My Bout of Books Progress!

May 14, 2013 Challenges 18


Well, Bout of Books is over and I sort of want to cry. I had so much fun and met so many cool people! But it’s over for now and I want to share my wrap up with you lovelies!

A special thank you to my new bookish pals!

Melina of Pretty Nifty YA Reader

Rie of Mission to Read

Lindsay of The Novel Life

Angela of Reading Angels

And my new bookish friends!

Michelle of N Libris Veritas

Kelly of Paranormal Book Reviews

Judith of Paper Riot

Amanda of On a Book Bender

My 1st Bout of Books was beyond fun! You guys rock and I can’t wait for August!



Today I finished:

Anna Dressed in Blood


Which was so damn amazing I could squeal! Again!



I also made it about 290 pages into:

Girl of Nightmares


Which was good but not as mind blowing as Anna was!






Today I got NO reading done!Β  I’m not even sure where the day went, or what I did! I just know I didn’t get any reading done! πŸ™



Today I made it to page 181 of:

Anna Dressed in BloodAhh it’s so amazing! I want to rush to the end to see what happens but I also don’t want it to EVER end!! It’s just so freaking amazing!




Today I started:

Anna Dressed in Blood

I am not ashamed to admit that I started this book at around 11pm and had to call it quits after only 63 pages! It wasn’t because it’s a bad book. It’s a great book so far, with so much detail I got scared and turned on Spongebob.





Today I finished:

What's a Ghoul to Do?

It was cute and light but it had it’s faults. I’m giving it 3 stars and the review will be coming soon!





Today I finished:

The Selection

To put it simply, it was awful. I’m proud of myself for plowing through but it definitely cost me a few brain cells. Review to come…eventually.




Today I DNF:

The Selection

But then I said screw my sanity and picked it back up and am now 183 pages into it! I’m still not lovin it (don’t even really like it) but dammit I’m gonna finish tonight!




18 Responses to “My Bout of Books Progress!”

    • Octavia

      It had some good spots but overall I just felt like it was just too much like a reality show. My review should be up soon.

    • Octavia

      You might love it, I know a lot of people do, I just couldn’t get over the various thought processes and all the “love”. πŸ™

    • Octavia

      Thanks! I really did want to DNF it but since it was for Bout of Books I just didn’t think that was fair…no matter how much I truly did not like it. πŸ™

    • Octavia

      It definitely made me mindless! lol! I will say it wasn’t as horrible as I originally thought but it still was pretty bad to me.

  1. Judith

    Wait, The Selection wasn’t light and funny enough for you πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to read/see your review for that one (and my own lol). I’m so glad I met you through Bout of Books and I can’t WAIT for August either, because this was so so much fun! (The Twitter chats especially!!) And I’m looking forward to reading Anna Dressed in Blood, even if it means I’ll have to turn Spongebob on haha.
    Judith recently posted…Review: Pushing the LimitsMy Profile

    • Octavia

      The Selcetion was much too thought provoking to be light and funny! I mean, such ground breaking issues. πŸ˜‰ I’m excited to see your review too, although I am a bit nervous about mine.

      Anna is fantastic! Embrace Spongebob if you feel the urge to wet your pants!

    • Octavia

      Yay! My vlog was kinda awesome!!! *does happy dance*

      Bout of Books 8.0 is 3 months away, get some rest! πŸ˜‰

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