Bring in 2013 with a favorite from 2012!

December 8, 2012 Giveaways 0

This year I have been lucky enough to read a lot of books that I have completely loved, and some that I wanted to run over with my car repeatedly. I’m sure next year will bring more great reads and more not so great reads but the one huge difference between this years reads and next years it that I have all of you amazing book lovers to gush and rant to. So before I get to mushy I have a surprise. As a thank you to my followers, I placed an order.


“Angel Fall” by Susan Ee was one of my top 3 reads of this year. It was also my introduction to what a great Angel themed book should be. When I saw it on Amazon at an AMAZING deal of $1.67 each with free two day shipping I had to buy more than one to share. So as a thank you to those who have listened to my craziness, and who have watched me figure this whole blogging thing out. I am giving five lucky people the chance to win one paperback copy of “Angelfall”. Just enter bellow and cross your fingers J! Once the five winners are chosen I will send an e-mail to get a good mailing address so you can receive your prize!

*Please note that you have to live in the Contiguous United States in order to win.

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