Hi everyone! I’ve been working on a “super top secret” project and I’m so happy to finally share it with you!

*drum roll please*





ARC August Banner


No I’m not unveiling an awesome (and some what amateur) banner. I’m unveiling a kick butt, month long challenge!

ARC August!

If you’re like me you are probably up to your ears in ARC’s and review request. Scratch that. If you’re like me then at this point there is a giant pool somewhere filled with all the ARC’s and review request you currently have. And I know what your saying…

“Octavia there isn’t enough hours in the day”

“Octavia I’m just not in the historical-paranormal-high-fantasy-fiction mood today”

“Octavia! I just want to be lazy today!!

I know this is what’s going through your mind because I say the same things! But today I’m giving you a chance to get over your excuses and make a dent in that giant ARC pile. So here’s the skinny on this challenge:

You: “Octavia how long will ARC August last?”

Me: “Umm…all of August. From the 1st – 31st.”

You: “Octavia what kind of ARC counts?”

Me: “That’s a better question! All ARC’s count. NetGalley’s, Edelweiss’s, physical copies, upcoming releases….past due releases (yes I’m looking at you).

You: “What’s my motivation?! I just want to be lazy today!”

Me: “Isn’t getting through that giant pile motivation enough?!”

You:  Say What

Me: “Ok ok! In addition to helping you get through that pile (YOUR WELCOME!) I’ll also throw in a $20 gift card to a book dealer of your choice. Because what’s the point of reading all those books if you can’t buy more?!

You: “20 bucks?! Alright I’m in! How do I sign up?”

Me: That’s the really easy part. Type up a post just saying you’re participating then add your link in the linky below! The post can be as detailed (how many ARC’s you have, etc.) or as simple as you want just make sure your mention this post so other people can join! At the end of ARC August I’ll use Random.org to pick a winner. See! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! So go on! Start sorting through that review pile, get that post written, and sign up!

You are more than welcome to use this button! I made it all by myself!

ARC August Button

110 thoughts on “ARC August!”

  1. I love this!!! What a fabulous idea, AND great incentive! Being able to buy more books is always incentive!

    by the way… just an odd question. I keep seeing little cute animations like the Jon Stewart one you have here. Where do you guys get this great stuff?! (Don’t tell Jon Stewart that I called him cute, he’d be appalled, I’m sure!)

    Thanks again! Cute blog too! I think I’m following by email, but if not I will be!
    Nova Reylin recently posted…Book Review: Love & Zombies by Eric ShapiroMy Profile

  2. Count me in – I love reviewing and post on several sites. It is something I give back to the authors. Would love to be entered to receive ARC.
    I love getting to know new authors and pass on books after reading.

  3. Ummm, I’m not giving a ARC away though. O_O This is more of a challenge than a giveaway. Get through as many of your ARC’s as you can for the month of August. Maybe re-read the post?

  4. OMG I so need this. My shelves are a little insane.
    Katrina @ Bookish Things recently posted…ARC August Sign Up PostMy Profile

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  6. Amazing idea! I was just wondering what ARC’s are. I figured it has something to do with books to be read. I would love to join but the books are the ones that have been on my list for too long,no ones with review requests. Is that alright?

    Lillian recently posted…Post PotterMy Profile

  7. Hi Lillian! An ARC is an Advance Reader Copy. In other words a book that you get before it is released, with the expectation of giving a honest review of it. This could be a book that a author contacted you about personally, or one that a publicist sent you in the mail unsolicited, or one that you are approved of via NetGalley or Edelweiss. So people who have ARC’s, be it a hard copy, e-book copy, or audiobook will definitely benefit from ARC August, since it gets that number of “books to read for review” down. Does this answer your question?
    Octavia recently posted…Frigid by J. LynnMy Profile

  8. This is such a great challenge, Octavia! Thanks for sharing it with us. I definitely need a little more motivation to get through my pile of ARCs. My post is going live on Monday so I’ll link it up then. 🙂
    Leanne @ Literary Excursion recently posted…Book Haul for {7.21.13 to 7.27.13}My Profile

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  11. The linky was still open, so I’m hoping it’s not too late to join up! I don’t usually do challenges because I’m awful at them, but I’m always susceptible to a bookish bribe. Oh…maybe I shouldn’t announce that…

    Anyway, I’m on vacation the majority of this month, so it’s a great time for me to concentrate on catching up with my reading. I just have to–as you said–stop coming up with reasons to read other stuff. And I always have reasons!

    Thanks for the challenge–I think it’s a great idea!
    Ruby’s Reads recently posted…Announcement: ARC AugustMy Profile

  12. Just joined this challenge! I’m a little late, but I’ll still try to read as many as I can this month 🙂 It’s always a good feeling to get the pile down a little!
    Tina recently posted…ARC August!My Profile

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