Stop & Chat Saturday
Since last Saturday’s Stop & Chat post was overshadowed by my WordPress move and this week’s TTT left me drawing blanks I decided to do a repost. So YAY!!!

Ahh you came back!!! I must pause and applaud all you brilliant people!


But now……insert dramatic pause here…….it’s time……pause…..for…..
Stop & Chat Saturday!!!!
This week’s Stop & Chat post is actually inspired by one of my very first post titled
I reached out to about 8 or so established blogs to ask them how they manage to keep from drowning under all the stuff they have to do. I was lucky to have 6 of those blogs reply with amazing ideas that I have tried and failed/succeeded at. So I wanted to revisit this topic and tie it in to a question thats been burning me to ask:
How Do You Juggle It All?
I, like most bloggers, have a family, a house to manage, errands to run, my books, and my blog that I have to juggle as evenly as possible. And I thought to myself one day:
“Why not share my juggling techniques with other bloggers?”
As much as I would love to say I have a high tech, super secret patent pending technique to juggling everything I don’t. I wake up early (6/7am) and I go to sleep late (12/1/2am). I get bone tired just like everyone else and sometimes I have to take a step back and take a short twelve hour nap. But when I’m up and ready to tackle the world I go all in. So here is a brief rundown of my style of organizing:
The last week of the month I get my cute planner out:
Yes I use a PAPER PLANNER! I love to sit and write everything out!
I then take out my handy dandy notebooks,ultra fine point colored markers, pencil, and the various sticky notes I’ve written on over the past few hours/days/weeks and I sit at my Mac ready to work.
  This is usually the point in the day where twitter/google/food/lint distracts me for an hour. Then I’m down to business.
I sit here for hours and plan/type/schedule post for the following month. I write out my TTT post before typing because I ALWAYS change something. But once I’m happy with them I type all my TTT/ WoW/ Most Anticipated post and get them scheduled for the following month. I try to plan what books I’m reading and reviewing and make sure I don’t forget any blog tours I’m on.
I also take this time to figure out what I’m making for breakfast/lunch/dinner/and snack time for a week at a time.
The only tough part is that I have to stuff all this planning into ONE Sunday, since Sunday is all about me and my blog. No kid games, no errands, no guest. Just me a book my blog and some chocolate.
Which brings me back to:
How Do You Juggle It All?
And really quick, I just want to say thanks again to Meagan of Reviewing Wonderland for giving me the push to add a link to Stop & Chat Saturday. THANKS MEAGAN!!!

10 thoughts on “Stop & Chat Satu….err Tuesday!”

  1. Wow! You seem very organized! I wish I could say that I was as organized as all that. For me really I keep a calendar in my phone, where I add any blog tours, cover reveals or review requests, so that I don’t forget, but after that it is pretty much fair game! I only schedule a few meme’s but I almost never…..and by almost I mean never pre-write them, until the night before! 
    In fact, I had planned on writing my blog posts all early and using that lovely little thing called scheduling, but really all I end up doing is scheduling the post for the next day! I have never been good at getting ahead, and if I find that I am ahead, then I just about die and do a little jig! And you don’t want to see that! 
    Of course I too have a family, I am also a full-time Graduate student and work part time, but really my organizing comes down to this….once my kids are all tucked in, I dig out my kindle, my laptop and my bookish things and get to work, or I don’t! There really is nothing fancy! Hope my organizing…..or lack thereof makes you feel better!!! I sink, totally !!!

  2. Mwahaha! I wasn’t always this organized I swear! It took month’s for me to figure out a system that works for me and luckily I LOVE to plan stuff…seriously its kind of obsessive at this point. O_O

  3. Hi Octavia!!! I finally made it to the S&CS….Thank you so much for the shout out…but now I feel like a bad friend because I missed this weeks link up. 🙁
    I think you are my new idol. I wish I was so organized with my blogging. I try! I swear! I have a paper schedule, a notebook that I carry around with me, and I keep my post calendar electronically in my phone with reminders when posts are due. But I STILL end up writing my posts the night before they are due. *sigh*
    I am going to try better to follow in your footsteps. Can’t wait for next week’s S&CS!! I am so there!

  4. Hey no feeling bad! I shouted you out because I meant it, not because I demand payment with comments!

    I swear I wasn’t always this organized! In fact there was a time when I did my WoW post on Wednesday. I’m a huge procrastinator, but oddly I love to plan stuff! Pretty sure I just totally contradicted myself…what I mean is I love to plan stuff out but I usually wind up forgetting about the plan and having to scramble at the last second. That’s why I try and buckle down with the blog. If I don’t focus on all of it at once it would never get done. 🙂

  5. I bow at how organized you are.  I try to get ahead during my lunch hour at work. I also write my reviews in a notebook before I put them on the blog. That way I can work on it no matter where I’m at.  (usually waiting in line at the grocery store.) But other than that, I do a lot on the weekends when the kids see their Grammy, and I stay up really late.

  6. Yeah I’m the Queen of staying up late sadly. I love getting all the hard work out the way early but some nights going to bed early seems so darn tempting!

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