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This week’s Stop & Chat is inspired solely on my need to know that I’m not alone. So without further ado!

Growing As A Reader!

I recently was lucky enough to receive an ARC of a sequel I was really (and I mean REALLY) anticipating. I’d read the predecessor in December 11′ and I fell head over heels in love with it! In fact I was so nuts about the book that I re-read it twice within a week of finishing. Needless to say this was before I acquired a life, a blog, or friends. But that’s neither here nor there, the important thing is that I received an ARC to the sequel of this book I loved so much and I just knew with every fiber of my being that I was destined to love the sequel too! Alas, I was totally wrong and wound up questioning myself as a reader and a blogger.

It’s expected that we all grow. Growth is a basic function that MOST people go through, be it intellectual, religious, height (yes I’m short) or something else, we are all meant to grow. So it didn’t exactly surprise me that my taste, likes, dislikes, and limitations of stupidity had changed when it came to the books I read. That’s suppose to happen. But I was a bit shocked by how much my taste have morphed. If I would have read this sequel two years ago, I would have been overcome with rainbow thoughts and giggle fits (you know I don’t giggle!). But the Octavia of today, finished the book with a feeling of “meh” and “gah you two need to get your shit together!”. And that train of thought made me think:

Knowing what I know now, and feeling how I feel now, how does that affect my previous review? Should I change it? Update it? Leave it be?

I urged people (even if no one listened to that urge) to rush out and grab a copy of said book! I told them it would make their insides melt and leave them needing a cold shower afterwards! I silently cursed at people who disliked the book! Does this make me a liar? A fraud? A hypocrite maybe? Or should I embrace that review as a reflection of the person I’m growing into?

I haven’t answered any of these questions for myself, but I’d love to know that I’m not the only person who has looked back on a review and said “what the hell was I smoking that day?!”. So link up your own Growing As A Reader post below, and share with us how you’ve grown!

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  1. I agree with this so much! Sometimes it makes me reconsider and want to change the ratings for books I rated a while back but then again, if I let myself do that, it would be a neverending cycle! I think what you can never go wrong with is how you felt immediately after finishing the book, you can never go wrong with your gut. I have definitely grown as a reader as I’m now much more critical and have a sort of criteria for each genre, less forgiving of instalove too haha. It does worry me sometimes that at some point I’m just going to be disappointed by every book because my expectations are going to be so high xP

    Great post Octavia! 😀
    Charlotte @ Gypsy Reviews recently posted…Hiatus – Be Back on 17th August!My Profile

  2. It would be a never-ending cycle! Can you imagine going back to all those reviews and books from 2-3 years ago?! I’d never move on with life lol! And I think that you have a point about going with your gut. At that time I loved the book, plain and simple. I didn’t lie, or twist anything I told the honest truth about how much I loved the book. And even though that has changed, I don’t think that review will. 🙂
    Octavia recently posted…A Treat for You ~ ARC SpreadsheetMy Profile

  3. When it comes to reading, I always take it book by book, even if it’s a sequel. I may love the first one and hate the second one, or even vice-versa. I don’t know that I ‘grow’ as a reader in the sense that I change tastes, more like I tend to go in cycles. Last year I was on a YA kick that lead into dystopian. I would get my hands on those books and devour them, then one day they weren’t doing IT for me anymore, and I turned towards more adult/fantasy genre. A couple of years ago it was all Harlequin and love stories, before that? VC Andrews. Looking back, I wouldn’t love the Harelquin as much now as I did then, because I’m not in that frame of mind to read them that I was then.
    So I just go with what catches my eye now, and don’t worry about previous reads. There may come a time I re-read, and they’d probably get a different review, I’d post/keep both of them.
    Vanessa recently posted…Royal ParentsMy Profile

  4. That’s a really good thought…I know we definitely grow as readers. I read a genre or two now that I NEVER would have touched just a few years ago. I think I would leave your old review up though. At the time you read it, you enjoyed it. I also know that sometimes sequels are just plain disappointing. 🙂 I recently read the first book of a series and LOVED it! But when I tried to start the sequel, I could see in the first couple chapters the book was taking a turn I did NOT like, and I just couldn’t make myself finish it. Maybe that makes me selfish. 🙂 But I wasn’t willing to spend the time reading something I didn’t like.
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  5. Great post Octavia! I’ve only been blogging for a couple months, so haven’t had this kind of drastic change of opinion happen yet, but I’m sure it will someday! I definitely don’t think there’s any need to change your previous review. I mean, that’s how you felt when you read it the first time. If anything I guess you could put in an edited note stating that upon further reflection you don’t think it’s such a must-have, but it is what it is! I actually like sometimes reviewing re-reads. I just make sure to state that it was a reread and my opinions may have changed since it’s no longer an original experience and I’ve grown, and it’s fun to compare!
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  6. I have grown as a reader. A lot. I dont read grocery store romances as much or at all. I love books that make me think about them even after I’m done reading. So i have grown and I love it.
    The Broken Shelf recently posted…Books That Make You #2My Profile

  7. Definitely! I look at my first reviews and I can see a total difference. I think that as you review and review, you get more confident of your judgement. For instance, I stopped being afraid that authors would email me for rating one of their books 1 star!!! Yeah….

    So being able to say what I think about a book is growing, right?
    Lectus recently posted…Would you rate a book 1 star because….My Profile

  8. Right! I remember when I wouldn’t DNF a book because I thought the world would open up and I’d fall into a hellish pit where the author would chastise me! So I totally get where you’re coming from! 😉
    Octavia recently posted…A Treat for You ~ ARC SpreadsheetMy Profile

  9. Have you ever had an author to contact you becuase of a negative review?
    Lectus recently posted…Would you rate a book 1 star because….My Profile

  10. Nope. I’m not big enough to get that kind of attention, and I’m usually really good at expressing why the book didn’t work for me so most people understand it’s not personal, it’s subjective! 🙂
    Octavia recently posted…A Treat for You ~ ARC SpreadsheetMy Profile

  11. I’ve definitely grown as a reader…and I do so constantly I think. I can think of books I actually enjoyed at first but then when I re-read or think about it I realize I really dislike them now. I’ve been tempted to change a review based on that, but ultimately decided against it because it WAS my opinion at the time and I do try to give un-bias info on the good and the bad. There are some books that I’ve read recently and love that I actually know I’m going to dislike in time. Why? Because I’m weird and that’s how my brain works, but I read them anyway. I read more YA now that I’m in my 20’s than I did when I was high school where I read mostly classic and lit fiction (by choice). I think that’s the beauty of reading though, we can grow and change our likes and dislikes but there will always be a book there to fit that need.
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  12. I know exactly what you mean! I have wondered the same thing. I feel that way about a LOT of books I read years ago. I haven’t changed any reviews to show this though. I figure that was how I felt then so it is valid. My blog grows as I do. It is so tempting in Goodreads to change those stars though! Wonderful post idea Octavia!

    My Friends Are Fiction’s SS
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  13. I love this post because I can definitely relate to what you said. I’ve found that I’ve grown as a reader, especially in comparison to last year. I think one reason I grew as a reader was because of all the history courses I took in University along with some of the Political Science ones. I’m prone to read more serious books than lighthearted ones. I’ve also gone back to some of the reviews I wrote last year and I’ve thought “Wait a minute…the writing wasn’t even that good. What was I thinking?”. I haven’t gone back to change those reviews because it’s what I thought at the time and I don’t think it makes me a liar,because I genuinely thought the books were good. I guess I’m learning to accept growing as a reader and a person because we’re forever changing with our interests and what’s important to us.

    Once again Great post :). I’m so glad someone touched on this topic!
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