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And here is a little story about a girl named Octavia.

Octavia was raised by a little black lady from Birmingham, Alabama. A lady who was, and still is, completely bad ass, beat you with a switch , I know real southern belles, tough as nails, Granny. Octavia’s granny worked hard and constantly to instill the manners of a “good southern woman” into Octavia. Requiring yes ma’am, no sir, may I please, and thank you very much to pass Octavia’s lips every 10-20 seconds. This may seem a bit unnecessary for you whipper snappers out there, but Octavia grew into a very respectful woman. The end.

But seriously, I am a huge believer and enforcer of manners. My four year old has been saying “may I please” since she could talk, and I believe in practicing what I preach. But I recently came across a bit of a conundrum in regards to etiquette and blogging. Specifically when it comes to review copies of a book. So I figured I would turn to the best shrinks I know, and see what you guy’s take is. 

My Questions:

    1. How quickly should you have a review posted?

    I love blogging, and requesting review copies is something I’m slowly getting into but I never want to feel like my back is against the wall because I didn’t get the review up withing a week of receiving the book. 

        2.  How should I handle DNF review copies?

    I’m ok with being honest about how I felt about a book, but I think it may be a little rude to write on Netgalley/Edelweiss or email a publicist that “I just couldn’t get through it, it was just that bad for me.” But I sort of feel like a hypocrite on that one because I have absolutely no problem with writing those exact words on my blog or goodreads page. Hmmm, food for thought.

    I seriously thought I had more questions than that but obviously not. Oh well, let’s move on to the fun part! What do you guys think? Answer my questions in the comments below for me pretty please. 🙂



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    1. Octavia…I’m loving you more and more as I get to “know” you! MANNERS ROCK. Period. OK…to comment on your post…

      1. I believe the time frame for posting reviews varies depending on the book. If it’s a new release, I feel posting your review within 2-3 weeks before or after its release is ideal. One purpose of our reviews is to generate buzz about a book. Buzz happening around a book’s release date is wonderful 🙂 If it’s a book that has been out longer than 6 months…I put ZERO pressure on myself to post the review in a timely fashion.

      2. Ah…the DNFs… 🙂 It’s funny, I just posted about this on my blog last week! Feel free to read what others commented…I felt the info was very helpful.

      LOVE your blog…keep up the great work!! Smiles 🙂 ~Amie Beamer

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