Stacking my shelves for Sunday #1

November 25, 2012 Features & Spotlights 27

Stacking the Shelves and Showcase Sunday are two separate weekly meme’s with similar ideas. They are both here to help us book bloggers showoff showcase what new books we have added to our collection this week.
Stacking the Shelves

I know what you’re thinking. “Octavia why participate in two weekly meme’s with the same themes”? I will tell you why…Because I am awesome enough to do so (I hope). Now that we have that out of the way, this is my first Showcase Sunday AND Stacking the Shelves post, and I would like to put a little twist on it.


How often do you make a run somewhere for laundry detergent, dinner, etc., but some how come home with your arms full of books, and no laundry detergent to speak of? I know I’m not the only person that does this, I mean it’s like the bookstore knows when I will be driving by. Their neon signs get brighter, my phone dings with a coupon, a picture of a new release is in the window. You would think that even with my knowledge of this plot I would be able to resist and just run to the grocery store, but no. So in addition to showcasing what books I have picked up this week, I am also going to showcase the books I have purchased over the past month or so but have yet to read. 

{Click on the cover to see the blurb from Goodreads}




This week I bought:


I read Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter months ago (check out my review here) but the copy I had was a library loan. I loved it so much that when I saw it sitting on the shelf at Half Priced Books I had to have it. (IT WAS 50% OFF!)

I grabbed these from my local library:


Now is when I throw in that twist I mentioned earlier.

These are the books I have purchased within the last 60 or so days, but have not read:


I know I should be ashamed. I’ve bought all of these great books and they have done nothing but sit on a shelf. And as badly as I want to cover my ears and sing “lalalala” while you tell me how evil I have been to my books I can’t because you’re right. I bought Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor and Black City by Elizabeth Richards on their respective release dates with the sole purpose of devouring it as soon as my car was safely in park. I’ve even added the sequels to 

  • Anna Dressed in Blood

  • Dark Kiss
  • Darkfever (I actually added the entire series TBR, weird I know)
  • Under the Never Sky
  • Halfway to the Grave
  • Eternal Riders
  • Iron Kissed (I bought the sequel to this the same day I picked this one up)

Do I have a problem? Of course I do. Will I stop this insta-grab syndrome? Of course not. Am I hiding a few other titles from you? I plead the fifth. Just remember this is a JUDGE FREE zone, so tell me.


What titles have you purchased but haven’t gotten around to reading?


27 Responses to “Stacking my shelves for Sunday #1”

  1. Jenny

    Some of these books are amazing. I hope you get to read them soon. LOVED Divergent, Under the Never Sky, and Shatter Me. I also liked Hallowed, City of Ashes, and Across the Universe. Enjoy!

    Thanks for stopping by Book Sojourner!

  2. kimbacaffeinate

    Oh welcome to the club sweetie..i have whole series unread and slowly I get to them. For me books give of this vibration and that is when I read them. LOL You can link up to as many memes as you want. Someone who links up to mine does 6 of them and credits them all!
    Thanks for stopping by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  3. Mandy

    Awesome selection you have a little bit of everything. I love the Mercy series I always read them the day the come out =D I recently read the first in the Darkfever series and I’m hooked I hope you like it. I have Witch World, Black City and Spark to read but I’ve not gotten around to them yet. I look forward to reading your reviews and seeing what you think.
    Welcome to the blogosphere!
    Have a great week reading.
    Following back

  4. Rachel

    Oh man this is a lot of books! I LOVED: Dark Lover, Shatter Me, Across the Universe, Hallowed, Under the Never Sky, The Night Huntress! I hope you love them as much as I did Octavia. Super amazing haul! Enjoy your reads and thanks for stopping by The Readers Den. 🙂

  5. Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    Whoa! So many amazing books here, it’s unbelievable! I don’t even know where to begin. Mercy Thompson? Amazing! Shatter Me! OMG so awesome! And I love that cover for Across the Universe, I think it’s my favorite.
    Happy reading!

  6. Maria

    I really enjoyed Wither, Anna Dressed in Blood, Black City, City of Ashes, Divergent, and Shatter Me (was my favourite book of last year!). I’m currently reading Days of Blood and Starlight and really loving it so far!!! I still need to read my copies of Across the Universe, Blood Rights, and Under the Never Sky. Hope you enjoy all of them, happy reading! 🙂

  7. Cayce

    Lol, I have many books around me waiting to be read, too. Eon, The Devotion of Suspect X, Point of Retreat etc. And I was really looking forward to read them, but have been distracted by other books 😉

    Great haul! Love the cover of Witch Hunt!
    And btw, read Divergent!!!It’s pure awesomeness <3 4

  8. OnceUponaTwilight

    You havent read the Black dagger Brotherhood yet? I say drop everything your reading and start on DARK LOVER ASAP!!! This series is my fave adult series ever!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my STS

    Yara @ Once Upon a

  9. Henrietta @ Leisure Reads

    You got many really awesome books! And you’re not the only one who has insta-grab syndrome 😉 I often buy books in the same week when they’re released but then it could take me months before reading them – LOL! Hope you’ll enjoying every one of your books. Have a lovely week!

  10. Michelle

    You have some really great books, I love Iron Kissed, Divergent and Anna. I really should read more of Karen Marie Moning, I have only read Dark Fever

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 😀

  11. Kara_Malinczak

    So many great books here! I really enjoyed Across the Universe but not everybody does. I liked Under the Never Sky but didn’t love it. I am in the minority on that one. Anna Dressed in Blood was pretty awesome. Enjoy your books!

  12. The Bumble Girl

    Wow, SO many amazing books you have here this week! I need to pick up Black City soon! And I have yet to read Divergent too, lol!
    I hope you enjoy all of these soon 🙂 Happy reading!

  13. Sam

    Oh wow! So many wonderful books there! Shatter Me and Anna Dressed in Blood are favourite of mine. I also really enjoyed Across the Universe. Happy reading!

  14. Theta Sigma

    Hi Octavia

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    That’s quite a haul that you have going on there with a few books that I’m either interested in or have already got.

    Hope that you enjoy all of your reads.

    PS – As for the amount of books you’ve got… Your secret is safe with us. 😉

  15. Tiffany Drew

    There is no reason to be ashamed. My personal library (not including ebooks) is 1400+ books strong and how many of those do you think I have actually read so far? Yup, less than half, maybe only a third. But will I stop buying books? Oh heck no. I need books like I need oxygen and I find it hard to pass up a good deal or even just a shiny cover while walking through Walmart. Don’t worry, you are not alone!

    That being said, I hope you enjoy each and every one of these when you do finally find time to read them 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by Book Cover Justice!

  16. Kayla S

    Awesome haul!!! I’ve read several of those & I WANT to read several others that you got! I hope you enjoy them!!

    I have gotten several books lately that I haven’t had time to read yet! 🙁 It makes me sad that I just can’t keep up with the fab books I find but happy because I keep finding such fab books I can’t resist, LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    New GFC Follower! ^_^

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