted…#MurderOnTheBeach Blog Tour: Watching The Detectives with James DawsonMy Profile

  30. There is a very fine line between being “honest” and being mean! It’s clearly blurred for you. Such a shame.

  31. Are we in grade school? Mean? Victoria if you can’t handle my healthy dose of honesty may I suggest clicking that bright red “X” at the top of your screen? Not once have I attacked anyone in this post nor will I. I’ve simply stated MY opinion on MY blog. The funny thing about the Internet is that everyone can see it and with that people are bound to get offended and upset. When her post went live it became fair game for anyone with a Internet connection to pick at, rant/gush about it and even praise it to high heaven. I stand behind every single word I typed here and as long as I have people who will listen I’m going to promote the hell out of it. Thank you for sharing your opinion and please enjoy the rest of your Sunday. 🙂
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  32. Talking about lines being blurred and people being mean is a bit hypocritical of you, wouldn’t you say? Especially when you’re coming into a blog post calling the author a moron for having a differing opinion from yours when the author stated her opinion in a tactful and classy manner without resorting to name calling. Pot meet kettle.

  33. Obviously some people here are not well-acquainted with the pre-publication process. Funny that the biggest publishers embrace early reviews, while a few butthurt indie authors do not.

    The petition is asking for Goodreads to disable early reviews based on an incident of an allegedly fake rating. No one wants fake reviews, but they are inevitable. Taking away early reviews on Goodreads because of that is pretty silly, especially since Goodreads encourages it! Take a look at their review policy and First Reads program for instance.

    Just as the petitioner had a right to share her plea, so does Octavia have a right to share her civilized opposition. The petitioner refused to publish opposition, so I am glad Octavia linked to her post so that both sides can be seen. This is the Internet. Not everyone agrees.

    So go ahead and call Octavia mean. It does not mean shit to her.
    Christine recently posted…Let’s Discuss, #12My Profile

  34. I understand that writing a book is tough, but I feel like a lot of authors just complain about whatever is said that doesn’t 100% support their baby. One 1 star early review won’t end up meaning anything in the end if the book is actually good. So people need to stop complaining about early reviews and spend their energy on more worthwhile endeavors (like writing good books).

    And don’t stop with the gifs, I love them!
    Megan recently posted…Review: Truth or DareMy Profile

  35. Exactly! If your book is good a single one star won’t be enough to stop is from being successful and I don’t think a lot of people understand that!

    I am the Queen of gifs! They shall never die!!! *puts on crown*

  36. Well said. Well said. Some people are just way over the top and judgmental. We all have our own opinions and ways of doing things, and just because it’s not what one person “likes”, doesn’t make it “wrong”. I post my reviews for ARCs when I read them, and sometimes that is before the release date. I don’t see what the issue is. As long as you’ve read the book, it is what it is. (I would insert a gif here if I could) lol 😉

    On a side note, I hate when blog tour companies tell you not to rate lower than 3 stars….if it’s bad, it’s bad. That’s the risk they take asking for someones opinion. It makes me not want to trust reviews on a blog tour.
    Tamara @ Shelf Addiction recently posted…Summer of Indie Author Features | Author Q&A with Roxanne BlandMy Profile

  37. I totally agree with Octavia’s post, and everything I wanted to say was already said, but you brought up a great topic! I also do not like it when blog tour companies tells us to not post our review if it’s below 3 stars. Even though I don’t like it, I kind of understand because we’re promoting the book and we can post the review later on. Idk, I have mixed feelings about that but that’s a really good topic and point to bring in, Tamara. 🙂
    Leigh @ Little Book Star recently posted…Review: Dare You To (Pushing the Limits #2) by Katie McGarryMy Profile

  38. Good point and thanks Tamara! I’ve been on a few blog tours and if I don’t like the book I pull out! I post the review after the tour out of respect but I’m not going to hold my tongue and play nice when I don’t want to.

  39. I want to like this post so much that it would be considered inappropriate and they’d probably start a petition about it!

    I just don’t understand people. Banning ARC reviews? Seriously? Wouldn’t it just be easier to, oh IDK, not read them? If I want to read a book, really want to, I don’t read the reviews, and even if I do, I still read the book for myself. If someone else doesn’t like the book and I do, no big deal. That whole being different thing and all that.

    Also, gifs? So important. How can anyone want them gone? Maybe they could have an option to turn off images in reviews or something? But banning them?

    Why do people feel like they should be entitled to control things they don’t like?

    Ugh. So annoying.
    Vanessa recently posted…BzzAgent Review: Crest Pro-Health CampaignMy Profile

  40. I consider myself well-mannered for a girl of 14. I don’t like to swear in front of adults and lose my cool; it’s undignified. But when I see fucktards commenting their IRRELEVANT opinions on this post, it just makes me so angry.

    Fine you have a mother-effing opinion. So does Octavia. Remember that it’s opinions and not fact so you can take your assholishness and just eat it.

    I’ve read the original post and some of the comments are SO retarded. “Control what reviews are being posted”, “ARC reviews the day of sales”? That is probably the most full-of-shit idea ever. The point of an ARC is promotion and a “first reader/opinion” kind of thing. It also gives early opinions on a book and will help publishers guesstimate how much/what kind (of) response said book will get. I love my ARCs and I love giving an opinion.

    Fine, the idea of “fake reviews” is the dumbest things ever. If you have such a problem, take it up with Goodreads. There’s such thing as a librarian for a reason. Whatever. But at the same time, it’s just a review. The reviewer was like “so and so sent me a text file to read” and although it may be a lie, it could also be true. It’s gone to that point where you kind of have to let things go.

    I’m not an author, fine, but I know enough of them to understand their POV. The authors that are oh-so wrapped up in their reviews need to chill. I may sound like a bitch, whatever, but if you’ve got one person who gives you a 1* review, take it up with goodreads. Don’t try to ban ARC reviews.

    And then there’s the fuckers who’s giving shit to Octavia. People like you need to cool it. I don’t really care if you disagree with her. There’s no need to be so rude and if you give her backlash, you’re going to GET backlash.

    Maybe you should be careful about what you say in the future!

  41. I <3 you. And I could not read that post at cuddlebuggery, it made me crossed eyed. Maybe too much sarcasm or the fact that it is the longest post ever created. I'm not into the blogging drama, although it can be interesting to keep tabs on it.

    Btw, love the last gif. 🙂
    Kristen recently posted…Bout of Books ReadathonMy Profile

  42. Thank you! I don’t even know how the drama came about especially since the point of the post was to point out how common sense is fading away but whatevs. 🙂

  43. I am slow clapping for this entire post. While negative reviews for books that the reviewer couldn’t possibly have read yet are an unfortunate problem, taking away the ability of every Goodreads user to post early reviews is silly and illogical.
    Angie recently posted…Review: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve TucholkeMy Profile

  44. Whew girl. You really let it out huh?

    Wait. You don’t support INDIE authors? Or just THOSE?

    OK. I will be honest up front. I honestly think the intention of this petition was harmless. I think it is coming across wrong and their intention wasn’t to ban early reviews altogether. That’s what I walked away with after reading their post. Where does/did it say anything about authors controlling reviews? AM I MISSING SOMETHIN?

    About your comments about everyone being judgmental; I don’t think there is anything to be done about that. We are all passionate, opinionated people. I don’t think that is this is the issue. I think the issue is WHEN TO WALK AWAY. C’mon, someone is always going to have something to say, ya know? There is no right or wrong way to “read” a book, review a book OR blog. That is MY opinion. BUT. If someone thinks otherwise THAT is their opinion, who are WE to shut them down? OK I’m rambling and getting off topic.

    About banning GIF’s– this is stupid. SO STUPID. That is all.

    I respect YOU and your opinion. Kudos to you for speaking your mind. *flies away in your cape*
    tonyalee recently posted…Tour Stop~ Gated by Amy Christine ParkerMy Profile

  45. My cape!!! *sobs hysterically*

    And I can’t remember if the “authors should have control over the reviews left” was in the post itself or in the comments for petition. One if those.

    And I love indie authors! I don’t support any author who feels they should have any kind if control over reviewers. And I don’t mind the varying opinions that parts always my favorite thing about Stop & Chat, so the comments aren’t effecting me. It’s more the fact that after all I’ve written people aren’t focusing on the post itself just a portion. This post is about common sense. I used her post,the gif petition, the Simpsons, Family Guy, Pan Am and The Playboy Club as examples to show how common sense truly isn’t so common.

    But thank you for respecting my thoughts and sharing yours! This is why I do Stop & Chat. 🙂

  46. I agree that writing reviews about books that you haven’t read is a problem, but there’s no real way to go about policing that. I just assume that everyone is being genuinely honest (unless proven otherwise). It might be a naive way of looking at things, but it works for me.

    ARCs are sent out before the publication date for a reason: to generate buzz about the book. Not all of the reviews will be positive, but even negative reviews are helping to put the book out there – after all, the things in a book that bothered one reader may be things that another reader loves. I generally try to post a review within a month of the publication date since most publishers are okay with that. If there was a way to schedule reviews on Goodreads, that’d be one thing… but until then, I’ll use my own discretion when posting ARC reviews because they’re my reviews so I can do what I want with them (and if I leave them until the publication date I’ll forget to post them on Goodreads, haha).

    Anyways, great post, Octavia! I love how you’re not afraid to speak your mind, and have so much respect for you and your opinions because of that. 🙂
    Erin recently posted…A To Z Bookish SurveyMy Profile

  47. Aww thank you! And you’re right! We have to assume everyone using Goodreads is being honest until their is concrete proof that they aren’t. And I didn’t see any proof in her post beside the fact that the review was pre-release. But obviously everyone is guilty until proven innocent. -_-

  48. This post. THANK YOU.
    Seriously, the world just amazes me. It’s gotten so ridiculous with the lack of common sense nowadays. And it bugs me to no end when people think banning things is the only way to go. Uhhh, no. It isn’t. Sigh. Can you just send this post to every politician in Canada and the US please?
    Lauren @ Books, Tea & Me recently posted…Week in Review (4)My Profile

  49. When I first read that post, I was SHOCKED at the amount of people in support of the petition. I felt like such a black sheep because I fiercely disagreed with it. Not only was it stupid (and would help defeat the purpose of ARCs..) but it wouldn’t even solve the problem! People can still post “fake” reviews/star ratings after a book has been published. It would only delay the inevitable a few more months…

    …and it would piss off the people who have legitimate early reviews to post. If we weren’t allowed to post early reviews on Goodreads, I would only post a tiny fraction of my reviews there. That’s what happens to me with Amazon. I write my review a month before the book’s publish date, but since i can’t post it on Amazon, I inevitably forget to post it 1 month later. I’m not going to keep a meticulous calendar reminding me to go post all my reviews on the publication date (I tried that and got lazy). So… I just post way less reviews on Amazon. That would happen to me with Goodreads if they blocked early reviews.


    But this post rocks. You totally read my mind.
    Ashley recently posted…The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly BlackMy Profile

  50. YES! Great post, Octavia — sorry it’s taken me DAYS to finally get to read it! I mean, we already discussed this on twitter so I’m not sue I have much more to add here. And since then, it appears that the blog that sparked out initial discussion has now since been taken down. Whaaaaa!? Whyyy would they do that? xD
    Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…A to Z Bookish SurveyMy Profile

  51. Oh Octavia, remember that post about holding punches? Well, I kept reminding myself of what you said and finally, I’ve written a negative review without using euphemisms. It was so fulfilling. I think the author wasn’t happy with me though. 😀

    This post is very enlightening, Octavia. I take my hat off your bravery. I just don’t know why people are so disgruntled about negative reviews. It’s not the end of the world. Every one is entitled to their own opinion as long as it’s not an attack to your person.

    Every minute of our lives is spent using products and whenever we gush about them or complain about them, we are unconsciously making an informal review for that product. How it is different with books? What I mean is that, why are authors behaving so madly about negative reviews when in our own homes, we just throw negative reviews right and left? At this moment, I am annoyed with my laptop and hoped to throw it at its manufacturer’s face and write a review on their website. Would the manufacturer’s give a damn to what I say and ban me from going to their site? No! Instead, they will either ignore it or say an apology and promise to resolve the issue ASAP.

    Instead of looking at negative reviews as negative, maybe authors should start looking at it as a way to improve their skills.
    Charlotte recently posted…Stacking the Shelves {7}My Profile

  52. Yay!! I’m happy you felt fulfilled and don’t worry about the author. They asked for your honest opinion and that’s what they got! Besides in a month a two they’ll forget, the world will keep turning and all will be ok. 😉

    Thanks for enjoying this post! I wish more people could look at negative reviews from bloggers the same way they look at them from professional critics. It’s not us being mean it’s us critiquing their work.
    Octavia recently posted…Stop & Chat ~ The Spice of Life ~My Profile

  53. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one! And that’s all they are…opinions. Not everyone is going to love the same book, and not everyone is going to hate the same book. Why oh why can’t people just accept that? If you write a ranty negative review on something you didn’t like, YOU’RE WRONG! You’re a bully!! God forbid you speak your mind and call it like you see it, no, you should be kissing everyone’s ass! That’s the politically correct thing to do! How DARE you be honest and straightforward about anything, no, that’s too abrasive!

    If people would mind their own damn business and worry about what they’re doing, instead of butting into everyone else’s lives and telling them how to think and act, the world would run SO much smoother. If only. *snorts*

    Great post, girly! <3
    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads recently posted…Review: Through the Ever Night by Veronica RossiMy Profile

  54. YES! When I was younger my granny drilled that thought process in our heads! “Take care of your house before you go rumbling through someone else’s” and it aggravates me so much that other people won’t/don’t live by this! Luckily for me, I don’t kiss ass and I say what I feel, so if that makes me a bad person to some people, well I seriously don’t give a damn what they think.

    Thanks for dropping some knowledge on this post hun!
    Octavia recently posted…Stop & Chat ~ The Spice of Life ~My Profile

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