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May 4, 2013 Features & Spotlights 7

Stop & Chat Saturday


Stop & Chat is a weekly discussion post here at Read. Sleep. Repeat. where we talk about what ever tickles my fancy!

Today’s Stop & Chat post is all about patting ourselves on the back and laughing at ourselves at the same time!

When I was doing my “WordPress” change I had the opportunity to go through my older reviews and see the growth and potential I have. So it seemed only fitting that today’s post be a chance for you to do the same.

What is your favorite review you’ve written? Which one are you most embarrassed by?

My all time favorite review I’ve written actually comes from my “before” blogging days.  I picked up a book that was so amazing to me that I sat down and poured every feeling I had  into a review:


The Space Between was an amazing mix of demons kicking ass, demons dying, demons fallin in love, scary angels, and teenagers who did not get on my damn nerves. I loved almost every single letter of this book. The pace was perfect, the characters well rounded, the plot was thick and tense and FOR ONCE I didn’t correctly guess the ending. Don’t get me wrong the entire book wasn’t perfection to me but it is definitely good enough for me to go out and buy my own copy (the copy I read came from the library) I even gave it the rare honor of putting it on my “ol reliable” shelf. But enough of all that let me tell you about these amazing characters.

For the rest click here!

 The next was in my “before” blogging days too but gosh there is no excuse for this many run on sentences, and it was so unorganized! I sounded like a blabbering idiot!

6468718Before I start this review I have a few bones to pick with Miss. Mary. Mary and I had so many ups and downs, loves and hates, backs and forth. Why Mary! Why must you confuse me so?!! I loved your open mind and your bad assery (yep it’s officially a word) with an axe but you were hard headed, naive, and you really didn’t think things through. I appreciated your dreams and your desire to follow them, BUT when will your selfish needs be fulfilled?

Now that my rant is over.

For the rest click here!



Link up your all time fave and most embarrassing reviews in the comments! I’d love to see how great or funny the are!

7 Responses to “Stop & Chat Saturday!”

  1. Meagan @ Reviewing Wonderland

    Excellent post Octavia! And, hey, when you are all “ranty” and rambling is when I enjoy your posts the most! (of course, I always enjoy your posts)

    At least your “worst” posts are still funny and enjoyable to read. My least favorite post is hardly even enough to be called a post. 🙂
    Meagan @ Reviewing Wonderland recently posted…Stop & Chat Saturday ~ 05/04/2013My Profile

    • Octavia

      lol! Believe me I had a few bad one’s but this mess was the icing on the cake!

      As always thans for doing a Stop & Chat post this week your Insurgent review made me giggle! (and no I don’t giggle)

  2. Christine

    This is such a great post! We often keep the maturity of our blogger posts to ourselves because of the embarrassment!

    When I first started blogging, my reviews followed a rubric. I gave points for style, plot and characters. It was a Literature assessment. Then I realized I had to add emotional reaction to my reviews to make sound more personal. I do not have a favorite review, but I will soon. I only have written a little so far. :/

    Thanks for the topic! It was nice to see how your review style changed. XP

    • Octavia

      Thanks Chris! I like to make light of any situation and what better way than to look at where we started and where we are. When I 1st started thinking about blogging I had outlined a rubric similar to yours, but I learned quickly that wasn’t a good fit for me.

      As always thanks for commenting!

  3. Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

    Ha ha, this post made me laugh ’cause I remembered my so-called two line reviews about how the book was amazing or downright terrible. Anyway, I love my review of Take Me There by Carolee Dean (and it is my favorite book ever). And my worst review, well, not a review review.

    But it’s great to see how your style changed over the years, definitely a perk of being a blogger!
    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile recently posted…Review: Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer EcholsMy Profile

    • Octavia

      I’m happy you got a laugh in! I had a lot of fun with this post and I laughed quite a bit at my “most embarrassing” review.

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