Alright my lovelies, ARC August officially begins in two weeks and I’m so excited I could burst! But I want to clarify the basics.

  • You do not have to post what your exact goal is.

I get that people get embarrassed, especially when they don’t exactly conquer something; so no pressure here.

  • The gift card is an additional incentive.

It is just a way to make you want to get through those ARC’s, it will be awarded randomly no matter how many you start or finish.

  • No pressure!

While I hope you get to review the ARC’s you finish for the publishers benefit, please don’t feel pressured into writing a review immediately for ARC August.


It’s a challenge sure, but I want you to have fun! We already feel guilty and ashamed, lets lighten the mood a bit!

Now…on to MY goals!

So for ARC August I HOPE to read 20 books! My baby girl will be starting kindergarten (sad face) so I should have some extra time to read! Of these 20 I want to get through:

Ten Tiny BreathsThe WardSurrenderWhite Trash BeautifulThe Marriae MergerLinkedThe Sweetest DarkTrueThe Sea of TranquilityThe BookstoreCrown of Midnight HBBlushThat Time I Joined the CircusBorn of IllusionRuleUndeadlyStungTaking ChancesEscaping RealityNatural Born Angel


But I’m also a realist and know two very important things when it comes to ARC August.

1. There will be DNF’s. Don’t give me your judgy face! The fact of the matter is I will not like every book and I firmly believe that torturing myself to finish isn’t right. I’ll read as much as I can and as always I’ll write a thorough and honest review on what I read, but I won’t force myself to do anything I don’t want to.

2. Planning and reality are very different. Even with the little one headed off to school I still have a house to take care of, and errands to run. Will I get through all these books? I have no clue. Will I try my damndest to get through them? Yep.


And for those wondering, no these are not all the ARC’s I have to get through but it definitely is a big chunk! I plan on checking in with you guys once a week, via a wrap up post on Sunday’s just to share what I’ve finished for the week and how I’m coming along. If you’re up to doing a weekly wrap up go for it! At the bottom of all my wrap up post I’ll have a linky just so I can make sure I visit you. So, good luck and happy reading!

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10 thoughts on “~ARC August Goals and Rules~”

  1. I loved The Sea of Tranquility!

    My goal is to get my Kindle to download them damn ARCs! They just won’t. I am referring to ARCs from NetGalley. Edelweiss works fine. But why, why? I have ARCs setting in my Kindle “waiting to download”? Do you have any idea what I talking about?
    Lectus recently posted…The Sinners and the Sea: the untold story of Noah’s wife by Rebecca KannerMy Profile

  2. I saw a few people mention this on twitter, but I haven’t had any problems recently. 🙁 If it’s sitting in your download que maybe it’s a app problem? Have you tried uninstalling the app powering off the device then reinstalling?
    Octavia recently posted…Frigid by J. LynnMy Profile

  3. I did and I have. I reset my Kindle and everything. I’m starting to suspect that it is an Amazon conspiracy to make me buy Kindle Fire 🙂
    Lectus recently posted…The Sinners and the Sea: the untold story of Noah’s wife by Rebecca KannerMy Profile

  4. Sorry for hijacking this comment thread, but what kind of Kindle do you have? Are you positive that you’re connected to a wireless network? The ARCs won’t download if you’re not. Although if you’re getting everything else to go through, then I’m not sure what could be messing everything up. I’ve never had any trouble getting NetGalley ARCs to come through, so long as I have the wireless connected.

    Have you tried to re-send them through your personal documents page on your Kindle Management via Amazon’s site?
    Merin @ Read and Reviewed recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #56My Profile

  5. Thanks Merin,

    I wasn’t connected to WiFi which I don’t understand because everything else from Amazon downloads. Aparently, Amazon has its privat 3G thing to send books from ‘them’ only. Everythig else needs WiFi. I got it now, though 🙂
    Lectus recently posted…Comfort Food by Kitty ThomasMy Profile

  6. Great list! I’ll have to get mine up soon! I’m really…really trying not to download or request any more ARCs but I think holding back is literally killing me. I’m almost certain. I think I might have to request a few just to make sure. *sneaks off to Netgalley*
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Saturday Issue: Avatar The Last Airbender – The Search Part TwoMy Profile

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