I just want to send a very special thank you to The Bookish BabeCoffee, Books & MeCaffeinated Book ReviewerEmily’s Crammed Bookshelf, Inkk Reviews and Reading with ABC. These 6 amazing blogs helped me with a question that made me frustrated and confused beyond words. How do you keep your blog organized? (original post here) I started my blog completely under-prepared for the amount of organizing involved with running my own book blog and these 6 lovely ladies shared their organizing secrets with me. For that I am so thankful and happy that there are other bloggers out there willing to help us newbies.

Believe it or not their secrets weren’t high tech spy equipment, or mind reading powers, but a good calendar/planner, a lot of consistency and a reminder to not overwhelm myself. I’m a huge procrastinator  but I love reviewing books and I wanted that love to show through my organized, well planned, and content filled blog. I’m still searching for a calendar that’s perfect for me but I know I’m on the right track and I have these six to thank for that.

The Bookish Babes

Coffee, Books, and Me

8 thoughts on “Thank You 6 Sooo MUCH!”

  1. Aww thanks cupcake and I am so glad we were all able to help you in some way. We lovers of all things books need to stick together. Wishing you huge success with the blog, just remember to enjoy it and this wonderful community!

  2. I’ve learned that the hard way! I’ve only been at this for 3 months and lately things have been picking up I’m scheduled for a bunch of blog tours, cover reveals and reviews.. but I don’t have a calender or organized system yet.
    Though I am waiting on getting a Kindle, I here it’s great to use for any type of business & to stay organized!

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