Well it’s that time of year. The sun is out, the kids are running around, your grill is always going, and the fun never truly stops. It’s summer! For us book lovers this equates to reading on the beach, at the park, on the deck, and occasionally, on our vacation cruise. And what better way to enjoy those reads than with a read-a-thon?!

Meagan of Reviewing Wonderland came up with a week long read-a-thon, outfitted with daily author features, daily giveaways, daily challenges, and a final 24 hour Grease Lightinin’ round! What is this fantabulous read-a-thon called you ask?!

Summer Lovin’!

That’s right! We’ve come up with an actual Grease inspired read-a-thon! And if you think that I won’t break out my Pink Ladies jacket and record a vlog to kick this off you don’t know me very well!

But pink jackets aside, we’ve come up with a lot of prizes, fun challenges, and author features just for your enjoyment!

Prizes include:


2 US winners will receive a box of assorted books featured throughout the read-a-thon

2 INT winners will receive one $35 giftcard to Amazon/Barnes & Noble OR The Book Depository

Didn’t win the Grand Prize? No big deal!

Everyday there will be a challenge and everyday there will be an additional winner!

Don’t have time for the daily challenge? No problem!

On the final day Summer Lovin’ we’ll host a Twitter Bingo! We’re talking 24+ winners just from BINGO!

And who’s to say we don’t have a few other surprises up our pink sleeves!

So drop over to

Read-A-Thon Central

and sign up to get in on some of this action!

And I wouldn’t be a true Grease fanatic if I didn’t add this piece of AWESOME!

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