The New Kid in School

February 1, 2013 Random Ramblings 1

Let’s face it. Everyone has been the “new kid” before and everyone knows how much it royally sucks. You don’t have anyone to talk to, you sit by yourself at lunch for that first day, and of course everyone is looking at you like you have a second head attached that you somehow didn’t notice. But honestly you are pretty awesome. I’m not just talking about the random class clown kind of awesome I’m talking about substance AND quality. You can keep up in a conversation you can lighten any situation and you are fan-freaking-tastic! 

But how do you get everyone else to see it?

Up until recently I can honestly say I have been lucky enough to not have gone through the “new kid” stage. I’ve always been the stereotypical loud and brutally honest black friend with a whole lot of sass. I don’t take mess from people, I work hard for things that I want, I will be honest with you no matter what, and I am always laughing and calling people honey (my granny is from Alabama). 

And trust me I’m not being a egotistical jerk-face I just have a tendency to get along with most people I meet because I’m not the type of person who deals with drama and I really am genuinely cheerful (annoyingly so). So what has changed recently to make me the “new kid”? 

I started blogging.

Don’t get me wrong there have been a few book bloggers who have been not only really nice but helpful too. But I’m getting off track now aren’t I?

The point of this post was to voice my fears and hesitations in reaching out and befriending people who have been at this for a while. I know I’m not the only person who is or has been intimidated by the pure awesomeness of some of you other book bloggers, and I definitely will not be the last, but I just want to tell the newbies like me, that you can only be a newbie for so long. I’m not saying you should start tracking Broke and Bookish whereabouts, or retweeting EVERY SINGLE THING Giselle at Xpresoo Reads tweets, or being creepy to any blogger in general. But would it hurt to ask a more seasoned blogger a question with all of their  infinite wisdom? Nope.  But enough of my gibberish.
How do you make new friends, in this wonderful world of blogging?

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  1. Blythe Harris

    Oh, I love this post, Octavia! I was intimidated by the sheer awesomeness that is the book blogging community when I first started blogging, too, and I was such a shut-in for the first few months I was blogging. I think I got my eighth follower in July or August, and I started my blog in April! I didn’t know anything about blogging – I didn’t know to reach out to other blogs, and in doing so I’d gain more readers. But the blogging community was so welcoming and amazing to me when I started blogging than I am certain they will be the same for you. So welcome to the amazing blogging community, Octavia! We won’t bite. 🙂

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