Breaking Up is Hard to Do….NOT!

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Alright so this impromptu post is thanks to my recent decision to give Google the finger!Β Yes I know that Google is the “god of the internet” and I still think that search engine wise they kick tush but everything else is just awful lately! Don’t believe me?!

Exhibit A:

Google Reader: As you know Google decided to shut down Google Reader effective as of last week!

Why Victorious

Exhibit B:

Blogger: You buy a domaine via whoever-the-hell but Google has the “right” to delete your blog WITHOUT notice, if you sneeze the wrong way.

Hold Up Will

Exhibit C:

Google+: Do I really have to explain this one?! I still don’t fully understand what google+ is but I’m royally pissed off that Google FORCES you to have one if you have any of their other services!

What is this shit

Exhibit D:

Picasa: I use to LOVE Picasa, I thought it was the coolest collage maker ever. And even though I do still like the collages I can make (sometimes) I absolutely loathe how as soon as you start up Picasa it automatically steals every single pic on my computer! If I wanted you to have all my pics I’d upload them my damn self!


Exhibit E:

YouTube: YouTube slowly started loosing my respect when it introduced all those damn ads. YOU ARE GOOGLE for heavens sake! I’m pretty sure you can afford fewer ads! But that isn’t what sealed the deal for me, oh no, what sealed the deal happened today. Why, YouTube, must I have a Google+ account to upload videos?? I have 2 YouTube accounts (one @gmail the other @readsleeprepeat) because I ONLY want to use the video services when I am logged in as ReadSleepRepeat! I don’t want to use Google +, I don’t want to form circles, I just want to UPLOAD a few vlogs every so often and be done! I sit at my Mac for 2 freaking hours letting the movie export from iMovie to YouTube just for you to destroy my upload because I haven’t confirmed that I want Google+?! I didn’t confirm because I DIDN’T WANT GOOGLE+! But my wants mean nothing because you still went and made it a mandatory add on! That’s what pisses me off the most. For months you’ve been giving me the “option” to add Google+ or “ignore” this prompt. But it never was an option! You were going to convert it anyway, so why feed me bullshit about “options”?!

Kick You

Ok I’ve ranted enough. So, my lovely followers, any suggestions on uploading my vlogs via another outlet? I’m pretty sure I’m just going to delete all my google stuff and continue giving them the finger.

F U Bring It on

34 Responses to “Breaking Up is Hard to Do….NOT!”

  1. Ashley Bodette

    I totally understand where you’re coming from! And why the hell is Google Friend Connect going to be disappearing as well?!?! As bloggers, we’re going to have to find other ways for people who have always followed us this way to follow us a different way. Plus, I follow a lot of blogs through GFC, so now I have to triple check I also follow them on bloglovin’, etc. before it goes away. WTF Google?!
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  2. Ashley

    Sorry about the YouTube stuff πŸ™ I don’t really use YouTube so it doesn’t affect me, but I can see how frustrating that would be!

    However, there is a technical reason for the blog ownership/domain thing. Buying a domain doesn’t mean you own your blog or have full control over it. It just means you own the NAME. But the physical files, posts, and other content are still hosted on Google’s servers, which you’re not paying for. That’s why they have the right to delete it, because all those physical files that can be deleted are on their property.

    It would be the same for any other free platform too, so it’s not really a Google thing.

    But yeah, that aside, I do see where you’re coming from!
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    • Octavia

      Alright I’ll give Google one point for the whole Blogger debacle, BUT my “I hate thee Google!” train is moving too fast for me to forgive them completely. lol πŸ˜›
      Octavia recently posted…ARC August!My Profile

  3. Tyhada

    Crack that whip GF. I don’t use Google+ either. At least I don’t think I do. *runs to check into that* I agree it should be an option. Not mandatory. Guess Google thinks they own the internet thus making us do things we don’t wanna do. But really, is there a way to get around this?

  4. Shannon @ Twilight Sleep

    I gave in and, after all this time, set up a Google+ account just because I WAS SO DAMN TIRED OF BLOGGER USERS NOT ENABLING THE NAME/URL OPTION and me therefore not being able to comment on their blogs.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. GOOGLE IS THE DEVIL. I hate all their services except Gmail and even that has declined over the years. I hate this happened to you though, totally sucks. I wish everyone would boycott them – ESPECIALLY BLOGGER. Crap excuse for a blogging platform. *goes to work on hosting service*
    Shannon @ Twilight Sleep recently posted…ARC Review: Ghost Light (Ivy Granger #2) by E.J. StevensMy Profile

  5. Stormy @ Book.Blog.Bake.

    THIS. so much. I’m getting so FREAKIN’ tired of Google trying to push Google + on everything. Like all I want to do is watch youtube videos(NOT WITH MY REAL NAME, THANK YOU!), and comment on Blogger blogs WITHOUT needing a Google + profile. The blogger one is especially annoying because so few bloggers have the name/URL option enabled, so I use to comment using my blog. Well now I’m on self-hosted wordpress so that doesn’t work. I don’t have any of the other log-in options because I don’t NEED them, which leaves me with Google +. Which I DON’T want.
    Stormy @ Book.Blog.Bake. recently posted…Book Review: Hallowed by Cynthia HandMy Profile

    • Octavia

      OHH I forgot about the “Whole Name” debacle! I HATE them even more for that! If I don’t want to have my full name plastered all over the internet that is my CHOICE and my RIGHT! You shouldn’t force me to put my full name up!
      Octavia recently posted…ARC August!My Profile

  6. Nancy @ Tumbling Books

    I LOVE THIS! I hate this whole new optional (but not really) crap that Google has going on. They make you think they’re giving you an option, but they’re just easing you into complete change. I hate it. I hate Google +. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I plan to never use it, even when they’re forcing me to login in with it. Ugh.
    Nancy @ Tumbling Books recently posted…Review: Far Far AwayMy Profile

    • Octavia

      Exactly! The same thing happened when they rolled out the new gmail. And then they do that “well you can switch back if you choose” mess just for it to be permanent two months later!
      Octavia recently posted…ARC August!My Profile

  7. Shari @ Delighted Reader

    I gave up on Google when I started the blog and went with WordPress Self hosted. I up load my videos to it and don’t mess with YouTube at all.

    Google keeps removing the tools I use so I decided not to give them my business. While I do have a Google+ account, I never use it. I only use gmail now and I don’t use their web interface to get to it because it irritates me.

    So I totally get you rant and loved it!
    Shari @ Delighted Reader recently posted…15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 1: Make 15 Book Related ConfessionsMy Profile

  8. Charlotte @ Gypsy Reviews

    UGH YES GOOGLE. I hate hate getting like random invites and stuff like that via Google + I mean I don’t even use it! But just because if someone knows my e-mail they can just add me to all this stuff? No, do not want. Then Youtube, I don’t want to use my name as my Youtube account >:( what’s wrong with keeping a username? I mean I love GMail because it is awesome but everything else is just ridiculous.
    Charlotte @ Gypsy Reviews recently posted…Review: The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann (#65)My Profile

  9. Adrianne Russell

    I’m still raw over losing Google reader. And for the folks who say “it’s free so we really can’t complain” I think having my movements on the interwebs data-mined by the click and sold off to third parties is enough of a trade-off for me to vent occasionally about services that get on my nerves.
    Adrianne Russell recently posted…One Bite at a TimeMy Profile

  10. Vanessa

    I have google plus, because I was forced. I had blogger, then switched to wordpress.
    Typically I like google for very few things: gmail, search, calander (only because i have android and it all works together) and G.Chrome.
    The whole being forced to have G+ thing annoyed me to no end. My older boys have a Google account so i can monitor what they’re doing on youtube and so that they can email certain friends/family members (with me monitoring, obviously) I don’t *want* them to have google plus. I don’t think they should be made to.

    Google started out awesome, it’s slowly getting stupid (with the exception of those very few awesome things)
    Vanessa recently posted…Meal Plan MondayMy Profile

    • Octavia

      Ohh I didn’t even think about the kids out there with gmail! Now thats ÜBER creppy! I mean it’s bad enough they HAVE to use their real first AND last name and now random people who may have found their email by mistake or random can send them Google+ stuff?! Umm no Google. Just NO!
      Octavia recently posted…Breaking Up is Hard to Do….NOT!My Profile

      • Vanessa

        They didn’t use ‘real’ names, just seemingly ‘real’
        (for instance “aiden” became “a.j”)

        At least I knew about it, some parents don’t! I went in and fixed up all their privacy etc etc… but it’s still creepy weird. I don’t understand why there’s this need for G+ suddenly for people who just want to email, save their bookmarks go GChrome and use Youtube.
        Vanessa recently posted…UnSlumpingMy Profile

  11. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    I understand completely…The only thing I like Google for is as a search engine, that’s it. I have a Google + account though I’m not sure why, but I have one…and I always forget about it. It’s confusing and so pointless. The Youtube crap gets on my nerves too…I log in and it’s all “you can use your real name!”. Why would I want to use my real name on that site of all places? Furthermore why does it keep asking me even though I’ve clicked no every single time. *kicks google*
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Harry Potter Readalong Week #14My Profile

    • Octavia

      At least you still get the option to click no! I went on one day and it was all “this doesn’t seem to fit our name policy. Please make sure you’re not using a nickname so people can easily find you!” Of course that made me do my “squeeze me?!” face. Why would I want people on YouTube to easily find me??? Why I as you?!
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  12. Michaniya

    That rant about youtube…spot on. I remember when they kept giving me the option and then they forced me and I’m like what the fuck? What was the fucking point. I would have more respect if they had just cut the bullshit from the very beginning and forced me to switch. The only good thing about the switch is that I got to change my name (the previous name was for my old blog and youtube didn’t allow you to change the name).

    Have you tried vimeo? Haven’t tried it myself, but it seems to be the next in line for video uploads.

    Do you know the title of that movie with Amanda Seyfried (the gif above)?
    Michaniya recently posted…Review: Going Under by S. WaldenMy Profile

    • Octavia

      I played around with Vimeo a little the other day and was unimpressed to say the least. But I’m thinking that’s probably my only option. πŸ™
      Octavia recently posted…ARC August!My Profile

  13. Charlotte

    I am so glad that I rarely upload videos in Youtube that’s why it doesn’t affect me that much. I t’s all about the money because Youtube is the new way to earn a living today.
    About blogger though, I am still debating whether to remain or to transfer to because I’ve heard such great things about the site. However, I am apprehensive since I don’t have an idea yet on how much would it cost me to start and maintain a self-hosted blog for my books. If you can give advice on this, that would be much appreciated. πŸ˜€
    Charlotte recently posted…Book Review: Artemis Fowl 8- The Last Guardian by Eoin ColferMy Profile

    • Octavia

      WordPress is the best thing since….well since EVER! It’s easy to use but still gives you so many options! I really intimidated me at first when I thought about making the move but it’s really isn’t hard or expensive. I know right now GoDaddy is cranking out the coupons for all their services and Shannon of is offering up some super cheap hosting.

      I’d say, assuming you need to buy a domain, that all in all it’ll cost maybe 50 bucks. Might be less might be more depending on what else you need/want. But I know going with Shannon’s hosting it will cost you less. πŸ™‚
      Octavia recently posted…Cover Madness Giveaway!My Profile

  14. Ana @ Anahera Reads

    Google+ is Google’s crappy attempt at making their own version of Facebook. Ugh. I hate that they’re trying to integrate ALL their Google products together, the combination of YouTube and Google+ is the worst. PRIVACY ISSUES, UGH. Don’t even get me started on Blogger’s commenting system and that @#$%ing captcha /OpenID which eats my comments half the time.
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