poor kitty….but I will continue to laugh

If you follow me on twitter you know that I am in the middle of a pretty large move. If you don’t follow me on twitter, why not?! Am I not awesome enough for your feed? 

Anywho, I just found out a few days ago that I have to pack up my family and relocate them to a state 700+ miles away from our current home….IN TWO WEEKS! Yes, I know, it’s a mission for a crazy super person but it must be done. But I can’t blog and get this whole moving thing under control, so I’m giving Read. Sleep. Repeat. a little time off. I really don’t want to, but I’m killing myself right now trying to read, get post together, work my 40 hr job, contact a real estate agent in a different state who doesn’t think I’m a scam artist, pack, plan my birthday/going away dinner, and so much other stuff. But enough of the woe is me crap, I have stuff to do and the sooner it’s done the sooner I will be back. 🙂

*I’ve been waiting FOREVER to use this gif! mwahahahahaha!*

5 thoughts on “*Que Terminator Voice*—> "I’ll Be Back"”

  1. Ugh. I hate when real life trumps the online one!
    I hate packing. I love moving. the newness of it all. but the actual packing I can do without, I can’t leave hubby to do it either or i get boxes all tagged ‘Misc’.

    Good luck with the move!

    I *do* follow you on twitter (@mzvanessa) and you’re right, you’re awesome 😉

  2. It feels like its taking forever to get this done lol…..I completely understand what you mean about the “misc” boxes! I told him don’t pack ANYTHING! Of course he didn’t listen lol 😉

  3. I did see your tweet about that. Sounds like you have your own head in your hands! Really crazy! And I know it is so hard to find a real estate agent who does not think you will scam them. I know the hassle as I am moving from Belize to Florida, and yah, no one was interested lol. We got lucky though, and I hope you do too! Best wishes on your move!

  4. Holy crap! You mentioned the move on Twitter, but I didn’t know how far and fast it was. That is INTENSE. I wish you the best of all luck. May all of your stuff arrive and in the same condition as when it was packed!

    Also, that last gif just made my day!

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