Review: Immortally Yours by Angie Fox

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Immortally Yours by Angie Fox
Immortally Yours
by Angie Fox
Series: Monster M*A*S*H #1
Published by St. Martin's Papaerback
on August 28th, 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 320



No one patches up the incoming wounded like Dr. Petra Robichaud. Recruited by the gods for her uncanny medical skills, she’s the best M*A*S*H surgeon in the army. Along with a nosy guard sphinx,vegetarian werewolf, and otherparanormal paramedics, she bandages soldiers who are built like Greek gods (literally). But when one sexy immortal ends up on her operating table—half dead and totally to-die-for—Petra’s afraid she’ll lose her patient and her heart…


Commander Galen of Delphi is one gorgeous but stubborn demi-god. When his spirit tries to slip out of his fatally wounded body, Dr. Petra has to slip it back in—unwittingly revealing her ability to see ghosts. Now that Galen knows her secret, he’s convinced she’s part of an ancient prophecy. If the oracles are right, Petra could lead Galen’s army to peace. And if he seduces her on the way to hell and back? Heaven knows—all’s fair in love and war…

I am a complete and total sucker for books that have:

A.) Zombies
B.) Vampires
C.) Mythology (as a whole)

So imagine how cool I thought this book was going to be when I saw there was a sphinx, vampire, werewolf AND “gorgeous but stubborn demi-god” and some type of crazy “oracle”? Then you throw in the whole “I see dead people” bit and I’m like:


I mean how could it not be awesome?!!

Easy, the heroine was an annoying dumb ass who made me throw the book. Seriously I threw it! I’ve never EVER thrown a book; not even that horrid one Ashes . This was me:

(only instead of pasta it was this damn book)

I swear I went into this book with average expectations. I knew it was going to have a few cheesy parts and I knew Petra was going to aggravate me a little but I never thought Petra would royally piss me off and the story to be boring. I mean COME ONE! It is a war going on between the new Gods and the old Gods, the story is set in limbo, AND there is a DEMI-GOD! This story should be nothing but action. I should have been coming down from a adrenaline high from all the action this book should have had, but instead I just rolled over and went to sleep. Dreaming of beating the crap out of Petra.

Let’s just move on before I get pissed off all over again.

The characters:

Hmm what can I say about the characters? Let’s start with my favorite. Jeffe the sphinx. How could I not love him? He wanted to eat people just for answering a riddle wrong! That has to equal amazing in some way. Unfortunately Jeffe was the only character I truly liked. Rodger (the werewolf roommate) was a big old mess. He had a drinking problem, he was home sick, and worst of all he had a tendency to get that “look at me” syndrome. Man up Dr. Rodger and grow a pair! Marius (the vampire roommate) was your typical moody vampire. Galen (our demi-God) was…how do I put this nicely? He was nuts. I love a sex-on-a-stick man in uniform as much as the next woman but he was really intense with this whole “if we die it is for the greater good” stuff. I understand wanting to save the world but don’t sign me up to jump off a bridge just because you want to. Then you have Petra. Please hold while I practice my breathing exercises.

In 1. Out 2. In 1. Out 2.

Ok I think I’m ready to take on the character of Petra. I know in most books where there is a “prophecy” to fulfill the hero/heroine NEVER believes they are the ones the prophecy is talking about. So I wasn’t to aggravated by Petra’s initial denial. If it was me I would be the same way. But as the book progressed and it became more and more apparent that Petra was “the one” she stayed in denial. And believe me it was so obvious the only thing missing was a neon sign with her face on it that read “answer to the prophecy” flashing in rainbow colors.

If that doesn’t aggravate you, how about the fact that she was all but humping Galen’s leg from the moment they met but was in complete and utter denial that there was any chemistry between them. I get that she was “afraid”. I would have pissed my pants in that situation, but there comes a time in every woman’s life when you have to put on your big girl panties.

My final rating of 1.5 stars is ONLY because of the carnivorous scorpions, they gave me hope that the action would come soon. For lying to me they got what they deserved.


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