A Treat for You ~ ARC Spreadsheet

July 28, 2013 Random Ramblings 23

Hi guys. So today I actually have a small treat for you. Before you get all excited, no it is NOT cookies. I repeat. IT IS NOT COOKIES! But it is something that I think we, as book bloggers can benefit from.


ARC Spreadsheet!

For the past few weeks I’ve been using a spreadsheet to keep up with my ARC’s and help me get a better visual of how horrible I’m doing. Even though I’m no excel wiz I have been doing a much better job of keeping up with my ARC’s and as much as it shows me how behind I am it also shows me how great I’m doing. And I thought that maybe you guys would like to try it out.

So the spreadsheet is very simple. The top bar/organizing awesomeness is:

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.38.58 AM

*On the full spreadsheet the categories are more spaced out but I couldn’t get a screenshot like that.*

Personally I sort my spreadsheet by Release Date, but you can sort yours however you see fit.

I know most people won’t keep all the categories at the top but for me it really helps!

Release Date, Book Title, Author are given categories. I like to keep track of if it’s a ebook vs. a paperback, if it came directly from a publisher, versus NetGalley or Edelweiss. But my favorite parts are the Requested On, Received On and Publisher Contact categories! They make me feel horrible most of the time because I get to see that I received a book forever ago, but have been too lazy to review it. On the flip side it also makes me feel better about being a tad late on the review because I got the book recently. I’m also horrible at keeping up with publisher emails (shame on me!) so putting it directly into this spreadsheet means I have it right there so as soon as I mark it as read, I have no excuse for not contacting the publisher. Here is my REAL spreadsheet (minus my publisher contacts) to show you how I use it.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.25.54 AM

*Sorry it wouldn’t fit on just one screenshot properly*

Edited Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.26.15 AM

Incase you didn’t notice I am a HUGE fan of color coding! For me

Green= Read

Yellow= Next Up (within the next week)

Blue= Releasing in 30days or more

Red= Release date is 90days or more PAST due

So um, yeah. Here is a link to a blank downloadable spreadsheet. I hope it helps you!

Read. Sleep. Repeat.’s ARC Spreadsheet

23 Responses to “A Treat for You ~ ARC Spreadsheet”

  1. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    Ooo I’m going to try this out! I’m a sucker for a good spreadsheet. And since you planted the idea in my head I’m totally going to eat cookies if I manage to finish the spreadsheet as a reward…(and possibly even if I don’t 😛 )
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Sunday Post (64)My Profile

  2. lectus

    That is a lot! If I had that many books approved, I would hide in a deserted island, and I wouldn’t come back after all books were read!
    I just requested four ARCs; for some reason I cant bring myself to ask for more than 3 or 4 at a time 🙁
    lectus recently posted…Would you rate a book 1 star because….My Profile

    • Octavia

      Yeah, I’m not exactly proud that’s for sure! 🙁 And the super sad part? I usually only request 3 or so at a time, but I get approved so randomly they all crush on me at the same time! But no more excuses! ARC August starts this week and I’m going to make up for this mess!
      Octavia recently posted…A Treat for You ~ ARC SpreadsheetMy Profile

  3. tonyalee

    Holy Batman! Your spread sheet is WAY more detailed than mine. haha maybe I should organize it more like yours, so I wont forget things! Thanks for sharing! *still pouting over no cookies*
    tonyalee recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up~ (19)My Profile

  4. Leanne @ Literary Excursion

    Octavia your spreadsheet is great! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. 🙂 I love spreadsheets cause they make all your info sortable by EVERYTHING (and you can make them any color you like). Color coding is great for everyone, too! Except maybe colorblind people. But then they could always use greyscale patterns or something. 😉

    Dang girl look at all those red entries! Haha.
    Leanne @ Literary Excursion recently posted…ARC August & Beat the Heat ReadathonMy Profile

    • Octavia

      Thank you! I’m not much for spreadsheets (excel scares me!) but I have to take my hate off for this one! Who would have guessed that it would help me so much?!?!! 🙂

      And yeah….I’m not proud of my red status, but that’s what ARC August is for! Get me out the red and into the green! 😀
      Octavia recently posted…The Art of Wishing by Lindsay RibarMy Profile

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