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My search for the PERFECT reading chair
Let me just start this rant/search/whatever you want to call it with one simple fact.

I. Am. Picky.

Yep that’s right I’m picky. In fact I am so picky that I have been searching for the perfect reading chair for over 2 years now and nothing I find is good enough (or priced right) for me to say yes. I’ve tried Ikea (boring), West Elm, Crate and Barrel (EXPENSIVE), overstock, World Market, Amazon (shipping is a mess), and Google. And even though I found a really really awsesome chair and 1/2 at CB2  it only comes in this really kick ass orange which the boyfriend just won’t compromise with (sad face). So I turn to you, as my fellow book lovers. Where can I find a chair that I can curl up in and read a book?

Just incase you were wondering my dream chair is:

1. Big enough for me to tuck my legs under myself (I’m 5’3″ but I’m not a stick)
2. NOT A WING BACK (I like to slouch occasionally)
3. Neutral colors (a compromise for the boyfriend)
4. It’s so FLUFFY!!

There you have it. My dream chair in a nutshell. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments or tweet them to @ReadSleepRepeat

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