Stop & Chat Saturday!

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Stop & Chat Saturday


Stop & Chat is a weekly discussion post here at Read. Sleep. Repeat. where we talk about what ever tickles my fancy!

This week’s Stop & Chat post was inspired by my current frustration with Goodreads.

Do you take recommendations seriously?

Look I have nothing against friends recommending a book to me, but lately I have been receiving recommendations from total strangers. And not just strangers, people who don’t have a single book in common with me?

I love when my friends leave a cool suggestion on one of my reviews (because they seem similar) or on twitter because I have a book hangover, but I’m not sure I trust Goodreads recommendations.

Why not?

Let me count the ways!

For one, I DON’T KNOW YOU! Yes I understand that most of my internet friends are “strangers” but I don’t call just anyone my friend. My internet friends know my reading style. Not to mention they know I will come after them if they suggested a crappy book.

Another thing is, how did you even find me on Goodreads? We aren’t friends, we have NO books in common, I  haven’t commented on any of your reviews, and we live in different COUNTRIES! I like making new friends, but I like to ease into that kind of stuff.

Lastly what’s up with all the authors who recommend their books on Goodreads! I get publicity and all that jazz but how does spamming every Goodreads account you see equate to good publicity? I don’t even read clown stories but alas you are recommending it to me! They can’t really think that’s the way to promote their blood, sweat, and tears?!?

Anywho those are my pet peeves.

Do you take rec’s seriously? What are your pet peeves?

Leave your answers in the comments!



24 responses to “Stop & Chat Saturday!

  1. This drives me nuts…I would actually prefer it if Goodreads had an option to disable recommendations. Most people who I talk you will recommend me things when we talk and not through Goodreads so all I end up getting are the completely random books.
    The worst part is I can tell most of them didn’t even look at my shelf before recommending. Some days I want to send them messages asking why I should pick up a series at book 5? Or what makes them think I want to read a book on pregnancy? *flips table*
    The author thing irritates me just as much. I don’t blindly accept friends I look at your profile first, I know you’re an author! I got it…I’m at the point where all recommendations are essentially ignored, I barely even notice new ones now.
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Saturday Issue (23) – Aquaman Vol.2: The OthersMy Profile

    • That would be a genius option! I’ve started just ignoring the recs too but some days I really just want to yell at the smart ass who sent me the clown rec! I’m horrified of clowns!

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Oh yes, I think it’s one thing when someone recommends a book on my blog – but on Goodreads?! It’s usually get a random book and someone who I have no idea where they came from, and yeah, I don’t pay a second’s worth attention. I’m even more suspicious of those after reading a different blog post semi-recently about authors giving out prizes to people for recommending their books to others. Like if they did it to so many people they would get entered for a giveaway. I can’t help but assume when I see those recs on Goodreads they’re either people trying to win something or an author’s fake account. I feel like if a person really wants to recommend a book to me, they’ll at least tell me WHY or post it on my blog in relation to something else so I have some sort of clue. Fail!
    Asti (A Bookish Heart) recently posted…Bookish Life: MIA for my LDR!My Profile

    • Recommending a book JUST to get a free copy is horrible! Not to mention dishonest! When I recommend a book to a friend I do so because I think it will be a good fit for them not because I’m trying to win some contest!

      Thanks for sharing this new piece of news with me!

  3. hahahaha clown stories! And love the gif. Ya I get spammy recs from authors all the time and I ignore them and remind myself never to read them. It annoys me. But sometimes my cousin will recommend something on goodreads or someone from a group I’m in and I like that. I don’t know why random people (who aren’t authors) would take the time to suggest books to you. Now I kind of want to go find the weirdest funniest book and recommend it to you haha
    Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog recently posted…Sunday Post & Stacking The Shelves #36My Profile

    • Thanks! I do enjoy a few good gifs don’t I? 🙂 And clowns terrify me so for someone to rec a book about clowns I totally freaked out, and got really pissed! None of my friends would have done that! Not even as a prank!

      (We could make it a contest! Who can rec the most funny books wins!)

  4. I only take recommendations for books from people I “know”. As in other bloggers that share my taste in books, authors that I have read and liked, and so forth. I would never take a recommendation from a stranger (whether they are “friends” with me on Goodreads or not).

    You know, I think people have lost the ability to formulate a good recommendation. Before recommending or selling ANYTHING, you must first prove that you are a worthy source of such information. Why should I listen to you at all? Just chucking a book at me is not going to do it for this gal. Sorry authors. You’d be better off stalking me on twitter or better yet, on my blog, to find out more about me. Then – I don’t know – talk to me.

    I know it’s easier to just chuck 1,000 book recommendations out there and hope someone anyone bites….but really, you are likely to get better reviews and more publicity if you put in the time and effort to target your audience.

    Sorry, I got rambly…. Great topic Octavia!
    Meagan recently posted…Wanted by Amanda Lance {Review & Giveaway}My Profile

    • Rambly is good! And I totally agree with you here. Why do people feel that they don’t have to do the research necessary before they just suggest a book? You wouldn’t suggest a steakhouse to a vegan! Or a horror movie to some one with a weak stomach! Grrr!

  5. Christy

    I normally don’t even check out the Goodreads book recs. It’s pointless for me too since most books aren’t even in the genres I read and the recs are from people I don’t even talk to but am just friends with on GR’s. I’m usually on the lookout for new books on Twitter and I find a lot of them by reading reviews on other blogs.

    • I’m surprised by how many books I’ve added to my TBR list just from twitter! I guess it helps that most people on twitter see me ranting and raving so much they know exactly what I do and don’t like lol.

  6. I’ve been getting a lot of these too. I pretty well ignore them completely. I do look if it’s someone I talk with on Goodreads. So far I’ve not added any to my read list. I have so many I’ve heard about from actual blogger friends or I want to read due to the summary, etc. Great topic to chat about 🙂
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Showcase Sunday #6My Profile

  7. Amy

    Sounds like you got a few Goodread creepers… But seriously, I don’t blame you for feeling that way. It takes a lot for me to get a book off of someone’s suggestion just because I am particular. Add in that the person suggesting something is a complete stranger (even by internet terms), no thanks.

    Also, are clown stories a big genre? I feel like they might be limited in number…
    Amy recently posted…Bout of Books Read-A-Thon Update: Day 6 & ReviewMy Profile

    • I don’t mind a creeper, because they usually do their homework. These just seem like random suggestions 🙁 .

      And I hope there are a very limited number of clown stories! Those things are CREEPY!

  8. I’ve only gotten a handful of those recs, and none have been from anyone I know. So, I don’t even take the time to look at the book, to be honest. If it was from someone I’ve interacted with even once, I’d absolutely look. But since it’s not, I treat it as spam.

    I haven’t used the GR rec feature myself, either. I guess I’m too worried that people would view ME as a spammer. I’m sure this could be a useful feature, but so far it has not been for me.
    Stephanie (Go Flash Go) recently posted…Repeat the Week # 13My Profile

    • Me either! I wish there was a way to filter who could rec books to you. Like “top friends only” or something like that! I love it when my friends rec things but strangers get the stink eye from me.

  9. I love this post! I don’t know why, but I never really jump on recommendations even if they’re from people I know. Unless they swear that it’s amazing; this is probably due to the fact that I already usually have certain books in mind that I’ve decided to read, so suddenly grabbing something else throws off my schedule. I never, ever read something a stranger has recommended, especially if we’ve never spoken before and we have much different reading tastes! Why on earth would you . . . ? I have no idea. Anyways, again, lovely post. 😀
    Rebecca recently posted…Review: Breaking Point by Kristin SimmonsMy Profile

    • I’m happy you like the post! That’s another aspect about al these recs I forgot about! Throwing off my schedule or groove! People are so rude! 🙂

  10. OMG I totally agree! I think this is so creepy. I hate when random people recommend books to me that I don’t even want to read! It’s like they didn’t even take the time to read my page, because I’m getting recommendations for non-fiction, horror, and religious books. Um.. NO! Ugh… it’s so frustrating.
    Nancy @ Tumbling Books recently posted…Audiobooks feel like cheatingMy Profile

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