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This week’s Stop & Chat was inspired by a chat I had with Shannon of Twilight Sleep!

Confession Time Book Bloggers!

ARC confessions, tips and tricks!

Alright so lately I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am drowning in ARC’s. I’m not talking about 3 or 4 ARC’s that are about to be released. To be perfectly honest I’m not even talking about 3 or 4 being overdue. When I admit that I am drowning, I mean it’s gotten to the point where I had to make an actual excel spreadsheet to organize the giant mess I’ve made.


And while the spreadsheet has allowed me to come up with a new (and hopefully effective) system, it also made me feel horrible about my book blogging skills.

Here I am going to all these amazing blogs who have a different book review up every other day. Who tweet about their latest ARC on Monday and then tweet the darn review for said ARC on Friday! Then turn around and tell me about what ARC’s came in the mail on Saturday! And I look at them in total amazement because obviously they have a mysterious magical device that prevents them from falling behind on ARC’s while simultaneously allowing them to read personal picks too.

This of course puzzled me and made me feel like a total blogging failure.

So I turned to my good friend Shannon and asked her if she was backed up in the ARC department, and if so how badly. And you know what? Her ARC pile is darn near identical to mine length wise! And some are just as overdue as mine! Now I’m not happy she’s behind, this isn’t a pity post but I am happy to know I’m not alone when it comes to my very overwhelming ARC pile. Which is why I wanted to do this post. I’ve come to <3 so many of you and I know that, occasionally, your “for review” pile can leave you down in the dumps, but you should know your not the only one! To help prove this point I’m asking my fellow book bloggers to confess that they too have fallen behind, and to share tips or tricks they’ve acquired to keep that pile under control. Link your confession post below!


If you do need to catch up on 1 ARC or 100 go sign up for ARC August! I’m also offering up a $20 gift card to one participant!

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17 thoughts on “Stop & Chat Saturday”

  1. Neverrrrr!!! Sorry, dont hate me now πŸ™‚
    I dont request more arcs than I can read. I usually request up to five books that I am totally positive I am going to like…. hmmm, maybe I should request popular books….

    I received an arc 3 days ago and I am already worrying that I haven’t started it. I think I have OCD with being arc-free, and keeping my goodreads’s to-read-list and my personal facebook page under 100 books and friends.

  2. I envy you! I see all those pretty covers with those great blurbs and I just get all grabby hands happy! I do give myself some credit by only requesting books that I genuinely want but what happens when I genuinely want 8 out of 10 on a single page?! Hmmm…guess I have some food for thought! πŸ™‚

  3. GIRL. You already know. I got so upset last night because I put myself on a request ban but then darned old Harper Teen had to go and add 50,000 titles to EW. I felt sick when I saw them all. πŸ™

    I’m with you – I try to only request ones I REALLY REALLY want, but more often than not I really want a ton of them!

    I refuse to feel bad about that part of it though because that is the true mark of a bibliophile. We never get enough of books. We can have two bookshelves of unreads and we’ll still be at the bookstore buying a few more. Maybe it’s a disorder, but I AIN’T ‘SHAMED.

    I have faith that eventually I WILL get caught up on my ARCs. I WILL!
    Shannon @ Twilight Sleep recently posted…Blog Life (you know, like Thug Life, but not): How Do You Handle Your Personal Life vs. Your Blog Life?My Profile

  4. Yes! Why is it that we often feel horrible for wanting all the books when in all honestly thats a trait of who we are?! And you know what!? I’m tired of feeling bad for requesting ARC’s! I’m sick of fighting the EW and NG pull! Yes, I know I need to buckle down and read the ARC’s I have and soon I will. But I’m going to embrace the bibliophile in me. πŸ™‚
    Octavia recently posted…Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey CatesMy Profile

  5. Me too! I have a bit of a problem with getting too many eGalleys, especially since I’m auto-approved for Harper titles on Edelweiss. I have tons of new titles that won’t be released for several months to a year yet, but I’m not worried about those. I’m hoping to keep up with them as they are about to release so I don’t get behind. The ones I’m worried about are those that I downloaded a year (or more) ago because they sounded awesome, and now I’m not really interested in reading them anymore. I have SO many that have been out for months (or longer) and I still haven’t gotten to them. Nor do I want to anymore, but I feel i HAVE to, and the obligation is ruining the fun of blogging and reading. My ‘for-review’ shelf on Goodreads has 33 books on it. Less than half of those are unreleased. *sigh* Some days I feel I’ll never catch up!
    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads recently posted…[PnRC] July is for Witches/Wizards: Link Your Reviews!My Profile

  6. If I was on auto-approve for ANYTHING I’d be in even more trouble! I can’t imagine having access to so many titles, and so far in advance too. I got approved for a book that comes out in October and I’m all like “well I have time no pressure” so if I had a year I can just guess the amount of “I have time” thoughts I’d have! Then of course I’d forget until the day it’s released and be all pissed.

    I think the pressure of ARC”s is something all bloggers feel. It’s like always having a eye on your shoulder watching what your reading and making sure you review/promote a certain book on time. I try to balance out that pressure by giving myself 4 “me” reads a month. No matter what happens, or how many ARC’s I have to review I make it a mission to do those “me” reads, just to remind myself that I blog because I read and not the other way around. And if I never get caught up on all these ARC (about 36 as of today) then crap! At least I had some fun blogging and made some friends. πŸ™‚
    Octavia recently posted…Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey CatesMy Profile

  7. I’ve always been really good about keeping my ARCs in check. I only requested the ones I really wanted, and then my reviewed / requested percentage was always like 90% (which includes a few unread ones because they weren’t released yet). I think that’s pretty good!


    I am auto approved for HarperCollins on Edelweiss and they destroyed me. I requested tons of their spring/summer books because they sounded amazing. Then other bloggers read them before I did and hated them, and in general Harper’s books were SO hit or miss. But the fact that other bloggers didn’t like them made me not want to read them… so I didn’t. Now I have like 8 past the release date that I haven’t read and I feel HORRIBLE! *hides*
    Ashley recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (58)My Profile

  8. No need to hide! We’ve all been there and most of us still are! I use to be great with ARC’s, reading and reviewing them on time, only requesting 3 at a time and all that good blogger stuff. I have no clue what in the world happened!
    Octavia recently posted…Waiting on WednesdayMy Profile

  9. I’m not drowning, but I have plenty to keep me going. When I first started requesting books I requested WAY more than I could handle…like I still have a few unread eARCs from it. I still feel like crap for doing it because I feel like I wasting a publisher’s resource. Now I take it slow if I see something I want to request I check how many I have and what the review dates are, if it’s really close I let it go (usually). If not I let it sit another day before making the final decision. I’m auto approved for a few publishers on Netgalley and it kills me to say no to those, so if I see one I want I read one I already have and then request it πŸ˜›
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Harry Potter Readalong Week #15My Profile

  10. You have quite the system ma’am! I know I’ll come up with some way to get back to the “good blogger” status I once had but I may have to develop my own system first…maybe take a few pages out of your book?
    Octavia recently posted…Waiting on WednesdayMy Profile

  11. Ugh it’s just so horrible. I see the cover then it all goes downhill from there. I have like 3 on my shelf that I really do want to read (I really do) I just get distracted by microscopic objects of my imagination. It’s sad really. Oh food. I get distracted by food too. Meow.
    Jackie recently posted…Book Signing in Houston with Julie Kagawa and Aimee CarterMy Profile

  12. You know what I do when I’m overwhelmed with review copies? I just stop reading them altogether. I go on a non-review book binge and then feel EVEN WORSE once I’m done, but the guilt does make me less likely to go on a request/download spree in the future. HarperTeen really do make that difficult though with all the galleys they put up (ha! look at me, blaming the publishers).

    But I think I’ve started to get a little better at it now. I’m ahead of schedule for once (and finishing up with August books) and the lack of pressure is making the WORLD of difference. I guess I just need it keep it up. πŸ˜‰
    Sam @ Realm of Fiction recently posted…Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. MaasMy Profile

  13. I’m actually doing that right now! I’ve put the ARC’s to the side (and feel horrible AGAIN) but it’s nice to read a few books that have no pressure with them. I can finish when I want, I don’t have to review it, and I’m not pressed to love it. Maybe this is exactly what I need to get back on track? πŸ™‚
    Octavia recently posted…Waiting on WednesdayMy Profile

  14. I didn’t post one single review this week, despite having just blasted through the entire Hunger Games trilogy. I haven’t been able to collect my thoughts on anything enough to write an actual review of it yet, and there are a pile of them I really need to get to and sort out before they start getting all fuzzy in my head.

    You already know my ARC pile is ridiculous too. πŸ˜‰ But we do what we can. We can’t spend every waking moment reading through ARCs, and I can’t even make myself read them in chronological order by release date. I just have to pick one up that looks interesting at the time because I’m such a big mood reader, and my tastes are so varied. I figure I will get around to all of them eventually and hopefully the publisher won’t bar me from their books just because I was late on reviewing. I bet they send out tons of books they never hear a peep about, so better late than never, right?

    I only request books I really want to read as well, but I also have that problem of sometimes wanting 8 out of 10 books on a page. Even if they’re a huge mixed bag and most of them aren’t YA, I still want them! I like too many genres.
    Leanne @ Literary Excursion recently posted…Book-Blogging JournalMy Profile

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