It’s been 20 days since my last blog post and guys I can’t tell you how happy I am to FINALLY be back!! But luckily there are awesome gifs all over the internet that can help me show you how happy I am! Such as:

But my excitement aside these 20 days apart have made me see my true feelings for you all. I know it’s only been 5 months and we don’t really know a lot about each other but…well I’m not really sure how to say this, so…

I love you gif photo: I love you GIF_031.gif

I want to shout it from the mountain tops, post it all over the internet, get it tattooed on my forehead! Err maybe that’s a bit much? Or is it???

Anywho these 20 days, while a moving nightmare, have given me a chance to think about a few changes I want to make to Read. Sleep. Repeat. 

1. Goodbye GFC!

I really do appreciate and love every single GFC follower I have, but I see how quickly a bloggers focus can go from books and fun to “how many followers did I get today? How many did I loose? Is this enough for ARC’s?” and I don’t want that to happen to me.
This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and now that I know GFC is about to be shut down anyway it seems like perfect timing.

2. Hello there Blog Lovin’!

So don’t bite my head off but, I really don’t use RSS. If I love a blog I make it my job (and pleasure) to physically visit that blog as often as possible. But I completely get that RSS makes it easier for you to keep up with all your favorite blogs, and because of that I have added a Blog Loving button under my “Keep Up With Me” sidebar. 

3. Read. Sleep. Repeat.’s Weekly Wrap Up

This is probably the change I’m most excited about! Sam of Realm of Fiction is my inspiration for my Weekly Wrap Up newsletter. It’s really simple (I promise) all you have to do is click the Mail Chimp icon at the bottom of any page of Read. Sleep. Repeat. to sign up for a weekly email that basically sums up what you may have missed from Read. Sleep. Repeat. this week. No spam, no signed contract, no request for blood or your first born, just a quick wrap up of the past week.

Well that’s it guys. I’m back, I’ve made changes, and I’m ridiculously excited to get back to talking bookish with you all!

9 thoughts on “I’ve Missed You SOOOOOOOO Much!”

  1. GIFS make everything BETTER!!

    I really like blog lovin. I’m not typically an RSS kind of girl, but the organization and everything makes life easier 😀

    I’m glad the move went well and that you’re back!

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