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Today’s Stop & Chat post is something that really confuses me.

Bloggers and Authors behaving “badly”…What are your thoughts?

One of my many naive thoughts before I started blogging was that books and book blogging in general must be 100% drama free. I figured that a group of people who share an interest as morally teaching as books, couldn’t possibly result in any form of drama.

Obviously I was wrong, but who would have thought I’d be so far off?!

In the short 7 months that I’ve been blogging I’ve seen post about plagiarism, authors calling readers stupid, bloggers going for each other’s jugular, and don’t even get me started on the twitter “tit for tats”! I’ve watched bloggers be attacked by authors and their loyal followers, and vice versa. I’ve seen the bad, the ugly and the mudslinging and you know what? I’m still a bit shocked!

I was raised in a very stereotypical fashion, so believe me when I say I know drama. Which is one of the main reasons I do my best to stay out of it. But occasionally I run across a post or article that leaves such a icky taste in my mouth all I can do is shake my head and swear never to visit that persons site or read that authors work. I won’t name names because thats tacky and I don’t have time to instigate. But it always amazes me by how many other people do! I’m not shaming anyone or judging, I’m just making an observation. Why, is it ok for us to publicly persecute a person for persecuting someone else? An author makes a stupid comment/post about “X” blogger not reading a book right (which I’ve had happen!) and then said blogger turns around to defend themselves. Next thing you know you have followers versus followers and people doing the exact thing they are speaking out against.

I don’t condone anyone acting tasteless or having their head stuck up their ass in general, and it aggravates me whenever I see that kind of tweet or post. But I also know that drama is a staple in ever facet of life. People thrive off it, crave it, even love it and the book industry is not immune sadly.

What are your thoughts about authors/bloggers behaving badly? Link up below!

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  1. I hate it…There are the moments when it’s handle correctly and then usually most people don’t even know it occurred, but then there are the ones that blow up on Twitter (which are always the most irritating). You’ve got the person who is offended telling people their offended, linking posts, and pretty soon all of twitter is offended and people who complain about bullying go and bully the other person. It’s exhausting and counter productive. I just something recently that really bothered me because of how counter productive it is. Some problems are only as big as you let them be…if you keep responding the situation it’s going to keep escalating. I’m always disgusted when an author goes after a blogger, but I’m equally disgusted when a blogger goes after an author. I mean…you’re supposed to be a well read individual (or at least I hope so since you’re in the book community) shouldn’t you be passed this sort of behavior? Whenever I see it starting up most of the time I just log off for the day or start deleting people.
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Review: Winter Queen by Amber ArgyleMy Profile

  2. In two days I will have been blogging for 6 months and I’ve seen a lot of what you have. I too, came into this with no idea there would be drama. We all love books so I thought we should all be friends. But of course we are human so these things happen. I hope that I never have to get involved in any of it though! So far, I’ve had the best interactions with bloggers and authors. Everyone has been so awesome and kind. Great post!
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…You’ve Not Read That Yet?My Profile

  3. I always say the book blogging community is the best community. 🙂 I’ve been lucky to have some amazing interactions too., and I know drama is sort of inevitable no matter what so whatevs right. 😉

    P.S. congrats on 6 months of blogging!!
    Octavia recently posted…Quick UpdateMy Profile

  4. This community is overall very encouraging and supportive and that’s a good thing. I’ve managed to keep my blog space drama-free but I see it out there and it’s dismaying, especially when it pertains to reviews. I understand it’s hard when someone dislikes your work but flaming them online or allowing your supporters to do so is just such a terrible idea.
    Adrianne Russell recently posted…Top O’the Week RecapMy Profile

  5. Most of the drama I’ve seen, IMO, is caused by bloggers who intentionally seek out drama in a grab for more pageviews, and/or authors who have thin skins. I find it all very distasteful, particularly on the blogger end. I read Twitter in amazement at times over the extreme blogger overreactions to relatively innocuous author missteps. Recently, one blogger bragged about the pageviews she got following a dumb run-in with an author. Yes, the author seemed like a bit of a jerk. But the blogger went on and on and on, continually attempting to bait the author, long after the author had dropped out. In another recent instance, an author made a stupid tweet, and bloggers POUNCED. The hyperbole was insane and completely out of line. It has all left a very bad taste in my mouth, and it’s had a huge impact on my impression of some bloggers. Unfortunately, when it’s “big” bloggers behaving this way, it paints us all in a bad light, IMO.
    Stephanie recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday # 11: Best Books Read in 2013My Profile

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