Welcome to the super top secret project me and Nancy of Tumbling Books have been working on. This beautifully amazing and completely me new blog is all thanks to Nancy! I can’t tell you how amazing she is or how she turned my rambled idea into the magnificence before you! Not only did she design my gorgeous blog she also help me make the move to WordPress! So to Nancy I say:

I love you


And for not quitting, after I failed at explaining what I wanted:

I want a castle gif

And for just being all around awesome:


So get out your party hats! Save my new web address! Run to Nancy’s Blog Designs and get your blog done! And lets PAARRTYYYY!!

Signature 1

5 thoughts on “Yep, I MOVED!!!!”

  1. AH! This looks so pretty, and it is what you wanted! I love the bottom so much! I think I will steal that idea. Having your buttons below makes it look even more simpler! And thanks for adding my button. Aww.

    Nancy, you did a lovely job here!

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