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This week’s Stop & Chat topic is inspired by the jerkfaces out there!

BEA is here…What does that mean to You?

I, like the rest of the book loving community, have been hearing about the greatness that is Book Expo America 2013. A 3 day event where book bloggers get to meet one another, their fave authors, people in the world of publishing and of course massive piles of ARC’s. I unfortunately I am not going to BEA13. So if your going please know that I will be unfollowing you on twitter because I’m a bitter woman who officially has enough wine to knock out a small elephant!

But my bitterness aside, BEA is almost here, what does that mean to you?

Link your answers in the comments!

(It might make me feel less bitter)

11 thoughts on “Stop & Chat Saturday”

  1. I’m right there with you…I want everyone going to have a good time, but at the same time I wish it was me, lol. I’m going to stock up on cake this weekend just in case.

  2. Ah cake! My #3 favorite comfort food! I want everyone to have a good time but that doesn’t stop my bitterness. 😉

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