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This week I want your thoughts on that darn triangle we see so often. You know the one!

Love Triangles!

Personally a love triangle isn’t an immediate turn off for me. In fact I downright love them some time. Yes I know it’s completely overdone in all genres now a days but sometimes I do indeed enjoy the struggle. I love it even more when somehow, I’m the one torn on which one to choose. Those are the one’s that make me all warm an fuzzy inside! But of course there are those that make me want to stab things! For example:

Stab Worthy Love Triangle’s

The Selection


Aspen or Maxon? I say DIE!!!!!! TO YOU BOTH!



Smile Inducing Love Triangle’s

Siege and Storm







What are your thoughts on love triangles?

8 thoughts on “The TRIANGLE! *bah bomp bahhh*”

  1. I LOVE THE DARKLING! When I met Leigh, I didn’t want to stop discussing the Darkling! Seriously, Mal turned into such a tool but the Darkling has remained despicably awesome throughout both books.
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  2. I can like them, but I’m picky. They have to serve a purpose, I need to like at least one of the boys, there has to be a chemistry and a good explanation why the MC is having a hard time picking etc. It also depends on the whole story, how much I like the characters (how invested I am), the writing-style, etc. There are definitely authors out there who know what they are doing. Everneath by Brodi Ashton was good, I like the triangle in Shadow and bone and there are more books I could deal with it.
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  3. Oh, the love triangle. I have yet to read of one that does not make me rage. Why is it that every love triangle includes a weakass heroine, a bad boy she needs, and a good boy she wants to toy? It is getting old. A Novel Idea is hosting a Love Triangle 101 event this July, so you’ll hear a lot more from bloggers on it. Though most triangles are irksome, trust me, there are some that do it right. Havent read Shadow and Bone though I should if the love triangle induces smiles instead of permascowls!
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  4. Bad love triangles can ruin a book. An example of a GOOD love triangle is Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. IMO, a good love triangle presents two viable options. So many times, it’s clear that one of the options is just ridiculous. (See: Twilight.) As mentioned above, Everneath is also very good, and I know you will be Team Cole all the way. 🙂

    BTW, I read Siege and Storm this weekend, and it was awesome. Get on it!!!
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  5. Love triangles can work especially YA. At that age you’re feelings can literally be all over the place. I’m pretty sure it happened to me more than once in high school that I liked one guy one week and a completely different one the next. When you are a young adult you are figuring out who you are and figuring out what you want in a significant other and therefore dating different people (sometimes completely different..sometimes you have a “type”) helps you figure out what kind of person who you work well with. If the love triangle is not forced and contains swoon, I am happy. Another must? The end choice NEEDS TO MAKE SENSE. I am usually happy with whoever the character chooses as long as there is actual reasoning behind the choice.

  6. I didn’t always hate love triangles, but then came The Selection. Especially in THE ELITE omg. Kill them all, please. Anyway, my favorite love triangle, like you, would definitely be Shadow and Bone. OT3 FTW (and in Siege, a OTP4). Sturmhond <333333 (Even more than The Darkling for me, I admit.)
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